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April 2019

Welcome to the beautiful month of April, 4th month of this game-changing year. As we work to harness and ground the energies of the Spring Equinox this month, they find expression through our bodies and environments, and even the weather. The energies of ‘4’ bring stability and order; for example, the 4 elements that make up physicality  (fire, air, water, earth), and the 4 sacred directions that orient us in space.  In Cosmic Consciousness, the 4 etheric bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) form the essential components of our existence (as described in the Lower Body System in the CC Corner).

According to Cosmic Consciousness, when vertical and horizontal polarities (bridges) intersect, they create 90-degree angles (or squares, in 3D), requiring a higher perspective to bring the energies together. This higher perspective results in stepping stones that elevate our consciousness up beyond 3D conflicts and stresses, becoming a strength for us to use, allowing us to integrate and apply these energies to any experience. The intersection of 2 bridges formed by 4 or more planets creates a planetary picture called a Grand Crossroad, where, standing at the center, we can access any and all paths to get where our soul wants to go.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the 4 o’clock hour of Conscious Obedience to our inner guidance system, which guides us and provides the stability we need whenever we follow it. Venus is the dispositor of Taurus; it is in our hearts that our inner guidance is found, and when we connect with it we expand our capacity to love with the higher mind. We resonate with Truth of this guidance and there is no room for doubt or fear; we Know what to do.
Last month we examined how we manifest and demanifest situations, events, people and things into and out of our lives. We saw where we put our attention and thus our energy. This month we go within, reflecting on what is new and what has gone and what remains, making decisions about and building upon those manifestations. Just as the 4 corners of the square form the base of a pyramid upon which the triangular energies of manifestation rests, the creative manifestations of the ‘3’ grow roots and stability with each decision and action resulting from the gathering of our intuitive ‘4’ energies.  To be sure, we are always manifesting with every divine spark of thought, and we strive to be conscious and intentional Creators; this month we tweak our creations, eliminating those with negative roots and false starts, nurturing those that call to us to be expanded and expressed.
April Energies
Because Chiron (wholing and mastery), Uranus (awakening) and Varuna (God’s eye view) are at very early degrees of their signs, as a planet enters a new sign it will make contact with each of these archetypes. Mars entered Gemini on 3/31 and is the 1st planet to make these connections. This month Vesta, Mercury and Venus enter Aries; Black Moon enters Pisces for the 4th time, the Sun ingresses Taurus and Juno moves into Cancer. At every level we are preparing for integration and reorientation of our lower body systems, resulting in a greater capacity to awaken into a higher perspective.
With so many planets entering the quality of consciousness of the Divine Spark of Creation (Aries), and with the New Moon occurring there, that energy field is quite energized, and Chiron, Salacia and Eris especially so. These 3 planets remain in Aries for years, reflecting our growing capacity to realize our true Self through realignment and recalibration of our lower body systems. That begins now, as 2 of the lower body archetypes, Mercury and Venus, following the Sun, form new cycles with Chiron and Salacia this month and with Eris in May.
New cycles bring potentials to the fore; it’s a delicate time. This month there are 13 new cycles, half of them involving Chiron and Salacia, and most of them involving the personal planets, especially Mercury and Venus. Mind and heart dance through the portal of wisdom between the vast realm of limitlessness and the bright divine spark of creation of thought into form; and each undergoes a new beginning of mastery and fine tuning, of balancing between the interplay of the shadows that lie beneath the crest of the waves and the light that shines above them. This interplay of opposites represents the masculine/feminine balance required to master and center our Selves at the core.
This month Salacia makes herself known as Vesta, Mercury and Venus and even Chiron make new cycles with her. Salacia shows us where the shadows are, and how they facilitate the Light. Where we find shadows, Light is on the other side, and we must allow for its expression in its own space, and not try to reach for it. It can happen in an instant, with a thought. The Sun, generator of our consciousness, makes new cycles with Eris and Uranus, and this new awareness of what Salacia reveals will result in more shake-ups within and without as consciousness everywhere rises to the next level.
The Earth Star Chakra,  or S. Node (and conversely, the Soul Star Chakra or N. Node) travels only 3 degrees all month, between Pluto and Saturn (and Arawn) in Capricorn, forming a stepping stone with Eris.  The Moon’s nodes and Capricorn planets have been in a Grand Crossroad with Eris in Aries and Haumea and Arcturus in Libra that will last through the summer. Ready or not, we are in the process of a major transmutation of our karmic attachments, beliefs and relationships, and a restructuring of the use of power and authority in our lives, personally and collectively. With the reunification of the Divine Feminine we see how power has been twisted and misused, pulling all of us out of balance into oppressor/oppressed, strong/weak, have/have not polarities that are now being exposed for healing.
Five planets change direction in April, with 4 going retrograde, and this backward movement constitutes a large part of the energies of the month. 
Ceres, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all begin moving clockwise, towards Source. Taken as a whole, these retrograde cycles take us within and prepare us for the humongous new cycles that are approaching in 2020. We have access to some powerful regenerative birthing energies as Ceres stations retrograde on the Great Attractor, the Source of all the black hole super clusters of which we are a part. The GA pulls everything towards it; in some ways we will need to pull our attention toward our center in order to bring forth a new expression of our soul.
Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all coming together for 3 massive new cycles all through 2020. Jupiter and Saturn represent our social relationships, the most important aspect of our 3D existence (see The Importance of Jupiter and Saturn in the Cosmic Consciousness Corner). It is through social interaction that we learn who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, gifts and lessons. Pluto represents rebirth. It is no coincidence that all 3 planets are moving towards Source now, going back over territory they have already traveled, giving us the opportunity to shift inward and revisit those experiences, gleaning wisdom. Each planet will regain direct motion at different times, but the fact that all go retrograde within days of each other means they are all stationing throughout the month, and stationing planets are very powerful.  Here begins the resurrection of a new social order.
Black Moon
Black Moon Lilith is busy all month long, uncovering Truth wherever she finds it. She begins the month with a resource to Eris and Jupiter, among other aspects, enters Pisces for the 4th time (4/6), squares Ceres and conjoins Venus and Neptune (4/9) before her 4th conjunction with Mercury on 4/11. She slows down into a retrograde on 4/13 and completes her dance with Mercury in a new cycle on the same day. Finally Black Moon and Venus begin a new cycle on 4/15. Having uncovered the Truth behind the shadows that reside within our minds and hearts, forcing us to face our fears and doubts, we can now get past them and see the possibilities inherent in the limitless realm of Love. More illusions are uncovered when Black Moon conjuncts Neptune again (#4) on 4/19, before heading back into Aquarius on 4/26, for another look into the places where we put up barriers to being seen and loved for who we truly are.
April Highlights
4/1-4/7     There is a Finger of God early this month, formed by a Mars Varuna resource with great eliminators (inconjuncts) pointing to Quaoar. If we choose the road less traveled, we are capable of accessing some truly outside the box thinking from the widest possible perspective, which can bring new solutions to heal our Selves and the environment.
4/2     Mercury, having finished his retrograde on 3/28, makes his 3rd and final conjunction with Neptune at 17 Pisces. We got to go within and revisit our illusions and confusions; with this new cycle we are coming into a clarity that will deliver us to a more enlightened state, transforming our capacity to perceive –and create- a brand new world.
4/3     Vesta enters Aries, preparing the way for the arrival of Mercury and Venus, leading in all the new cycles with Chiron and Salacia. Dedication to Self-realization and right action comes easily now, and the Mars Chiron resource underscores that as well.
4/4     Today Pluto comes together with the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) at 23 Capricorn, creating an evolutionary bridge with the Soul Star Chakra in Cancer. Pluto himself is an evolutionary force, destroying and rebirthing everything in his path; this new cycle represents a major clearing of collective karma going back ages. Such clearing opens the gates to the next step in our collective evolution.
4/5     Aries is the quality of consciousness that speaks to the Mental Power of the higher Mind. It is where we awaken with the divine spark of Spirit and the capacity to direct our thoughts and attention to Love. Today our consciousness becomes focused in the Aries domain with the New Moon occurring at 15 Aries. It is the perfect time for creating a vision board and bring intention to what we want to create for the rest of the year. Ceres, sitting on the Great Attractor, manifests with the New Moon, promising a birthing of the highest magnitude in any area where we put our attention. Mars, disposing the New Moon, forms a resource with Chiron and Salacia, a manifestation with MakeMake and a great eliminator with Quaoar. Right action, gleaned from the wisdom of the body and the Knowledge of the heart, is essential now, leading to wholing of body, mind and spirit, and attunement with the higher universal laws.
4/6     Black Moon resources Ixion before she enters Pisces today. We renew our purpose to heal the parts of our divine feminine self that have been suppressed and oppressed, and each time Lilith dances between Aquarius and Pisces a little more gets healed and released.
4/9     Today is a very active divine feminine day that begins with Ceres stationing retrograde at 14 Sagittarius 16. Ceres is the archetype that attends to us when we are going through difficult or intense times, and who isn’t these days? Multidimensional downloads are available to us as our energies go inward to reexamine what needs to be nurtured and shored up before it can be expressed in a new form. The Vesta Chiron new cycle underscores this; it’s where we align with new devotion to Self-mastery through the healing of old wounds.  Black Moon conjoins with Venus (#2) and Neptune (#3) as well, revealing the barriers to higher Love.
4/10   Another active divine feminine day occurs today with a Venus Neptune new cycle, a Vesta Salacia new cycle, and Black Moon connects with Saturn and then the Earth Star Chakra with resourceful and productive aspects. Higher (Self) Love and en-Lightenment is possible when we can see beyond the shadows of old programming to access the Truth of our inner guidance and authority. But the big news is Jupiter stationing retrograde at 24 Sagittarius, beginning a 4-month cycle of moving towards Source. During this period we have the opportunity to go within and reevaluate our beliefs, eliminating outmoded ideas and patterns. When Jupiter goes direct on 8/11, we will be ready to engage with new wisdom.
4/11   Black Moon resources Pluto and conjoins Mercury (#4) today. Our thinking and communications systems get upgraded and prepared for the new cycle that occurs in a few days.
4/13   Today there is much movement as Varuna goes direct at 1 Leo, and Black Moon Lilith goes retrograde and conjoins Mercury for the 5th and last time at 26 Pisces. When a planet stations it is very powerful; Varuna, with his cosmic view of everything in all dimensions and frequencies, is no exception. Varuna spends the entire month at this Leo degree. Black Moon, on the other hand, shifts direction frequently. Today’s Sun Eris new cycle at 23 Aries, combined with the Black Moon Mercury new cycle at 26 Pisces, promises to awaken us to a new frequency of consciousness, bringing about a new and balanced way of thinking and communicating, uniting masculine and feminine energies in each of us.
4/15   Retrograde Black Moon conjoins with Venus for the 3rd and last time in a new cycle of heart energies emanating from the divine feminine within, freed from doubt and fear, ready to move forward. With this new cycle we have access to the freedom of openhearted unlimited Love.
4/17   Mercury’s entry into Aries today Mercury provides clarity and new realizations about his past retrograde cycle along with an elevation in higher thought.
4/19   Last month the Full Moon occurred on the Spring Equinox at 0 Libra. Occurring on the Aries Point, its vast energies were felt by everyone on the planet and will continue to reverberate throughout the season. Today’s Full Moon takes place at 29 Libra, mastering the lessons of the 1st Libra Full Moon. Those lessons deal with the balance between how we relate and respond to our Selves and others, and what the other shows us about our Selves. The deepening of this balance is enhanced with the Sun’s resource to Juno, who represents the wholeness inherent in any relationship. The themes of balance and unity echo in the balancing of mind (Mercury) and heart (Venus) across the Pisces-Aries portal (also known as the birth canal in Cosmic Consciousness), uniting the universal and the individual with unlimited potential and its manifestation in thought. It is no accident that this particular Full Moon marks Good Friday and Passover, uniting 2 major world religions! Perhaps we are ready to see the Oneness behind them.
As if that wasn’t enough, Black Moon makes her 4th conjunction with Neptune, and Mercury makes a new cycle with Chiron. We are more than ready for the wholing and recalibration of our higher Mind that this current unveiling of Truth will bring.
4/20   While still reverberating with yesterday’s energies, today is another major day of change with a Mercury Salacia new cycle, and not 1 or 2, but 3 planets entering new qualities of consciousness. Mercury Salacia represents the discernment between positive and negative thoughts; with awareness and discipline we can shift the negative ones. Venus joins Mercury in Aries, once again balancing the mind (masculine) with heart (feminine) frequencies. Our consciousness (Sun) shifts into Taurus, Venus’ domain, where we practice mental obedience to the higher consciousness of Love, allowing Love guide our actions. And finally, Juno ingresses Cancer, sign of inner harmony, where we nourish our Selves by centering in our heart space. When we choose Love in all we do, it is easier to process our emotions and return to center, radiating equipoise and peace.
Mars, dispositor of Aries, goes out of bounds today as well, until 6/12, raising the frequencies of our bodies to new levels. Mars’ bridge to Ceres (4/21) with Black Moon intersecting promises an unveiling of something new concerning our environment or in our bodies.
4/22   One of Uranus’ functions is to awaken us to the future, and with the Sun Uranus new cycle we will become aware of things we have never seen before. The paradigm shift created when Uranus entered Taurus completes as the Great Awakener recaptures his shadow on 4/23. But on 4/24 he enters a new shadow period at 2 Taurus 39!
4/23   Just as Mercury did a few days before, Venus conjoins Chiron and Salacia for a new cycle with each today. The heart gets its turn to recalibrate and heal old wounds and stuck energies, expanding into mastery.
4/24   Venus bridges MakeMake before the Mercury Vesta new cycle occurs at 10 Aries. With renewed dedication to the conscious discipline of our higher Mind we raise our hearts to the higher frequency of the divine Law of Love.  But the big news is the Pluto station at 23 Capricorn, where Pluto has been sitting since his new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra. Transforming karma involving misuse of power is a deep and massive undertaking, and this retrograde will allow us to let go of old paradigms.  We are powerful beings, but not as powerful as we are meant to be, because we have long denied the divine feminine part of our Self. This Rx will allow us to readjust our energies and align them with Source.
4/26   Black Moon Lilith backs into Aquarius again. Aquarius is the quality of consciousness where the future meets the present, and once again Black Moon’s dance allows us to wake up and realize something new, as the old order dissipates. Mercury recaptures his shadow today, closing the chapter on his recent retrograde cycle.
4/29   Venus’ new cycles with Chiron and Salacia are the precursor to today’s Chiron Salacia conjunction at 4 Aries. This is the first of 3 meetings between the Master Teacher Healer and Neptune’s partner. The new cycle between them doesn’t occur until 2/22/2020 (you can’t make this up!). This conjunction brings the realization that the interplay between darkness and light is all part of life in the physical realm. Preferring one to the other only brings suffering, and balance between the two is essential if we’re to align all parts of our Selves and achieve wholeness.
Today also Saturn stations retrograde at 20 Capricorn 31, where he will recapture his shadow by 12/24. He will travel all the way back to 13 Capricorn 55 and go direct right on the spot where he begins a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra on 9/28! The significance of this event cannot be overstated. That is when the results of this retrograde cycle will manifest. Throughout this retrograde we will reevaluate where we have misused our authority and where we are out of integrity with our Selves.
4/30   The Earth Star Chakra conjoins with Saturn as he stations to move backwards towards Source. That in itself is major, as it marks the clearing of karma around the misappropriation of power and illegitimate authority that has existed for eons. But add to that the grand Power Crossroad of the Chiron Salacia new cycle in a bridge with MakeMake making stepping stones (squares) to Juno and Quaoar, plus a Venus Vesta new cycle manifesting with Ceres, and everything is taken to a higher, more universal level that will resonate for months to come. What a transmutational ending to a high-octane month!
It is hard to fathom some of the energies that take place this month. With so many planets stationing and going retrograde that alone can give one pause. There is much 5D activity, and new beginnings and endings. All the personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, the mental quadrant in Cosmic Consciousness, along with Uranus and Eris, the awakeners; Chiron and Salacia, who teach mastery and alignment of the Whole; and Sedna, holding Divine Feminine energies for all time. Jupiter and Ceres manifest with and expand these mental energies; and Saturn, Pluto and the Earth Star bring friction, crisis, and the need to clear, eliminate or transmute, and restructure these energies for the highest good of all.
This is the month for slowing down, looking at our creations and using them to build a foundation of support. We can do this by paying attention to any feeling of being pulled or pressured by the outside world. Whenever this occurs, or we feel something is not quite right, it’s time to pause and address the feeling. It’s really an inward pull towards our deepest parts that are calling out to be understood. If we slip into being pulled outward too much then we will enter the chaos and frenzy of the world.
It will be important to clear a space every day for personal inquiry. This is a good month to spend time addressing our relationship with our Selves. Journaling, taking a long walk every day, and otherwise reflecting on our experiences will be helpful. Meditation will be essential as well. All these practices will help to create a sense of order and focus and steer us away from the chaos. By going inward and getting quiet, asking our Selves what we need and checking in often rather than paying too much attention to what’s going on around us, we will create a sense of simplicity, organization and stability that becomes a foundation upon which to build our dreams.
You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own Light. ~~Rumi

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