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Get ready for December, the last month in a very extraordinary year—and the start of an extraordinary decade! December is always very powerful. The number '12' is in itself a very significant vibration in 5D... it is the number of universal consciousness, the next level of consciousness from the world of duality, and it delivers us to the Christed Self. The combination of ‘1’ and ‘2’ creates the ‘3’ vibration of manifestation. We are manifesting what we need to move into the next year.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, the 12 o'clock Capricorn hour is where we connect with Source energies. Our task is to accept and align with the new beginnings that are the result of our past actions and intentions. From here we allow Source to direct us. We learn to tap into our higher authority through meditation, stillness and an open heart, working to strengthen the quality of our connection to Source.
This month there is plenty of Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius is where we clear the issues that keep us from expressing our higher Self by addressing the areas where we are still out of integrity. It sits below the constellation of Ophiuchus, where the Great Attractor (14°) a huge, extremely magnetic black hole, lies. Sagittarius contains the Galactic Center (27°), the black hole and creator energy at the center of our own local galaxy. Every time a planet moves over those points we get an infusion of higher consciousness expressed through the unique energies of the planet. These infusions can lead us to the place where we can clear lower frequencies and align with our higher Self.
Ophiuchus lies above and partly between Scorpio and Sagittarius. On 11/29 the Sun entered Ophiuchus, which covers 8°--25° Sagittarius. The Sun will remain in that constellation (sign) until around 12/16. Ophiuchus lifts us to a wholistic realm, which includes and goes beyond the physical, beyond death and rebirth. It takes an ascended consciousness to access it. It makes sense that the Great Attractor is located in Ophiuchus!
Whenever we reach a pinnacle in our evolution we are tested with the debris of old responses from the consciousness we left behind. In Sagittarius we do battle with our lower selves to end the ego games once and for all, and align with the Truth of who we really are. We are seeing this play out collectively, as those currently in power attempt to hang on to that power by any means necessary, regardless of the consequences to our own health and that of our country. Yet higher consciousness is always available. When we choose Love we express our highest Truth, triumphing over our lower selves, bringing wisdom, heart-centeredness, and a higher vibration to the physical plane.

December Energies

In December, as always, the Sun (our consciousness) travels across the Ophiuchan-Sagittarian energy field and into Capricorn for the winter solstice. According to Cosmic Consciousness, the journey from the sign of Physical Wisdom to Spiritual Power is where resurrection happens. Each year we are reborn. This year, Jupiter and Saturn, the social planets, begin a new cycle, an event that occurs every 20 years, but almost never on the solstice. That this new beginning occurs on the world axis point signifies its special importance as a turning point in our collective social consciousness.
When an archetype (planet) moves into a new sector of our consciousness (aka: sign), our experience recalibrates. This month, no fewer than 9 planets change signs (!), with Mercury moving through 2 different energy fields. That’s a lot of transmutation of consciousness! In addition, 3 planets change direction, the Black Moon communes with Uranus 3 times, AND we’re deep in the middle of an alchemical wormhole with a total solar eclipse at the center of it. Sideways elevators are everywhere, ready to take us to new places and new parts of our Selves. All we have to do is know that they are available and allow ourSelves to be moved.

The Personal Planets

The Sun, Mercury and Venus all play in Sagittarius this month, manifesting with Salacia, Chiron, Mars and Eris in Aries. This promises to bring Self-realization, healing and alignment, and new awareness to our quest to tap and express the highest Truth of who we are and triumph over our lower selves.
The Great Attractor contains some of the highest multidimensional energies, and when a planet conjuncts it, we get downloads of the highest frequencies. The Sun (12/5), Mercury (12/10) and Venus (12/26) all make new cycles with the Great Attractor. We may not know how the downloads come but we don’t need to, we just have to let the energies in.
The archetypes of our consciousness, mind and heart also conjoin with the Earth Star Chakra (aka the Moon’s south node) this month, bridging the Soul Star (north node)-- the Sun on 12/11, Mercury on 12/14, right before the New Moon eclipse; and Venus on 12/31. As each planet makes a new cycle with the Earth Star, the opportunity to gain wisdom through clearing karma arises, creating an evolutionary path forward. Mars manifests with the Earth Star and the Sun too, and resources the Soul Star on 12/11. One of the best ways to clear karma is through acting in a new way, from the heart.
And then there’s the Galactic Center, the creative Source energy of our Milky Way. It’s where our crown chakra resides, and through it we receive downloads of cosmic information. Both the Sun and Mercury commune with this black hole on 12/18 before coming together for a superior conjunction on 12/19. The divine masculine gets a major recalibration of Source energy on what is, according to Cosmic Consciousness, the beginning of the winter/summer solstice, which culminates on 12/21, when the Sun enters Capricorn. Mercury actually gets there first, on 12/20. This is a much-needed major upgrade for the divine masculine aspects of consciousness and connection.
Mars manifests with the Galactic Center on 12/31, taking the recalibration of high frequencies deep into our cells. This is the perfect way to end the Hero’s Journey we’ve been on since September, as Mars captures his shadow on 1/2, beginning a new chapter of physical experience.
At the master degree of Sagittarius, Ixion is the last word on the Sagittarian experience, reminding us of our purpose to look for the Truth and recognize it as the voice of our higher Selves. Each new cycle with Ixion is a new commitment to triumphing over our lower selves. Mercury (12/20) and the Sun (12/21) commune with Ixion, before entering Capricorn and reaffirming our connection to Source.
THE SUN AND MOON:   On 12/14 the last eclipse of 2020 occurs at 23 Sagittarius. It’s a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, a reboot of consciousness, with the Earth Star Chakra only 3° away, conjunct Mercury. Our thinking and communication systems are getting recalibrated. Misguided words and ideas have been hurtful in the past, and with Ixion at the master 29 ° and about to enter Capricorn in 2 weeks, clearing the old ideas with new consciousness is what we’re here for. Black Moon makes a great eliminator with this eclipse, unveiling and validating what our intuition has told us was true, if we choose to see it. Pluto’s intimate aspect to the New Moon lends power and a touch of alchemy as we come back online transformed by the sideways elevators that shift our consciousness. And Ceres resources Uranus, and both make great eliminators (inconjuncts) to MakeMake, a Finger of God pointing to the new awareness of the indisputable universal higher laws that have been ignored or denied for eons.
All the lower body planets are involved in this eclipse. Mercury and the Sun Moon new cycle manifest with Mars and Eris; the mind-body connection is one of the best ways we have to receive the Truth. We just have to tune in to the message. Jupiter is the dispositor of this eclipse, and he makes a resourceful connection with the Venus Juno new cycle, as well as a stepping stone with Haumea. When we bring our hearts into all our relationships we become aware of what is most valuable. Rising above the distractions we can see our part in the cosmic play, and create what is needed to bring about positive results.
As mentioned, the Sun, fortified by his new cycle with Ixion, enters Capricorn on 12/21, kicking off the Winter/Summer Solstice. This is no ordinary new season, because just 6 hours later the Jupiter Saturn new cycle occurs, in intimate aspect to the Sun and Mercury. It is obvious that we are entering a new social consciousness, one that will last the entire season, year, and the next 20 years! (More about this below).
The solstice chart lays out the energies for the next 3 months. Juno and Astraea are in intimate aspect to the Sun and Mercury, and resource the Jupiter Saturn communion. There is much divine feminine power in this new social consciousness. Quaoar, Pallas, Chiron, Black Moon, and Varuna, all at 4° of their signs, connect with each other, bringing new modes of thought based on a higher perspective, alignment with these higher frequencies, and the wisdom to realize the Truth that gets unveiled from this higher perspective. Mars and Eris are about to conjoin in a new cycle (12/22), still in the energies of the Pluto square, indicating there’s more that must surrendered that no longer serves the greater good. What isn’t willfully given up will be demolished; that is Pluto’s way. This solstice takes place in a Scorpionic wormhole, promising a deep, emotional season that will change everything.
The Vesta Neptune bridge, forming a wisdom (mutable) crossroad with the Earth and Soul Star chakras, informs us that we are free to devote our Selves to new dreams and go forward despite our fears, or repeat the same actions and remain confused. It will take till 12/25 for the Sun to reach Quaoar (connecting with Chiron and Varuna) in a new cycle of balanced masculine/ feminine energies that result in higher thought.
The 1st Full Moon of the year occurred in Cancer on 1/10, a penumbral lunar eclipse, the precursor to the Saturn Pluto new cycle. It was an internalized shift, a reboot of emotional consciousness that called for a new kind of response. The 12/29 Full Moon also in Cancer, takes us full circle to the end of a year no one could have imagined. The pandemic changed everything, from the way we relate to others; to the way we deal with our Selves, and it forced us to examine our deepest feelings. This lunation asks the question: Have we altered and updated the way we respond to change yet? Because change is still the name of the game.
Like all Cancer Full Moons, this one is emotionally charged, being in the sign of Emotional Power. Emotions are what make us human, but if they are allowed to run rampant without some kind of centering force, irrational and impulsive reactions result and we lose connection with our higher Self, our guiding Spirit. The Capricorn Sun, disposed by Saturn, provides that connection, bringing maturity, structure, authenticity and focus to the rush of energy in motion that are the emotions. The Cancer-Capricorn axis helps us find emotional balance that allows the nurturing energies of the Mother to emerge. The Moon Uranus resource expands our intuition, and the Sun Ceres resource/Moon manifestation promises new ways to respond to the changes yet to come.
MERCURY: Mercury enters Sagittarius on 12/1, shifting our connection and communication systems to a different vibration. He is traveling very quickly now, and takes only 19 days to enter Capricorn, on 12/20.
When a planet travels outside the ecliptic, which defines the Sun’s journey of consciousness, that planet can be said to be in another dimension. This is called being ‘out of bounds.’ On 12/12 Mercury travels beyond the ecliptic, expanding the boundaries of our mental operating systems, until 1/4/21. During this time, on 12/23, the Mercury Quaoar new cycle occurs, bringing forth new ideas from uncharted territory.
VENUS:   Our hearts are being transformed, as Venus moves through Scorpio, where she is most uncomfortable, and the via combusta, the fiery road. It has been difficult for the heart to express itself. It will take until 12/4 for Venus to leave the via combusta, which should ease things considerably. While in Scorpio, Venus makes new cycles with Astraea (12/12) and Juno (12/14), updating the way we partner with our Selves, a necessary step before she enters Sagittarius on 12/15. We have a month to unburden the heart of any contraction that interferes with the unfettered expression of Love.
MARS: As Mars winds down his Hero’s Journey and recovers his shadow, he makes his way to his final communion, a new cycle with Eris on 12/22.   Every 2 months since August, Mars has communed with the Great Disrupter, and this final meeting manifests the results of those communions. There is now a vaccine that is becoming available. The pandemic rages on, shaking things up on the physical level for millions. Yet in the end, deliberate, mindful right action based in positive, heart-based thought still wins the day. This is important as Mars makes a stepping stone to Pluto 12/23 and a bridge to Arcturus (12/24). Mars Pluto requires us to be empowered enough to surrender to the higher Self and allow the divine plan to unfold.

Shifts in Consciousness

When a planet moves through a sign, it activates that part of our consciousness with its energies. Aside from the Sun, Mercury and Venus, which change signs frequently, there are 6 (!) planets changing signs, entering the energy fields of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.
Pallas has been interacting with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all year. At the start of the wormhole with the Scorpio New Moon on 11/15, she was part of the Jupiter Pluto triple new cycle. On 12/2 Pallas makes a new cycle with Saturn, bringing wisdom to the Inner Teacher before she enters Aquarius on 12/7 for the next 2 months.
Saturn follows suit, entering Aquarius on 12/17. When Saturn changes signs it’s a big deal, since he remains in that sign for 2 1/2 years. Saturn restructures our social consciousness and Self-esteem, and whether we act with response-ability and integrity; in Aquarius we learn to honor and love our Selves unconditionally, making it possible to change how we act towards others as well.
Juno enters Sagittarius on 12/18, right before Astraea enters that sign on 12/20; both come together in a new cycle on 12/26. This bodes well for recognizing and accepting the sovereignty of divine feminine in our Selves.
Another big deal occurs on 12/19 when Jupiter enters Aquarius, where he will spend the next 5 months expanding our consciousness with the wisdom of learning to love our Selves unconditionally. His presence with Saturn is a harbinger of good things to come.
Ixion has been traveling back and forth between Sagittarius and Capricorn all year, and on 12/27 he enters Capricorn again. Ixion reflects the soul's essential purpose for the incarnation we have taken in this lifetime. At the soul level everyone has come here to correct something that was out of integrity in other lifetimes. We are on the cusp of a new, higher purpose that won’t be solidified until Ixion remains in Capricorn at the end of next year.

Planetary Stations

Orcus, our connection to the immortal part of our Selves, goes retrograde on 12/11 at 13 Virgo. Just 4 days later, on 12/15, Chiron, master Healer/Teacher goes direct at 5 Aries, after 5 months of internal integration and alignment of our lower body systems. It is time to express our Self-mastery in the world. Chiron is traveling with Salacia, Neptune’s partner, who also goes direct, on 12/16, lightening our loads a bit more.

Major Events

Pluto is the Great Rebirther, and each time he squares Eris we get some disruption that produces more awakening, and each awakening transmutes who we are, and we are reborn in a new way. There have been several of these interactions, and on 12/10 the Pluto Eris square is activated again. Each connection brings us closer to the US Pluto return.
Only 6 hours after the start of the Winter/Summer Solstice on 12/21, the long awaited Jupiter Saturn New Cycle occurs, an auspicious beginning of a new social order. For one thing, it takes place in humanitarian, future oriented Aquarius, where we learn to take down the shields preventing us from seeing our Selves as we really are, and loving our Selves anyway. For another, this is the closest Jupiter-Saturn communion--only 0.1-degree apart-- since 1623! It will be another 60 years before they come together so closely again. And finally, the last time Jupiter and Saturn communed in Aquarius was in 1405. This new cycle, which occurs every 20 years, carries historic import this time around.
Juno and Astraea resource this new cycle; with the Sun, Regulus and Alcyone also making connections. Uranus disposes the new cycle, and both Venus and MakeMake, resourcing each other, make great eliminators pointing to Uranus in a Finger of God. Love is a divine Law, and has the power to awaken us to a higher level of being if we choose it. Love is what will fuel the new order. Ceres and Neptune are rising, a positive sign that this new social consciousness brings unlimited possibilities for clarity and enlightenment if we face our fears squarely and chose Love as the default response.

Black Moon

Black Moon has communed with Eris every month since March, with the exception of last month, when she came close but did not connect with the female Great Awakener. This month she doesn’t retrograde into Aries at all. In fact, for the first time, Black Moon enters Gemini and conjoins Alcyone on 12/5, the same day as her first communion with Sedna in Taurus. Then Lilith goes retrograde on 12/8, conjoins Alcyone 12/10 and then backs into Taurus, meeting Sedna again (12/11). This back and forth dance between Taurus and Gemini, which begins now and lasts well into next year, speaks to a balance between heart and mind, between hearing and following our intuition and acting on it. If we don’t act on what our intuition shows us, we cannot benefit from its wisdom. With Sedna and Alcyone involved, these are very high energies, but with the help of the wormhole we will be ready for them.
Although there is no meeting with Eris, there is still plenty of room for awakening as Black Moon communes with Uranus not once but 3 times this month! The first Black Moon Uranus conjunction occurs on 12/1, the 2nd on 12/19, when Black Moon is retrograde, and the 3rd, which is their 9th communion over all, happens on 12/31, literally hours before the end of the year. What a way to end what is arguably the most tumultuous year in memory. This is more than just a wake-up call; this is an urgent message to stay awake that will keep ringing well into next year.
What a month this is! And what a year this has been! We can see the transition of consciousness in the physical realm as it moves from 3D to 5D. Armed with the wisdom of the Hero’s Journey we are ready to assist in the manifestation of 5D on the planet. The new social order has begun. The waning days and higher frequencies of December are preparing us for the energies of 2021, which will deliver us to the US Pluto return.
We are in the middle of a powerful wormhole that is accelerating the process of shaking apart what no longer serves to make room for a more nourishing climate. Allow your Self to be moved by the sideways elevators that pop up. We are wrapping up elements of the old cycle, and now is the time to face our demons and align thought, word and deed with our highest Truth, thus allowing the higher Self to emerge. That is our Highest Victory: to manifest the Truth of who we are into the world.
"The Truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself."  ~~St. Augustine
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Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful holiday season, and a new year filled with abundance, possibility, connection, magic and Love!




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