January 2021 Cosmic Consciousness

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Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021, a year of integration and transition. This is a ‘5’ year, the ‘5’ being the number of life, growth, creativity and the living spirit. It brings things into human reality, and has everything to do with the Golden Ratio and the spiral of life that produces our DNA. Everything alive on the planet is connected to the ‘5’.
January is the 1st month, bringing new beginnings and new creations. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents the 1 o'clock hour, the hour of Spiritual Love, the place within our energy fields where we learn--and remember--to love our Selves unconditionally, as Source does. We realize we are each a unique expression of Source energies. When we are free to Love our Selves unequivocally, shadows and all, we open to the joy and freedom of being seen as we really are.

Blueprint for 2021

The year begins and ends in a wormhole, and there are 3 of them. The current wormhole contains a lunar eclipse that occurred on 11/30 and a total solar eclipse on 12/14; it ends with the Capricorn New Moon on 1/13. Another wormhole opens on 5/11 and closes on 7/9, with 2 eclipses in between. The last one opens 11/4 and closes in January ’22. Out of this year’s 4 eclipses, one is a total lunar eclipse, and another is a total solar eclipse, and, oddly enough, both occur in Sagittarius.
Throughout the year Pluto will be prominent. Venus Pluto new cycles occur in January and December, bracketing the year, reflecting the resurrected transformation of the empowered heart. We are rewriting the victim story, and when we choose to stand in our power and follow our hearts there is nothing that can’t be achieved.
The January 1 chart reveals the themes for this year as well as for the month. As the New Year kicks in, MakeMake is rising at 8 Libra. As the Mirrored Self, Libra signifies the Highest Realization that everyone is a facet or reflection of our Self. MakeMake represents cosmic order, and so whatever comes up, each person or artifact we meet or let go of, manifests according to the Law of Spiritual Attraction, to name one of the cosmic universal Laws. When we hold Love in our hearts we will see it reflected in others; it is the Law of Love.
MakeMake makes a bridge with Chiron across the horizon, implying an alignment with the higher laws. The Sun at the nadir (bottom of the chart) bridges Sirius, the 7D star of the ascended masters, at the midheaven, suggesting the higher consciousness available when we are motivated to open to it. When we rise above drama and connect with Source, we stabilize our Selves, expanding our capacity for creativity, as indicated by the Chariklo Haumea stepping stone. Juno and Astraea have just made a new cycle and manifested with Varuna. Integrating the divine feminine expands our deeper perspective and opens us to new ways of perceiving and experiencing the Now. This is a great way to begin the year.

January Energies

There is much activity this month. There are plenty of new cycles, 6 planets stationing, and 5 sign changes. Mars captures his shadow, and Mercury begins his, going retrograde at the end of the month. Mercury (1/8), the Sun (1/19) and Chariklo (1/27) all enter Aquarius this month, providing the opportunity to change the way we think, communicate and nurture our Selves. We are preparing for the future.

Sun and Moon

The 1/13 New Moon in Capricorn marks the closing of the wormhole that began in November. Things will seem less intense, but this lunation is still a very powerful one. For one thing, it conjoins Pluto, and is in stepping stone to Eris, meaning that disruption and transformation are still part of the process. Pluto, as the gatekeeper to 5D higher consciousness, removes barriers to that consciousness—whether we like it or not. There is nothing else to do but surrender. Personal empowerment is available, courtesy of this New Moon and the Sun’s new cycle with Pluto on 1/14.
Saturn, the dispositor of this New Moon, is in a Lightbridge with Varuna. This is a good time to go within and access the highest perspective we are capable of, to see how to get in touch with the parts of us that need unconditional love. Uranus is about to station direct, and when he does, all the solar system planets will be direct until Mercury’s retrograde; for 2 1/2 weeks it will feel like we’re moving forward with no brakes.
The last aspect the Sun makes in Capricorn is a new cycle with Chariklo on 1/19, bringing to our awareness the stability that comes with strengthening our connection with Source. Then the Sun enters Aquarius, bringing our focus to loving ourselves as Source does. When we can love the hurt parts of ourselves and accept our Selves totally, we free up energy to help others.
Our social awareness grows with the Sun’s new cycles with Saturn (1/23) and Jupiter (1/28). Sun Saturn aspects deal with personal authority, and in Aquarius that means taking charge of removing the barriers that prevent the authentic sharing of our Selves. The Sun Jupiter new cycle refers to expansion of consciousness, a greater experience of Oneness, and a growing capacity for Self-Love. Both new cycles are part of the 1/28 Full Moon in Leo.
It’s another powerful lunar event, activating the Saturn Varuna Lightbridge and Venus Pluto conjunction. Mars and Uranus form an intersection (T-square) with the Sun and Moon, so we will feel this on a physical level, perhaps with some surprises, sudden twists and turns. The Black Moon meets with Eris, promising to uncover something that can shake us up, but which will prove beneficial in the long run. With all the dynamic energies and disruption, the Sun Jupiter communion can bring great blessings.


Mercury has been out of bounds since 12/12, and on 1/4 he returns to the ecliptic with new information from uncharted territory. Now traveling in Capricorn, he goes on to make new cycles with Pluto (1/5) and Chariklo (1/7), transmuting and stabilizing our mental processes before entering Aquarius on 1/8. Our thinking, communication and connection systems switch to a different expression here, one that’s geared to working in groups, towards the future, for the benefit of all.
The Great Messenger makes a new cycle with Saturn (1/9) and a conjunction with Jupiter (1/11), which speaks to the changes we are experiencing at the mental level in our social consciousness. How will we respond to each other when the pandemic lifts and we can interact again?
It is very telling that the Mercury Saturn communion happens only once, but the Mercury Jupiter connection occurs 3 times. Perhaps our ability to stand in our authority doesn’t need tweaking, but our capacity to speak Truth to power does.
On 1/15 Mercury enters his shadow period (the degree where he will go direct after his retrograde), and every planetary connection from here on in will be repeated 3 times. One of those connections is with Pallas, on 1/16. On 1/30, Mercury begins his 1st retrograde of the year in Aquarius, and it’s a good time for clarity and focusing on ways to bring us together so that each person can shine. Uranus has domain over Aquarius, so there are plenty of revelations and intuitive hits on tap. After all, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.


On 1/8 Venus enters Capricorn, connecting the heart with Source energies, and where the heart takes charge. Ixion has taken up residence there, and the Venus Ixion new cycle heralds a new beginning in the collective purpose, one that speaks to the heart. Quaoar is the 5D planet that represents the mind/heart balance necessary to create new thoughts and ideas from the universal Mind. The Venus Quaoar new cycle on 1/12 adds emotional depth to that balance.
On 1/28, the same day as the Leo Full Moon, Venus meets Pluto for a new cycle of transmutation of the heart. Here’s where we go deep to find what really matters to us, and what we wish for in the coming year, shedding encumbrances that hold us back. This new cycle will carry us through to the end of the year, when Venus and Pluto meet again during Venus’ retrograde, and we can rewrite our heart’s story yet again.


Mars recaptures his shadow on 1/2, when he comes to the degree where he first went retrograde, 28 Aries. Now that he’s come full circle, so to speak, it is as though our physicality can begin a new cycle of experience. His stepping stone with Chariklo (1/3) presages his entry into Taurus, bringing a calming, stabilizing influence into our presence. Mars spent 6 months in Aries and he enters Taurus on 1/6, which is a great place for Mars to be. Mars speaks to our physicality, to life on Earth, and in Taurus we are sure to feel more grounded, calmer, steadier and supported. Yet on
1/20 Mars communes with Uranus and it can mean many things: sudden surprising actions, a sudden natural disaster, the change of governmental environment, or something related to the pandemic. Whatever it is, it will result in an awakening that leads to higher consciousness.

Planetary Stations

In addition to Mercury’s retrograde, 5 other planets station and change direction. According to Cosmic Consciousness, when a planet retrogrades it is moving towards Source, and its expression turns inward. MakeMake, Vesta and Haumea all turn retrograde this month, moving backward through their signs.
MakeMake has to do with the universal laws that we live by, which are always true, in all situations. MakeMake represents cosmic order, the divine laws of nature, the equality that exists between true authority and service, the balance of power, and the incredible integrity that belongs to a soul who honors the cosmic order of things, including nature and the ecology of the planet we live on. On 1/5 MakeMake goes retrograde for the next 5 months, allowing us the opportunity to integrate the cosmic laws within.
Vesta, holding the vibration of devotion and commitment, goes retrograde on 1/19, for 3 months of reviewing what we are devoted to, and where our best commitments would be the most useful. And on 1/26 Haumea’s retrograde begins, until mid July. Haumea marks our return to wholeness and unity consciousness, with respect for the contribution of each of the parts that make up the whole. This retrograde gives us the chance to reevaluate what we see in the Mirrored Self, and to effect change in our Selves if we don’t like what we see.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, when a planet stations direct, it expresses its energies into the physical realm. This month both Eris and Uranus change direction, building slowly and bringing about disruption and sudden change. If we are aware, we can be ready for them.
Eris goes direct on 1/10 at 23 Aries 27. Because Eris moves so slowly, her “storm” period, where she doesn’t move at all, lasts for over a week and continues past her station, totaling 26 days that she occupies that same degree. During this storm period Eris produces little earthquakes or volcanoes within us, that awaken us from the inside out. Now we can see what is behind the old discontents and move to address them, knowing that if we don’t take response ability for this inner discord, it will manifest in the world instead. There is sure to be emotional upheaval during this time, and with the state of the world, and particularly the US political arena in such a tumultuous state, it is easy to feel that things are out of control. It’s important to realize that although the storms can rage, we don’t have to be a part of it. Be aware of your Self, breathe deeply, and stay as centered as possible, knowing that these storms are meant to clear the air and afford us a new playing field.
During the course of the year many planets will square Eris, notably Pluto, and some eventually make new cycles with her. These interactions with Eris enable us to go within and see what parts of our lives are not working and where to begin long-awaited changes.
Uranus, retrograde since August, goes direct on 1/14, signifying sudden change or revelation in an external expression. His storm period lasts from 1/9 to 1/19, right before the Mars Uranus new cycle on 1/20. For that entire period he remains at 6 Taurus 43. Uranus storms are electrical in nature, and a lightning storm lights up what hasn’t been seen before when we least expect it. The Mars Uranus new cycle is the culmination of these energies expressed in the world. We must remain open to whatever may be revealed, in our bodies, environment, or communities.

Important events

Jupiter Chiron aspects always speak of personal mastery, combining the capacity to make things whole with the capacity to expand. On 1/11 the Jupiter Chiron resource occurs, a connection that makes it easier to achieve excellence in what is undertaken. We do our best, and it is enough, we are enough, and we can enjoy what we have achieved. Here we bring mastery to our interactions, fulfilling the need for social connection and wholing.
Ceres entered Pisces in April 2020, retrograding there in July all the way back into Aquarius. It took till November for her to reenter Pisces. Ceres’ long-awaited new cycle with Neptune occurs on 1/21, bringing a new way to see things, a new clarity, where we can dream a new dream of unity and compassion. Both Ceres (1/22) and Neptune (1/26) intersect the Moon’s nodes, creating another road where we can choose to raise or lower our vibration. A new chapter is opening, one we’ve waited for a long time.
Chariklo, the feminine aspect of Chiron’s capacity for wholing and alignment, enters Aquarius on 1/27. According to Nick Fiorenza, Chariklo brings a protective and nurturing quality to all, especially those who don’t easily fit into the status quo. Aquarius is future oriented, and marches to the beat of a different drummer. Chariklo’s presence here, for the next several years, will help immeasurably, providing comfort and stability as we learn to drop our old defenses, share our Selves freely, and allow Love to flow.

Black Moon

Black Moon began her dance with Sedna, the multidimensional librarian of the cosmic records, last month, and it will continue for the rest of the year. In her new dance between Taurus and Gemini, she will commune with Sedna every time she moves between those signs, uncovering the wisdom of the Great Librarian. Since Venus and Mercury dispose those signs, a recalibration of heart and mind is in order. In January Black Moon communes with Sedna on 1/4 and then heads into Gemini for a few days. She goes retrograde 1/7, heads back into Taurus and reconnects with Sedna 1/13 for meeting #4.
Once in Taurus, Black Moon communes with Mars for their 9th communion (1/22). The last time they met Mars was deep in his retrograde journey in Aries, and this is their first conjunction in a new quality of consciousness. Black Moon works within us, and Mars works on the physical level. She also conjoins with Uranus for the 10th time on 1/22. Expect some new Truth to be unveiled about the pandemic, the vaccines, someone’s actions, a new discovery, or even climate change. All are possible. What we learn will be an eye opener.
Black Moon continues all the way through to Aries, which she reenters on 1/25. While there she communes with Eris for the 16th time on 1/28, goes direct on 1/29 and meets Eris again—twice in 2 days. That’s a lot of disruption. It’s as though they are playing catch-up. In November Black Moon refrained from aspecting Eris, and in December she skipped that sign altogether. All this activity means that the Great Unveiler is covering lots of ground this month, there is much hidden Truth that needs to be revealed.
There appears to be much disruption on the horizon this month, as we conclude the Scorpionic wormhole mid month. Yet the signs are there, pointing to an emerging sense of hope: a Ceres Neptune new cycle; a Jupiter Chiron resource; Chariklo joining Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.
Mars’ Hero’s Journey is over, and his entry into Taurus makes everything feel more tangible. We have learned a lot and are in a different place now. We are more than ready for the new social consciousness that is being born. There will be pushback, as the powers that be won’t give it up easily, but Truth will prevail. We are in need of change, and it is coming. The pandemic has taken us to another level. Our values have changed, and we are rewriting the stories we tell our Selves to more accurately reflect who we are now, and who we are still becoming.
Patience and Self-Love are required. We’ve come so far, and things always happen in divine timing, which is always perfect. One way to handle the vibrations is to remember to stretch and move your body and let the energies flow, especially when sitting too long. Be kind to your Self and give yourself some slack. Give yourself a hug and twirl around. Shake off the old year. We are at a new beginning.
"There is one very important way in which to alleviate all problems, alleviate all error, alleviate all ignorance and find your true Self. And that way is to love yourself. To really love yourself. It sounds easy but try it; it's not easy to totally and completely love yourself just the way you are. When you begin to love yourself this way you automatically rise to a higher state of consciousness.
For you're loving the Self when you love yourself. You are really loving the one Self which is omnipresent and all-pervading. Therefore when you love yourself you love everything that exists. Nothing is left out of that love. Nothing. And this is what raises your consciousness. This is what transforms you. Forget about being enlightened, awakening. That will take care of itself."~~~Robert Adams
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