March 2021 Cosmic Consciousness

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As the 3rd month in this ‘5’ year of new life force, March holds the space of expansion, abundance, self-expression, inspiration, joy, mastery, and creativity. The active initiating force from the “1” combines with the receptive, germinating energies of the “2,” resulting in the “3” vibration of physical manifestation.
The ‘3’ represents the energies of the triad, the Trinity, a sacred triangle (trine) where all parts work together harmoniously, creating a portal that brings forth manifestation of desires by allowing the descent of Spirit into the mental plane. There, Source-based faith in action (Pisces) becomes consciously directed intention (Aries). The triangle is the ancient symbol for the element of FIRE. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth, light, and inspiration. Aries, the Divine Spark of Creation, is a Fire sign.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents the 3 o’clock hour, where we enter the mental etheric body and experience its power. It is the sign of Conscious Discipline, the place in our energy field where we bring in Love purposefully and diligently to activate the higher mind, which is Christ Consciousness. This activation requires focusing golden Light on the heart chakra, elevating its vibration into the higher mind, aligning it with Love, and opening a gateway for the divine spark of something new to manifest.
By disciplining our mental processes and choosing only loving thoughts and words, the mind-heart balance begins to activate, paving the way to Self-realization. The more we realize the true nature of the Self, the greater our capacity for right action, a manifestation of the mind-heart balance. This is a month to align the mind with the energies of the heart, and allow what has already been birthed on some level to come through.

March Energies

Salacia, Chiron and Eris are situated in Aries for the long haul. Ceres, bringing new life out of the old, entered the sign of Self-Realization on 2/21, and she’ll spend the month traveling through the first half of it, integrating wholeness and alignment into the new world that’s being created, supported by a greater perspective and out of the box thinking. The Sun, with Venus trailing, wrap up their travels through Pisces, interacting with the nodes and communing with Neptune before culminating with the New Moon on 3/13. There are many aspects on that day; it’s pivotal in its energies and there is a real shift in consciousness.
All the lower body planets change signs this month, shifting our energies considerably. During the month the Sun enters the Aries energy field, kicking off the Vernal Equinox, and Venus follows on 3/22. They each make their own communions with Salacia and Chiron, featured prominently this month. On 3/26 the Sun and Venus come together, and from then on the heart leads consciousness. We become more capable of feeling into an experience before we become aware of it. Mercury and Mars also change qualities of consciousness, creating a new expression for their energies.

Sun and Moon, and Venus

This month it’s hard to separate the effects of Venus on our consciousness. Venus represents our capacity to give and receive Love, and our emotional responsiveness. While Venus trails the Sun, we become aware of the energies before we respond on an emotional level.
Stepping stones are growth experiences, and the Sun makes a stepping stone to the Great Attractor (GA) on 3/4. The Sun intersects the Moon’s nodes a day later. Infused with interdimensional energies we come to the place where we decide whether to put our attention on what we are evolving towards, or on our old stories.
Venus gets her own stepping stone with the GA on 3/8 and then intersects the nodes on 3/9. Interacting with the same energies, our hearts decide how to balance the lessons of the past with desires for the future. Anything is possible if we act with the faith that whatever happens is all for the best.
While we are working with these energies, the 3/10 Sun Neptune new cycle lifts veils and adds clarity to whatever situation we’re in. Venus follows suit, but her new cycle with Neptune is part of the Pisces New Moon on 3/13, a momentous day with three new cycles and more.
Mercury recovers his shadow on 3/13, kicking off a new communication cycle, just in time for the New Moon in Pisces on the same day. Neptune has domain over this lunar event, and he and Venus are part of its energies, coming together in a new cycle that speaks to the higher Love that is always available, and which can be accessed when we go beyond our self-imposed limitations.
The Ceres Chiron new cycle also occurs today, signifying a new level of healing and alignment that are available as we fearlessly act on faith and follow our hearts. Vesta and Orcus meet for the 2nd time since November, renewing our commitment to remembering the part of us that is immortal. When we can tap into this part, we recall our inherent limitlessness and can connect with the higher Love waiting for us.
The Vernal Equinox begins on 3/20 as the Sun enters Aries. As a world axis point, everyone on the planet will feel the change of the seasons: the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern hemisphere. The Sun’s first connection is a stepping stone with Ixion. Astraea, representing the sovereignty of the Divine Feminine, just conjoined with Ixion (and will again, twice more), signifying that our collective purpose is shifting.
The equinox chart expresses the energies of the season. Venus has been accompanying the Sun all month, and is a big part of the season as she interacts with the Sun and Mercury, leading and following the Great Messenger on her way to meet with Mars in the summer. The equinox finds her in a great eliminator with Haumea, eliminating barriers to Love, wholeness and creativity. Ceres resources Saturn, and they both form a Finger of God aspect pointing at Vesta and Orcus. As the foundation of the new world begins to manifest, devotion and connection to the eternal are necessary prerequisites to create systems and constructs that stand the test of time. The Black Moon Neptune resource reveals what’s possible when we are fearless and clear in our intentions.
After the Sun clears the way, Venus enters Aries on 3/21, shifting the heart’s energies from the spiritual to the mental, from being one with the universe to individual expression. What does Love mean to the individual?  How can it be expressed? It’s here that we practice keeping Love in mind as we travel the path to Self-realization.
On 3/25, while journeying together, the Sun and Venus each make new cycles with Salacia, the feminine expression of the limitless Ocean. She takes us deep within the emotional realm, and teaches us to approach those core issues with lightness and playfulness. Thus infused with Salacia’s energies, the Sun and Venus begin their own new cycle together on 3/26. Now Venus goes ahead of the Sun; our emotional antennas are activated, delivering valuable messages. It’s best to keep an open heart, and let it all be what it is.
Just as Venus was a huge part of the New Moon, she is prominent in the 3/28 Full Moon in Libra as well. The Venus Chiron new cycle occurs just before the lunar event, conjoining the Sun at 8 Aries. Healing and aligning ourselves at the heart level is a big part of this Full Moon. It is all part of the divine plan, the cosmic order (MakeMake conjunct the Moon). The Moon forms a great eliminator with Uranus, so emotions may arise that surprise us, but we can choose how to respond. This is part of the clearing process that will bring us back into wholeness.
Sedna and Mars are the dispositors of this Full Moon. Mars bridges the Great Attractor, and Sedna manifests with Pluto. The story of the Divine Feminine is undergoing a rebirth, eliminating the old vestiges of victimhood, while our bodies are being infused with higher frequencies that allow us to navigate the quickening vibrations of evolutionary consciousness. We know we are becoming more sensitive to the higher energies, and this Full Moon reflects this sensitivity in our relationships with others.
While still in the energies of the Full Moon, the 3/29 Sun Chiron new cycle calls our attention to healing our personal stories and aligning them with the Truth of who we are, on the path to Self-realization. The Mercury Neptune new cycle adds clarity to this healing process.


Mercury and Jupiter have already met twice, and this last communion begins a new cycle on 3/4, manifesting the wisdom and discernment of Truth that has been integrated into our mental operating systems these past few weeks. Our social consciousness is expanding, which can only mean good news for the way we interact with each other.
Having retraced his steps through Aquarius, Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow on 3/13, delivering us to a new chapter in the way we think, speak and connect—just in time for the Pisces New Moon. This is truly a day of new beginnings.
On 3/15, Mercury enters the Pisces part of our consciousness, where we face our fears and trepidations and learn to master them, getting beyond them to the other side, which is Love. What we say to our Selves is an important part of this process.
Over the next few weeks Mercury travels through the sign of faith in action, meeting Pallas (3/18) and Neptune (3/29) in new cycles that mark the beginning of a new wisdom and an enlightened way of thinking. Now we can craft a different vision for our Selves and the world, and act upon it. Belief in our Selves is one of the most powerful motivators.


At the beginning of March all the solar system planets are in direct motion, focusing us on the physical realm. Mars, dispositor of all things physical, enters Gemini on 3/3, the 3:3 stargate of manifestation. Gemini is all about the higher mind, and the mind-body connection is strong here. Mental wisdom requires action, something Mars provides in spades. Mars will remain in Mercury’s sign until 4/23.
An out of bounds planet travels outside the ecliptic in uncharted territory. On 3/21, manifesting with Saturn, Mars goes out of bounds for an extended period. This is interesting, since Saturn represents boundaries, and Mars’ energies go way beyond that during this time, resonating at a higher frequency. We must take responsibility for the care of our bodies, the environment, and the planet, as they are more sensitive and responsive now.
On the same day that the Sun and Venus make a new cycle with each other on 3/26, focusing our attention on Love, the Mars Soul Star Chakra (North Node) new cycle occurs. Mars has just left the ecliptic, and will be out of bounds until May. The body is a dependable Truth meter, becoming more and more attuned to the higher evolutionary frequencies. If we pay attention we will know how to respond in any situation. Our actions matter, and we can forge a new path if we come from a place of love and compassion, especially regarding those with whom we disagree.

Important Events

Now that Ceres is traveling through Aries, her new cycles with Salacia (3/6) and Chiron (3/13) deliver us to new chapters of healing, lightening our perspectives, and wholing our Selves. We find creative ways to nurture our Selves in preparation for the awakenings due in April.
On 3/7 Pallas Athena enters Pisces, bringing feminine wisdom to the ocean of possibilities. One of the qualities of this wisdom is the capacity to trust one’s observations and intuition, knowing that what presents itself is the best of all possibilities. Pallas remains in this sign for the rest of the year.
The 3/17 Astraea Ixion new cycle is a manifestation of our collective purpose shifting to include the divine feminine in a big way. Ixion, representing our collective souls’ purpose, enters his retrograde cycle on 3/31, giving us the opportunity to go within and reflect on how that purpose is changing and what we want to accomplish. Ixion has been traveling between Capricorn and Sagittarius for a couple of years, clearing past karma and preparing us for Now. We are almost at the end of this journey.

Black Moon

The Black Moon dances between Aries and Taurus for the last time this month, beginning and ending in Aries. At the beginning of March she is retrograde in Aries, going direct on 3/5. Moving forward, Black Moon meets Eris once again—for the 19th time—on 3/7. There is so much we have learned that has shaken us to the core, but there is still more to be unveiled.
Moving swiftly, Lilith enters Taurus again on 3/9 and communes with Uranus 3/10. for meeting #13. Black Moon goes retrograde 3/19 and backs into Uranus once more on 3/26. These communions in Taurus are lighting up our values and how they are changing. We get to see what’s important. Our attention is also being called in a big way to unusual weather events resulting from global warming. There is so much awakening taking place, and more to come!
On 3/30 Black Moon retrogrades back into Aries for the last time. It is well over a year since she first entered the sign of Conscious Discipline, and she will wrap up all her activity there next month, which will be a powerful one.
We have learned so much about Self-realization, the power of the mind, and our ability to co-create with the universe.


With all the solar system planets in direct motion, we are tuned to the physical plane, and everything will feel like it’s moving fast. Sun and Venus, and later, Mercury, commune with Neptune, and clarity enters the picture, before each moves into Aries, . The shift from dreamy, amorphous Pisces to the mental power of Aries will be palpable. It is the birth canal, where spirit descends into the mental realm of Self-realization and the spark of creation is born. As we become aware of our thoughts we can redirect them to the higher Self, where Love resides. The heart is a big player this month, giving us the chance to manifest more Love.
Thoughts are powerful. Through our thoughts we have the power to create new ideas, beliefs and connections, which are then birthed into the physical realm. Misdirected or unconscious thoughts manifest what we don’t want; so do thoughts without the energy of Love. The practice for this month is to slow down enough to be aware of our thoughts and simply redirect them in a positive, affirming way. It is good to set an intention and find or create a mantra that will raise your vibration. For example, if you feel overwhelmed or rushed, the intention to slow down can be met with the affirmation “I am taking my time and being present. I am creating space for Love and peace.” The Master’s mantra for Aries is “I AM the Light” and the affirmation is “I AM Awake.” Repeating these helps keep us on track.
On the last day of March Black Moon reenters Aries for the final time, making 7 planets in that quality of consciousness. This sets the stage for April, when so much awakening occurs. Manifestation can happen quickly this month. Remember to manifest joy.


Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation on what you can potentially achieve, except for the limitation you choose to impose on your own imagination. What you believe to be possible will always come to pass - to the extent that you deem it possible. It really is as simple as that. ― Anthon St. Maarten
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