Monthly Overview for August, 2022

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After all the activity in July, August could seem tame by comparison. But wait, all the personal planets change signs, Venus and Mars are active, and a very important retrograde takes place.


As the month opens, Mars makes a new cycle (conjunction) with the evolutionary Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), the last of the personal planets to do so. He follows the steps that Mercury took in April and Venus went over in June. We can feel these steps towards the future in our bodies, making them more grounded and a part of us. Mars also communes with (or conjuncts) Uranus on the same day, 8/1, making for the potential for shocking actions by some, physical shocks to the planet, or some kind of shock to the body. The net result of any of these is awakening, pure and simple. But Venus forms a resource to these new cycles, reminding us to give ourselves space to examine our feelings and values, and put Love into the equation. When we remember what matters to us, we can restore ourselves to balance in the face of sudden surprises. Mars continues on to make a new cycle with Sedna 8/19, before moving into Gemini 8/20. This Gemini placement is important, since Mars goes retrograde there at the end of October, and remains in Gemini until March 2023. This is the beginning of a new mind-body connection, a new understanding of what motivates our thoughts, and knowing when to act upon them, from a place of love.


The mind shifts into a different quality of consciousness when Mercury enters Virgo on 8/4. He is moving very fast, but while he’s in the sign of Inner Alignment, our capacity for aligning the mind with the emotional and physical aspects of our being are enhanced. Our thoughts turn to how we can be of service in these unprecedented times. The Mercury-Orcus new cycle occurs on 8/12; while the lower mind is limited, we know that our soul is not, and this is merely a journey we are taking. On 8/20 Mercury enters his shadow (the same day that Mars enters his sign) and on 8/25 he enters Libra, preparing for his next retrograde in September. This month prepares us for what lies ahead.


Venus also has a busy month. On 8/9 she makes a bridge (or opposition) with Pluto, once again bringing up the year’s theme of the empowered heart and changing values. Venus moves into Leo 8/11, just in time for the Leo New Moon. Once there, she makes her way to new cycles (conjunctions) with Varuna (8/16) and Ceres (8/22) and a bridge with Saturn (8/28). We experience the blessings of an expanded perspective, which brings in a new way of looking at the world, and this gives us a sense of empowerment and greater self-esteem.


The Sun is dignified in Leo, making us aware of our life force, how our attitudes and outlook affect the world around us, and how shifting into the positive raises the energy all around us.

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on 8/11, with the Moon conjunct Saturn, bringing up the lesson that if we can love ourselves completely, we can let ourselves shine, and so serve others. Uranus disposes the Aquarian Moon and makes an intersection  (T-square) with the Sun-Moon bridge. Will we focus on the positive, or revert to negative reactions? The Moon looks towards the future, and Saturn makes sure we respond with integrity. On this day Ceres manifests with (trines) Jupiter, birthing some expansive energies, especially socially. Such a powerful, positive aspect.

The Sun works his way through Leo, aspecting Eris and Pluto along the way, as he enters the energy field of Virgo 8/22. This is the sign of the purity of the spiritual Mother, who holds the Christ Consciousness of forgiveness, healing, mastery and service. Virgo allows us to zoom in to what needs healing and alignment, making us whole. This is where the New Moon takes place, at 4° Virgo, on 8/27. Mars makes a stepping stone (aka square) with this lunation, bringing the energies of the mind-body connection together with the Sun-Moon communion (or new cycle) of alignment. Chiron has domain over this New Moon, and he manifests with (trines) Ceres at the World Axis point, underscoring that something new is coming into being that will bring healing to us all. We may not be able to grasp it, but we’re certainly feeling it on some level. It’s a hopeful way to closes out the month.


The month ends with Sedna stationing retrograde, at the master degree of Taurus. The ancient Divine Feminine still has more work to do before Sedna dips a toe into Gemini. More grounding is necessary. But as the song says, a change is gonna come.


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