Monthly Overview for July 2022

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This month the pace quickens with lots of planetary activity. Fully 7 planets change signs, one shifting twice, and 7 other planets shift direction, 5 going retrograde. There is a huge influx of Leo energies, with 3 planets entering that quality of consciousness, and the New Moon taking place there as well.  And there’s so much more.


To start off, Mars makes a stepping stone with Pluto 7/1, which can lead to some very tense energies on the 3D level. In 5D, Mars is the masculine expression of the divine feminine, protecting the earth and keeping us safe. Using this energy consciously leads us to see where the proper action is required, as opposed to giving in to anger. Pluto’s 2nd return occurs on 7/11, bringing up the themes from February, but from a more reflective viewpoint. Ceres forms a Lightbridge with Pluto 7/18, with Haumea connected to both; as things slowly metamorphosize, or fall apart, seeds of creative new solutions and systems are being planted. It will take a while to manifest, but it is coming. And new ideas are born when Mercury makes a new cycle with Ceres on 7/18.


Pallas Athena begins the parade of planets shifting qualities of consciousness when she enters Gemini 7/4. Mars ingresses Taurus 7/5, slowing us down to get in touch with our intuitive guidance. When we are grounded in our bodies, we feel calmer and steadier, more supported. Also on 7/5, Mercury moves into Cancer for 2 weeks, and during that time he goes out of bounds for a week. Cancer is the place where the multidimensional fixed star Sirius is located. It is not a coincidence that our mental operating systems are in uncharted territory when Mercury conjoins with Sirius for some amazing downloads before returning to the ecliptic 7/13.

The Sun Mercury superior conjunction occurs 7/16; then the Great Messenger meets with Ceres before entering Cancer on 7/19. The 7/22 Mercury Varuna new cycle gives us the capacity to see more of the bigger picture. We are growing in the ways we use our minds.


Mercury was the 2nd planet to conjoin with Sirius; the Sun makes that connection on 7/6, stretching our consciousness if we are open to it. The 7/30 Venus-Sirius new cycle completes the upgrade of the mind-heart connection. These communions with Sirius happen yearly, but not often do these 3 personal planets come together with the fixed star in the same month.


The 7/13 Full Moon in Capricorn is one of major proportions. The Sun is flanked by Mercury and Ceres, while the Moon conjoins Pluto, just at the point of his 2nd return. The nodes connect with the Sun-Moon bridge by resource and manifestation, and Juno resources the Moon as well. This is a lunar event of rising unity consciousness and new modes of communication and connection. The old responses just won’t work anymore. Saturn has domain over the Moon, and he manifests with Venus, providing action with heart-based integrity. We understand our love for and responsibility to each other.  The Sun goes on to meet with Mercury (7/16) and Ceres (7/22) before moving into Leo 7/22. Ceres then switches into Leo 7/23, where she will remain for the next 2 months.


The Sun has domain over the 7/28 Leo New Moon, another powerful lunation. This one features a triple new cycle between the Sun, Moon, and Varuna, with Ceres in attendance. It forms a Lightbridge with Chariklo, and is the point of a Finger of God (yod) with Quaoar and Vesta. Jupiter is stationing to go retrograde, making his energies most powerful, and his communion with Salacia (exact 7/20) reminds us to combine our wisdom with playfulness and joy. No matter how polarized and chaotic things seem, we have the capacity to pull back and see the soul’s-eye view, which can open us up to new ideas and understandings of current situations, especially if we face what comes with courage and faith. The 7/31 Uranus-Soul Star Chakra new cycle underscores this, and any sudden shake-ups and surprises that occur are meant for our evolution, and so are ultimately positive. There is still joy and beauty to be found, it just depends on our perspective.


This month there are many retrogrades that shift our energies within for reflection and calibration. For starters, Vesta goes retrograde 7/7, followed by 5D planet Salacia 7/9. Haumea, who figures so prominently with Pluto this month, goes direct on 7/12, bringing forth creativity and a sense of wholeness. Another 5D planet, Astraea, begins her backwards journey on 7/17, the same day Venus enters Cancer, bringing emotional harmony.


On 7/19 the Master Teacher-Healer Chiron goes retrograde.  Chiron makes things whole, and his function is to connect us to our higher Self. Without that higher connection in us, Chiron makes us pay more attention to the body, the vehicle that carries the soul in this lifetime. For the next 5 months it would be useful to attend to the body’s messages, giving it care and gratitude. Chiron in Aries also indicates a mastery of thought, and while he is in that energy field, we are exploring our thought processes and redirecting them towards Christ Consciousness.


The asteroid planet Juno turns retrograde 7/25, and we begin to reevaluate our relationship to everything and ultimately ourselves, since everything is, after all, a projection. Finally, Jupiter, giant planet of social consciousness and wisdom, moves backward towards Source 7/28, same day as the Leo New Moon. Jupiter expands our consciousness, and even when he is retrograde, his expansive frequencies can be felt. During this time, we go within and reevaluate how we connect socially, where we could have applied wisdom but did not, and how we can expand our consciousness to see the Truth in others.


Taken altogether, this is a busy month. It would be worth our while to make time for reflection or quiet meditation each day, even if only for a few minutes. This gives us needed space to note the changes around and within us, and sense the tiny gems of new consciousness begin to emerge.


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