Monthly Overview for June, 2022

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The first half of 2022 was filled with many huge aspects that occurred at seemingly breakneck speed. We’re at the midpoint of the year, and June provides a bit of a respite before gearing up in July. Still, the month contains 2 major retrogrades and the Summer/Winter Solstice, so change is still on the menu.


On 6/3 Mercury stations direct, ready to focus and bring thoughts of non-attachment to the fore. When we are not attached to people, places, things, or ideas, we can more easily hear the voice of our inner guidance. In Cosmic Consciousness, Mercury holds divine masculine energies. He meets Sedna for the last time on 6/12, gathering ancient Divine Feminine memories to balance the mind, before entering Gemini 6/13. At that point, Mercury, Venus and Mars are each in their own home signs, where their influence is harmonious and strong. On 6/18 Mercury leaves his shadow, essentially beginning a new cycle of thinking and communication.


For the last few years Saturn began his retrograde in May; this year begins a new pattern when the Great Teacher begins his backward movement on 6/4. For the next 4 1/2 months we have a chance to reevaluate the structure of our lives, and see what needs tweaking to strengthen the foundation of our connections with each other, taking responsibility for what we want to achieve.


On 6/5 the Mars-Salacia new cycle (conjunction) occurs, providing the possibility of finding joy through movement and lighthearted actions. Healing is available too, when Mars and Chiron commune (conjunct) on 6/15, preparing us for disruptions that can occur around 6/27, when Mars and Eris make a new cycle of disturbances and awakenings at the physical level. We are ready for this.


Mercury and Jupiter have domain over the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which occurs on 6/14. Mercury has just entered Gemini and Jupiter sits in early Aries, making a resource (sextile) with the Great Messenger. Neptune forms an intersection (aka T-square) to the Sun-Moon bridge (opposition). It’s a good time to set intentions and dreams for the future, as the opportunity is there for new ideas to emerge. The Sun makes aspects with Eris, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto before entering Cancer on 6/21, kicking off the Summer/Winter Solstice that is felt all over the world.


The Solstice chart shows the Sun in a Lightbridge (or opposition) with Ixion, Ceres in a stepping stone (square) with Chiron, and Venus manifesting (in a trine) with Pluto. Empowerment of the heart is a big theme this year, and it continues this season, along with a new focus on aligning our inner purpose with healing the planet and our own fractured emotions. We hold space for those who are just beginning to awaken to the realization of unity consciousness.


The Venus-Uranus new cycle on 6/11 may produce sudden shocks or surprises that awaken something new within us. As Venus journeys through Taurus, she meets Pallas (6/14), the North Node (Soul Star) on 6/16, and Sedna (6/22). The heart connects with the mind when Venus enters Gemini 6/22.


Neptune, representing higher love, clarity and enlightenment, stations retrograde on 6/28 for 5 months. It is an opportunity to turn within and see which of our dreams are still feasible, and what brings confusion into our lives. We learn to trust ourselves. On the same day, the New Moon in Cancer occurs, bridging (opposing) Quaoar, 5D planet of new thought. A new beginning of emotional intelligence is on tap. Venus and Chariklo also connect with the New Moon, bringing stability and inner harmony if we open up to it.


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