Monthly Overview for May, 2022

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The best that can be said about this month is that there is a major shifting of energies as 7 planets change signs, and Venus pulls a “Mercury,” moving from Pisces to Taurus (2 signs). There are many new cycles, another eclipse, a Mercury retrograde, and the closing of the current wormhole we are in. By the end of May, all the personal planets will occupy Aries, Taurus and Gemini, which, according to Cosmic Consciousness, comprises the Mental quadrant of the zodiac. Here lies the possibility to change our way of thinking, perceiving, communicating and connecting with the world.


Venus, fresh off her meeting with Jupiter, enters Aries 5/2, resources Mercury 5/6, and makes new cycles with Salacia (5/9), Chiron (5/15) and Eris (5/23) before moving into her home sign of Taurus on 5/28. It is a busy month for the heart, learning to stay open and centered in order to activate the proper use of the mind. The Divine Light of Creation gets infused with heart frequencies, and Venus’ mission in this sign is to lighten up, heal and align with love-based energies vs those of fear, and negotiate disruptions that arise. Love is the balm that heals.


Jupiter is a planet we like to watch because of his huge effect on us all, especially socially. On 5/3 he forms a resource with Pluto, a positive connection between these two very expansive energies. Jupiter stretches our consciousness and brings wisdom and abundance. Pluto transforms and resurrects. Any interaction between these two recalls the major effect of their 3 meetings in 2020. Jupiter enters Aries on 5/10, where he retrogrades at the end of July, and will remain until the end of October. For the next 5 months we will have the benefit of Jupiter’s willingness to share connection, truth, new learning and wisdom with Aries’ pioneering spirit and creative spark. Things can get over the top with Jupiter, but if we remember to apply conscious discipline to our thoughts and choose a loving perspective as much as possible, we will reap the rewards Jupiter has to offer.


Also on 5/10, Mercury begins his 2nd retrograde of the year, at 5° Gemini, in his home sign. It takes him until 5/21 to meet up with the Sun in an inferior conjunction at the beginning of Gemini before he backs into Taurus the next day to wrap things up. This is the 2nd of a 3-part process of integrating the mind with the heart. Mercury communes with Sedna again for some ancient divine feminine wisdom, but ends his retrograde in June without connecting with the Soul Star Chakra. We are already on the evolutionary path. Mercury will have much to say in the coming month.


The Sun’s journey through Taurus is also a busy one, with some high-level new cycles. Our consciousness is imbibed with electrical energy and sudden revelations when he conjoins Uranus on 5/5. Whatever we’re not ready to receive from within will come to us from other people or situations. And surprises do not have to be negative, but they will wake us up. As a point of evolution, the Sun-Soul Star new cycle on 5/13 focuses us on what we need to know now as we move into the future.


On 5/16 the Sun and Moon form a bridge that is the Full Moon in Scorpio. Because the Moon’s nodes are so close to the Sun and Moon, (the karmic Earth Star Chakra conjoins the Moon) this is a total lunar eclipse. This sideways elevator can help us clear old emotional reactions to what is occurring now, giving us space to formulate  new responses that will shift our interactions towards a positive direction. Venus and Pluto have domain over this lunation, echoing the theme of changing values and seeing Love with new eyes. Saturn in Aquarius intersects the Sun-Moon nodal bridge, allowing us a path to use to follow our inner guru’s guidance for decisions that benefit everyone.


May 19 is a big day as the Sun manifests with Pluto, forms a great eliminator (Inconjunct) with Haumea, and merges with Sedna, integrating a little more of Sedna’s very high frequencies. On 5/20 the Sun enters Gemini, and the focus of our life force and consciousness becomes one of being aware of our thoughts and what motivates them, and speaking our truth with presence.

We focus on the mind as the servant, not the master.


Two other planets change signs: Ceres ingresses Cancer (5/15) and Vesta enters Pisces (5/24). All month Mars is moving through Pisces, and on 5/18 he conjoins Neptune in a new cycle of putting faith in action. If we can ‘act in good faith’ despite any momentary confusion, we will be applying much needed spiritual wisdom in the world. Mars, too, changes signs, entering his home sign of Aries on 5/24.


April’s two New Moons reset the pattern, and now they occur at the end of the month, instead of at the beginning. The New Moon in Gemini on May 30 brings the wormhole to a close, and the energies settle down somewhat. Chariklo (representing balance, stability and safety) and Salacia (feminine expression of Neptune, bringing flow and lightness) connect with this lunar event, helping us to stay centered and calm in the midst of much mental activity. Communication and connection should be easier now as well.


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