November 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

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November is the 11th month, and 11 is a karmic number of mastery representing the higher octave of 2. As a higher vibrating energy it raises consciousness by taking polarities and revealing the connection (bridge) between them. It signifies mastery over the lower self, intuition, visionary consciousness, enlightenment and higher manifestation.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the 11th hour on the Cosmic Clock. Beginning at the Portal of Knowledge, it is where we take all we have learned since the beginning of the year and apply it to areas where we are still out of integrity with our highest Truth. Jupiter disposes the Sagittarius hour, and all month we tap into and apply wisdom and expanded consciousness to clearing the obstacles to our connection with our Higher Self. We must be fearless and scrupulously honest with our Selves, as we bravely face those obstacles presented by our lower selves in preparation for the new cycles to come.

Energies of November

November continues the shifting of energies towards 2021. Between 11/1, when the veils between dimensions are at their thinnest, and culminating with 11/11 stargate, Light codes are downloaded and activated that will awaken those ready for it, raising the frequencies of consciousness for the collective. Mercury, Mars and Neptune end their retrogrades, and Varuna begins his. Both Ceres and Mercury enter the signs they retrograded in, on their way to reclaiming their shadows (Mercury on 11/19, and Ceres on 1/3/21), and the Sun and Venus also change signs. Although they do not meet, at some point both Venus and Mercury enter the Scorpio field of consciousness, where the New Moon opens a new wormhole.  The month ends with the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse.
Scorpio energies dominate November. Scorpio demands honesty and clarity of vision, revealing our Light and our shadow through what we manifest. Many are uncomfortable with Scorpio’s intensity and its relentless quest to effect transformation. Shadows must be made conscious and loved into Light; Scorpio energies provide the opportunity to bring Love’s alchemical power to bear through the mechanism of physical Love, where it is stepped down to 3D. Thus empowered, we consciously envision the world we want to create, and as we surrender to that vision we watch it manifest into being.
Pluto, the gatekeeper to the higher dimensions, is the dispositor of Scorpio. Pluto destroys what isn’t willfully surrendered. Whenever Pluto is involved, the effects are felt globally. Pluto is the great Resurrector, delivering us to the moment of transition where we change from one state to another. When we choose not to fear this transformation, we gain empowerment and wisdom. Right before our eyes the old is dying, and we are part of the rebirthing. Pluto’s energies reveal where our power is, how we use or misuse it or where we give it away. We know that relationships mirror what is within us. We need to realize that even those who oppose us give us the gift of showing that part of our Selves to us.
At the beginning of the month Mercury, Haumea, Astraea, the Sun and Juno are all in the via combusta, the “fiery road” between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio, where the energies are intense and combustible. It is no accident that the US election always takes place with the Sun (our consciousness) in the via combusta. This year in particular, at the beginning of the US Pluto return, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been; everyone’s awareness is consumed by the election.
Right after Election Day Juno moves out of this field, followed by the Sun (11/6), Astraea (11/18) and Mercury (11/22). We will probably not know the outcome of the election right away, but we will feel the easing of the severity of the energies as we await the results. This release of tension may spark unprecedented actions, as walking the fiery road burns away what no longer serves us collectively. We are undergoing a resurrection, pure and simple. The best place to be this month is on our favorite Lightbridge, heart wide open, trusting that whatever occurs is for the highest good of all.

The Personal Planets

The 4 lower body planets affect us deeply, reflecting the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components of our being. Each one has its part to play in the cosmic dance depending on the connections it makes.
The SUN: The Sun’s transits bring consciousness to the energies of the planets he interacts with. The 11/7 Sun Mars great eliminator (inconjunct) delivers us to an awareness of our bodies, our environment, and our actions—but we have to choose to see it. The Sun Juno new cycle on 11/8 calls attention to the interrelatedness of all our relationships-- to our Selves, each other; everything. When the Sun manifests with Neptune on 11/9, clarity and enlightenment are available to help us cut through the confusion of the past few months.
The Scorpio New Moon at 23 Scorpio bisects the month on 11/15, opening a new wormhole and preparing us for the eclipse season to come. From this point until the Capricorn New Moon on 1/13/21, the energies will be wonky as time/space bends, taking us to the future in no time. Eris forms a resource (sextile) with the dharmic Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) and they each make great eliminators pointing in a Finger of God (yod) to the Sun Moon new cycle. This intense lunar event provides the choice to proceed on our evolutionary path through the unearthing more discordant energy that will deliver us to the Truth of who we are deep within.
Disposed by Pluto, the New Moon thrives with (resources) the Pluto Jupiter Pallas triple conjunction (!) as well as with Chariklo and Saturn. Strength, wisdom, power, integrity and stability are all available to us. As uncomfortable as things can get, we also have the assistance of Venus and Arcturus in intimate aspect to the New Moon, bridging Eris and making stepping stones to the Capricorn stellium (grouping of planets). When we let our hearts lead, we can find our way through the chaos to where we need to be.
As the Sun travels through Scorpio he makes a resourceful connection with Chariklo (11/17) and Saturn (11/19), and a bridge with Sedna (11/19). Sun in Scorpio takes us deep into our core and our shadows, bringing them up for clearing. Whatever shadows remain are the deepest karmic residues of the lower self. Each year, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to clear a little more and to use the wisdom thus gained to support us in the next cycle.
The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/21, bringing a change to our consciousness, a lightening of energies. Two transits to make note of are the Grand Fire Manifestation of the Sun, Chiron and Varuna on 11/27 and the Finger of God (FoG) formed by the Sun MakeMake resource, with both planets making great eliminators to Uranus (11/29). Both transits are part of the 11/30 Lunar Eclipse. We are learning to master and align our Selves through the lens of a cosmic perspective, and as we gain access to the universal laws, we eliminate barriers to awakening to our True nature.
The 3rd and last Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs at 8 Gemini on the last day of November. A lunar eclipse is an internalized shift, a reboot of emotional consciousness that calls for a new kind of response to whatever happens. This eclipse occurs along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of mental and physical wisdom. We gather information through the Diamond Mind, and use it to glean wisdom and discernment. Mercury and Jupiter dispose this lunar event, expanding our thinking and communicative abilities, calling forth a new emotional response, especially in the social sphere. Eclipses are  sideways elevators and they can appear at any time, offering us a ride to a part of our Selves we’ve never had access to before.
As mentioned before, the grand fire trine and FoG are a huge part of this eclipse, along with the Moon manifesting with MakeMake, and in stepping stone with Ceres. A new response motivated by mind heart balance can lift us up to a new way of being. The Moon and Venus also make a great eliminator, indicating that Love is always a choice even in highly emotional times like these. A real shift is beginning to manifest.
MERCURY:This month Mercury connects with Saturn not once, but 3 times! The Great Messenger’s 2nd square to Saturn is the last aspect he makes before he goes direct on 11/3. On 11/6 the 3rd Mercury Saturn stepping stone is complete; we have dealt with the issue of keeping our thoughts positive, especially in the social realm, and communicating with integrity; now we use those lessons to rise above the polarity and chaos, claiming our authority and letting our inner guru guide us. The 11/8 Mercury Haumea new cycle reminds us to think about unity in a new way, as each person contributes their unique energy and creativity to the whole.
On 11/10 Mercury enters Scorpio, where we lift the focus of the mind from the mirrored self to our higher Self, and where we create the world we envision with every thought, word and deed. The Mercury Ceres manifestation makes that world more tangible. The Great Messenger bridges Uranus on 11/17, spreading the news about the new awakenings made available. Our mental operating systems begin a new cycle of thinking and communication as Mercury leaves his shadow at 12 Scorpio on 11/19.
As Mercury travels through Scorpio our thoughts go deep, and we see the power we have to effect change by the way we talk to our Selves. Our thoughts should quiet down as Mercury leaves the via combusta 11/22. Mercury’s new cycles with Astraea (11/23) and Juno (11/27) deliver us to new ways to express the regality and power of divine feminine in our lives.  There might be news about an important female figure. Mercury thrives in a resourceful way with Pluto, Jupiter, Chariklo, Pallas, and Saturn from 11/27 to 11/30. Our words have potency, wisdom, stability and authority; we must choose them wisely.
VENUS: The archetype of the emotional body travels through her classical sign of Libra for 3 weeks this month. We can see what’s in our hearts through its reflection in others. The 11/2 Venus MakeMake new cycle reminds us that Love is the primary universal law upon which all other laws are founded.
Venus enters the via combusta on 11/9, the same day as her bridge with retrograde Mars. The co-dispositors of the divine feminine come together as emotions become intensified. Now is the time to use this bridge to elevate above emotion, and with Sirius providing and off-ramp (intersection), we can center our hearts and find breathing space for right action. Venus makes steppingstones with Pluto (11/15), Jupiter and Pallas (11/16), a bridge with Eris (11/16), and stepping stones with Chariklo (11/17) and Saturn (11/19). These transits follow those made by Mercury earlier. First the mind makes these connections, which then go deeper into the heart. The Venus Haumea new cycle (11/19) takes the creative ideas of unity and brings them to the emotional level where they take root.
Venus enters Scorpio on the same day the Sun enters Sagittarius—11/21.  Venus’ journey through Scorpio represents an elevation and transmutation of the heart, although in Scorpio she feels like a stranger, ill at ease with all the intensity. Once again Venus makes the same aspects as Mercury, but gets 14° away before the archetype of the mind moves on. Among the connections Venus makes, the 11/27 bridge with Uranus stands out as a good place to get situated, where we can feel the transformative power of the awakening heart and bring Love to the new world we envision.
MARS: Mars’ retrograde has taken place entirely in his own sign of Aries, where he has been since the end of June. Because Mars deals with everything on the physical plane, including the energies (actions) that act upon it, we feel it on a personal, tangible level. In a manner similar to Eris, with whom he is communing and who moves back and forth over a couple of degrees each year, this month Mars travels only between 15°14’ and 17°05’, about 2 degrees.
Since the beginning of his retrograde, we have been on the Initiation phase of the Hero’s Journey of Self-discovery. We learned to use the power of our capacity to direct our thoughts towards positivity and right action. Our initiation was and is to accept what unfolds with an open heart and let it happen, acting only with the combined wisdom of mind, heart and body. Mars makes a great eliminator with the Sun (11/7) and a bridge with Venus (11/9) before his direct station ends this phase of the journey.
On 11/13 Mars’ retrograde ends at 15 Aries, marking the beginning of the Return phase of the Hero’s Journey. Where the retrograde took us inward, direct motion takes us once again to an outward expression. When Mars leaves his shadow on 1/2/21, the journey will be complete. Until then, as we return to where it started, we will be retracing our steps, armed with the wisdom and experience gleaned from our inward travels. The 11/22 Mercury Mars great eliminator underscores the need to choose our thoughts, words and deeds carefully. Now is the time to express our bold spirits through the divine spark of creativity, in service of protecting and caring for our bodies, environment and our world.

Important Events

On 11/4, Varuna shifts direction and, travels retrograde towards Source at 5 Leo, manifesting (trine) with Chiron. In order to align and master ourselves we need to be able to see the larger picture, the broader perspective. For 5 months we have the opportunity to focus our 3rd eye inward and consider all we are grateful for in the bigger scheme of things.
Ceres went direct in Aquarius last month, and enters Pisces again 11/9. Ceres represents the nurturing that helps us get through transitions to deliver us to a new world from the ashes of the old. We’re in transition now, between the old and new worlds. Pisces has the capacity to bring up fears associated with unlimited possibilities. New life presents unlimited possibilities, and with it can come fear of the future. Ceres assists us in bravely facing those fears as we collectively write the new chapter of our country and our lives.
Every time Jupiter and Pluto come together the effects are pervasive and far-reaching. Their 1st conjunction on 4/4 introduced the theme of total transmutation of social interaction due to Covid-19. The 2nd communion on 6/30 reviewed those interactions and how they changed once quarantine restrictions were relaxed. Both Jupiter and Pluto were retrograde then, taking us deeper into the theme of social empowerment, the power of social media, and the importance of collective social action as we bear witness to the abuse of power on so many levels.
The 3rd and final Jupiter Pluto new cycle includes an added guest: Pallas Athena, the asteroid holding the energies of divine feminine wisdom. Pallas has been traveling back and forth over the Capricorn stellium all year. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, and Pluto destroys what impedes the evolution of every soul on the planet. It seems fitting that the detachment and wisdom of allowing things to be as they are, are a necessary part of the social transformation we are undergoing. This triple new cycle promises to manifest a new social order as America’s Pluto return gets under way.  The 11/23 Pallas Chariklo new cycle brings a measure of steadiness to the Jupiter Pluto communion with its protective, stabilizing energies.
Neptune has the capacity to lift veils and enlighten, allowing us to clearly see through the fog of illusion, distortion and deception currently surrounding us. Collectively we are all dreaming the same dream. Neptune went retrograde in June and gave us the opportunity to go within and access the deep unconscious places where we cling to our illusions.
Neptune goes direct on 11/28 at 18 Pisces, manifesting with Astraea and forming an intersection between the Soul and Earth Star chakras (N. and S. nodes). In Cosmic Consciousness, direct motion means outward expression. With all the awakening we’ve had so far and has yet to come, many are becoming more attuned to the Truth, and with the higher perspective provided, things are becoming clearer day by day. Watch for more clarity in interactions, more compassion and a greater willingness to work together.
On 10/22 Vesta, signifying devotion, passion, and dedication entered Virgo, the energy field of purity, alignment and the divine feminine Christ Consciousness. On 11/29 she conjoins Orcus for the 1st of 3 communions, promising the beginning of a new dedication to remembering the radiant Cosmic Self that lives in the invisible realm and in each of us, reminding us of our Oneness with All.

Black Moon

Last month Black Moon danced with Mars, Eris and Uranus, awakening us to the mechanisms behind many of the actions taken in the world. In November, Black Moon refrains from meeting Eris, but communes with Uranus twice, as she dances between 24 Aries and 23 Taurus all month. Eris’ job is to reveal Truth while helping us keep emotional balance. She first came together with Uranus in late May/early June, and is now communing with the Great Awakener in earnest; this will continue for the next 6 months. Each time they meet a little more of the deepest most hidden truths of our awakening process is revealed.
The 5th Black Moon Uranus communion occurs on 11/2, along with a bridge to Astraea and one to the Sun 11/3. What new awakening will be revealed on Election Day? On 11/6 Black Moon manifests with the triple conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto, before going retrograde on 11/8 in Taurus. On 11/9 she repeats the connection with the Capricorn trio. Black Moon meets Uranus for their 6th communion on 11/16, and backs into Aries 11/19, where she squares Saturn (11/20), Chariklo and Pallas (11/21); integrity, stability and wisdom are available from what she unveils. Black Moon refrains from conjoining Eris when she goes direct on 11/22, squaring Jupiter. This is important in terms of social interactions. Repeating the connections to Chariklo, Pallas and Saturn, she makes her way into Taurus again on 11/27, where she communes with Uranus once more on 12/1. It’s another busy month of revelations from Black Moon.
As the year winds down, the energies of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto become even more pervasive, reaching a crescendo with the Jupiter Pluto new cycle and the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn. We are in a wormhole and eclipse passage, and those energies can take us anywhere at any time. We must be fearless. As I write this, the Covid-19 pandemic is in its 2nd wave, fear and high emotions are rampant, and a US election that can only be described as historic is underway. We have learned so much from the Hero’s Journey: to travel lightly, with mind, heart and hands open, constantly clearing our Selves of the negative energies flying around, moving ever forward with pure hearts and intentions, despite any apparent setbacks. Even if we get our desired result, much compassionate loving energy will be needed to heal the wounds unveiled by the dissolution of the unsustainable systems of unequal power. This is why we’re here.
The election may or may not be decided on Election Day. No matter what, the practice this month, especially now, is to be aware, as much as possible, of how we make our choices, knowing that energy moves more rapidly than anything we can consciously fathom. Our choices, big or small, conscious or not, shift the vibration of our experience. If we remember that all we think and do will shape existence as we know it, we can deliberately direct the energetic motion of our lives. The many choices we make from moment to moment, however inconsequential they may seem, represent our personal power. Simply being aware of our thoughts, intentions and choices empowers us to keep our vibration high. We are powerful manifestars. We are needed. Where we cannot create Love, let us create peace.
“Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future. In other words, if we’re going to be more cheerful in the future, it’s because of our aspiration and exertion to be cheerful in the present. What we do accumulates; the future is the result of what we do right now.” ~~ Pema Chödrön
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