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October, the 10th month of the year, is one of alchemy and transformation.  The number 10 is the vibration of God Consciousness. The ‘1’ is the beginning, the creator energy, and ‘0’ is the whole, the unified field. We are each a seed of the Divine’s longing to know ItSelf. Our task is to call on Source as a resource to keep our hearts open and pure. This inner Light transforms, en-Lightens and frees us to become conduits for Source to act through us. We become aware of our interdependence and connection to one another. Through the mechanism of Love we raise our frequencies, and alchemy begins. Thus we are able to co-create from a pure mind/heart space for the highest benefit for all, reclaiming our power as physical expressions of Source, which is pure Love.
In Cosmic Consciousness, the 10 o’clock hour is represented by Scorpio, the sign of Physical Love, where we bring our focus to our higher consciousness and visualize our world from there. In order to manifest what we want to create it is important to take responsibility for what we envision from our deepest heart’s desire and allow it its full expression, knowing full well that we have no idea how it will manifest. It is time to accept the fact that we are co-creators of the world we live in.
As co-creators, we must go deep within and embrace our shadows, the parts of our Selves we’d rather not look at. Because we are in duality at the physical level, where there is Light, there is also darkness, which we must face with compassion and without judgment. What we resist persists. The chaos in the world reflects the chaos within; if we can remain neutral, calm and objective, the chaotic energy can be diffused. This is no small order; we are on the Hero’s Journey to the center of our Selves.

October Energies

October marks the beginning of the shift towards the energies of 2021.
With the Sun in Libra for most of the month, and Mars retrograding through Aries, the Grand Power Intersection with Capricorn is majorly activated in this month. Mercury begins his retrograde and travels between Scorpio and Libra. And this month there are 3 lunar events, including 2 Full Moons, the first with the Sun in Libra and the 2nd with the Sun in Scorpio.
The Libra-Scorpio theme runs through October, underscored by Mercury retrograding between the 2 signs, and Astraea’s (10/18) and the Sun’s (10/22) entry into Scorpio. Libra’s energies teach that we are separate only in the physical 3D world, and it’s all an illusion. The power of the physical rests in the realization that beyond the physical we are really One Spirit and everything else is a projection of the mind. The next step is to envision a new world that reflects the Truth of this unity consciousness. Where Libra seeks balance between polarities (dark/Light, masculine/ feminine, inner/outer, self/other, etc.) Scorpio seeks to purify and transmute them into something new. When something has finished its purpose, it dissolves, falls apart, or gets removed in preparation for resurrection at a higher frequency. There is no death, only transformation.
Scorpio is a metaphysical sign, and has the capacity to take us deeply within. Scorpio energies provide the vision necessary to see beyond the physical, to get inside one’s soul and see what’s there, bringing up any shadows to be cleared in the light of Love. This is essential now. When we face our shadows they have no hold on us.
The via combusta, called the “fiery road,” is a portion of our consciousness that runs from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio. It is considered to be an intense and challenging passage, yet it can help shape us into our greatest Self through greater awareness. Spica and Arcturus, two of the most benevolent fixed stars, are found here, as well as the feminine creator energies of Haumea; they diffuse some of the intensity. Astraea, Mercury and Juno spend the entire month in this passage, with the Sun joining in on 10/7.

The Personal Planets

The Sun: Full and New Moons are important since they involve the Sun and Moon, the generators of our consciousness and co-dispositors of our spiritual body. That the 1st day of October begins with a Full Moon is but one indication of how powerful this month is. This Full Moon takes place in Aries, which speaks to the power of the higher Mind, where we awaken to the light of Spirit and move into the next dimension of consciousness. When we realize that with every relationship we are only meeting our Selves, we begin to awaken to our higher consciousness.
The Sun MakeMake new cycle in Libra bridges the Moon, Salacia and Chiron in Aries, making this a powerful lunation. Self-realization, wholing, and the awareness of the play of opposites as part of the cosmic order are available to us, calling for a measured emotional response. This is especially true as Uranus makes a great eliminator with the Sun and an intimate (semisextile) aspect with the Moon; we always have a choice where to put our attention.
Mars and Sedna dispose the Moon and Sun. Mars bridges Arcturus, squares Chariklo and is about to conjoin Eris (exact on 10/4), while Sedna intersects the Lightbridge between Venus in Leo and Ceres in Aquarius. New discoveries or realizations about our physicality can shake things up, as newness often does, but also provide a means for stability and calm. Ceres rising on the ascendant signifies a new world beginning out of the ashes, based in Love, in the presence of the Divine Feminine.
The Sun in Libra makes stepping stones with planets in Capricorn and bridges with those in Aries, all of which are potent interactions. The Sun’s stepping stones with Pallas (10/7) and Jupiter (10/11), bridge with Mars (10/14), and stepping stone with Pluto (10/15) serve to focus our attention on the expansive social transformation we are undergoing.
The 10/16 Libra New Moon delivers us to a new beginning of the highest realization that I AM You and You Are Me. If we take this realization to heart we can navigate through the toxic energies put out by the dying patriarchy. At 24 Libra the Sun and Moon conjoin with Arcturus, Haumea and Astraea and bridge Mars, Eris and the Black Moon. Intersecting this Lightbridge are Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn. There is so much Divine Feminine energy here, and opportunities for right action arising from the unwillingness to put up with injustice, abuses of power and unsustainable situations. We are discovering the deep wells of strength and courage that come from the desire to protect and nurture those who suffer the most. We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for. When one is mistreated we all suffer.
Sedna, at 28 Taurus, disposes the New Moon. She is the point of a Finger of God (yod) formed by Astraea in Libra and Ixion in Sagittarius thriving (sextile) together. We know why we are here. The Ceres Sedna stepping stone allows us to rise above swirling emotions and feel the presence of the new world as it comes into view.
The Sun forms new cycles with Arcturus (10/17) and Haumea (10/20) and a stepping stone with Saturn (10/18) bringing courage, open-heartedness, awareness, integrity and ingenuity to our experiences. Then the Sun enters Scorpio on 10/22, where he meets Astraea (10/26) in a new cycle of consciously connecting with the divine feminine within.
On 10/31 a rare 2nd Full Moon occurs, this time in Taurus, sometimes called a Blue Moon. Although Blue Moons happen every 2 years, this one is even more rare because it occurs on Halloween—and that only happens every 19 years. And while time zones differ around the world, this particular Halloween Full Moon appears for everyone in all time zones on 10/31, not a day before or after—and that hasn’t happened since 1944! A pretty unique Full Moon indeed.
Once again, it’s another powerful lunar event, with the Scorpio Sun conjoining Astraea and bridging the exact occultation (conjunction) of the Moon and Uranus. We are conscious of the power of the divine feminine and our emotions have been awakened. Retrograde Mercury in Libra sits in the via combusta between Arcturus and Haumea, squaring Saturn, bringing integrity to what he has to say.
The Moon thrives in Taurus. By consciously connecting with our inner guidance and letting it lead without attachment to the results, we allow Source (Love) to take over. Then things become effortless, and alchemy (transmutation) is possible. This Full Moon reminds us to ground our Selves, focus, and obey that inner guidance. With the 10/31 Sun Uranus bridge, anything is possible.
Mercury: The Great Messenger entered his retrograde shadow on 9/23 and is traveling very slowly in Scorpio. On 10/7 Mercury bridges Uranus and on 10/12 he forms a thriving aspect with Venus, prior to stationing retrograde on 10/13. It seems that every time our minds get ahead of our consciousness that’s when Mercury goes retrograde. Our restless minds get a chance to slow down for reflection and recalibration, bringing our awareness (Sun) to the forefront before thinking about the experience or situation. With so much fear, anger and stress flying around, this is the perfect time for a retrograde cycle, which takes our minds towards Source.
Now moving backwards, Mercury retraces his steps with a Juno conjunction (#2) and another bridge with Uranus on 10/19. Together they shake us loose from old ways of thinking. On 10/25 Mercury and Astraea conjoin for the 2nd time, and the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction, the midpoint of the retrograde cycle, occurs. Our minds shift energetically as Mercury reenters Libra 10/27, where he communes with Haumea (#2) on 10/30, and our mental operating systems get another dose of creativity that can bring forth something new.
Venus: The archetype representing the heart, emotions and what we value starts the month in Leo manifesting with Ixion (10/1) and in a stepping stone with Sedna, the eternal record keeper, injecting Love into our purpose for being here. On 10/2 Venus enters Virgo, shifting our emotional energies in a way that yields mastery over our emotions, something that is sorely needed now. In order to navigate through this intense period we must keep our emotions in check, observing and feeling them, expressing them in a calm, loving, compassionate way as much as possible, without closing our hearts. When shadows come to Light, it is for healing and transformation. This is the Hero’s Journey of the heart, the master path of aligning the heart with mind, body and spirit.
Over the course of the month Venus makes many aspects. She manifests with Uranus (10/10), and all the Capricorn planets, and she makes great eliminators with the Aries planets. On 10/13 the Venus Orcus new cycle occurs, reminding us that Love is the one constant, eternal and imperishable. The Venus Neptune bridge (10/18) makes higher Love accessible.
On 10/19 Mars squares Jupiter, then the co-dispositors of the divine feminine, Venus and Mars, connect in a great eliminator, and Venus manifests with Jupiter. Emotions can be excessive, resulting in rash actions, or social interactions can be eased with conscious, heart-directed action—the choice is ours. From here on in (10/21-10/26) Venus manifests with Pluto, Chariklo, Saturn and Sedna, and forms a great eliminator with Eris (10/22). In the middle of discord, we can always choose Love.
Finished with her initiation, Venus enters Libra on 10/27, a sign she once disposed before Sedna was discovered; she has affinity here. Not coincidently Mercury retrogrades back into Libra on the same day. Although they don’t meet, mind and heart resonate in the sign of the Mirrored Self.
Mars: During the entire month Mars travels only 9° through Aries—but he makes so many vital connections! We are still in the Initiation phase of the Hero’s Journey, going deep, being challenged to connect with the Higher Self over lower impulses. This journey requires us to go within and choose Love over reacting from a place of fear; repeatedly, with every thought, bringing Love into our higher mind and finally into the heart. Covid-19 is still rampant and fear is everywhere. Our actions matter, even if it’s just to nod and smile to a stranger through a mask. Self-care is essential.
Black Moon communes with Mars, not once, but 3 times this month—the 1st on 10/1--another indicator of how intense and unusual this October is. Much will be uncovered regarding our physicality, and it can be anything from the Truth about the coronavirus, a vaccine, the climate, actions that affect others, the planet, etc. In the space of a week Mars squares Chariklo (10/2), conjoins Eris and bridges Arcturus (10/4), and squares Pluto (10/9), all for the 2nd time. Actions produced here now will become manifest at the end of the year when Mars makes these connections again.
On 10/13 The Sun Mars bridge occurs, at just about the midpoint of Mars’ retrograde cycle. It’s a good place to observe how far we’ve come and how well we’ve used our mental power to express the Light that we are. Mars goes on to square Jupiter (10/19), conjoin Black Moon (10/20), square Pallas (10/24) and commune with Black Moon again on 10/26. We will need the wisdom and expanded consciousness that become available to enhance the conscious discipline of staying positive and acting from a higher perspective.

Black Moon

The Great Unveiler is very active this month, and all her communions are with both Eris and Uranus, the Great Awakeners, and Mars. All the Truth she has revealed, along with Uranus, is fostering shake-ups, awakenings and realizations on a mass scale, and Mars delivers it on a physical level. And she doesn’t waste a moment; on 10/1 Black Moon communes with Eris (#13) and Mars (#6) first thing in the morning. While she is in Aries the Great Unveiler squares Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn in Capricorn, activating their energies as well. Look for more social upheaval, transmutation and restructuring. Let it be as it is.
Lilith enters Taurus on 10/3 and stays just long enough for a rendezvous with Uranus (#3) on 10/7 before going retrograde on 10/9 and returning for another Uranus communion on 10/11. Over those 4 days there will be so much to see that we didn’t know was there. Black Moon backs into Aries (10/15) and communes with Eris (10/18) and Mars (10/20) once again before going direct on 10/23. Her 3rd communions with Mars (#8) and Eris (#15) this month take place on 10/26 and 10/28 respectively, before she heads into Taurus again on 10/31.
Whenever Black Moon conjoins with a planet she reveals a little more Truth that the planet’s energies express. It seems in October she is really driving the lessons home.

Planetary Stations

Chariklo and Pluto have been traveling within 5° of each other since 2018 and will continue for another year at least. Their retrograde cycles tend to occur within days of each other. They began their current retrogrades a week apart, and this month they both go direct within a day of each other.
Chariklo ends her retrograde on 10/3 at 25 Capricorn, forming stepping stones with Mars, Eris and Arcturus while Pluto is stationing. These are formidable energies, and Chariklo’s direct motion, occurring between Pluto and Saturn, signifies a steadying, grounding influence of grace and protection that will help us keep our balance between the destruction of the old and the structuring of the new.
Pluto, powerfully unmoving since 9/27, goes direct on 10/4, just hours after Mars and Eris’ 2nd communion, squaring both. For the last 5 months we grappled with the issue of our will vs. Divine Will. Pluto’s direct motion gives us the opportunity to apply our realizations regarding our relationship to power: within ourselves, in relation to others, and to our connection to Source. At this station, the Great Rebirther makes a stepping stone with Astraea and a great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node). The Divine Feminine is a huge part of the evolution that must occur. Everything Pluto has set up will come to Light; it is Divine Will.
Ceres represents the nurturing that helps us get through transitions to deliver us to a new world from the ashes of the old. We’re in transition now between the old and new worlds. Ceres retrograded through Pisces reminding us to have faith and trust that this too will eventually pass, though not knowing when or how. Now in Aquarius, Ceres goes direct on 10/19, signifying that any barriers to loving our Selves unconditionally must be removed, for Self Love gives us the strength to continue on through these murky waters; it helps bring Love and Light to the unlimited possibilities for rebirth that await.
It seems like there is much darkness in the world right now. As more Truth comes out, even more awareness raises the vibrations, while those who need things to stay the same stubbornly cling to illusions and falsehoods.  The pandemic continues, with cases rising again. Everything is shifting. The Great Awakeners, Eris and Uranus, are so active now, and with each realization they illuminate the darkness to Light our way. But then the darkness seems to descend again.
The Hero’s Journey requires the effort and discipline to find the Light within, the divine spark that doesn’t go out; and shine it as much and as brightly as we can. Where there is Light there is also darkness, but where there is darkness, there is also Light. The Light blinds those in the dark too long and so they fear it. We are Light workers and also co-creators. Our job is to create enough Light to tip the balance from fear and despair to trust and unity.
Whenever we encounter a new thought, realization or event, it is the result of something that was previously envisioned. Every new thought, realization or event brings a transformation: an ending, and at the same time, a new beginning as we transition from one state of being to another. The “death” we fear is attachment to what no longer exists, or is passing away. Non-attachment frees us to welcome the next moment, which provides the potential for anything to manifest depending on where we put our focus.
When we put Love into our vision, the results can’t help but be magical.
Being desirable means being comfortable with your own ambiguity. The most ambiguous reality is that we are flesh and spirit at the same time. Within everyone there is light and shadow, good and evil, love and hate. In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being. A person who exhibits both positive and negative qualities, strengths and weaknesses is not flawed, but complete. ~~Rumi
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  1. Dear Shelley, thank you for this beautiful inspiration. I find it adds tremendous depth to the ubiquitous ‘nobody’s perfect’ when you say ‘we are not flawed, but complete’, Thank you for that. Namaste.

  2. Thank you Shelly for this incredibly supportive,loving, comforting report. Truly you have provided a depth of profound guidance. I don’t even have words,just my heart knows. Deeply grateful

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