So what do we have to look forward to in the month of hearts and roses? February is indeed moving us into new territory and it begins as we enter the month on New Moon energy that kicked in on Jan 30th along with Venus now out of Retrograde and moving forward as of Jan 31st. So opening gambit coming into the month is about our opportunities to reinvent ourselves, break out of ruts, connect with friends, groups, online, or around causes, and to move our goals about love, income or with women forward again.

February is also going to give us a shot at reworking a few things from the past and the first ‘event’ arrives on the 6th with Mercury Retrograding in Pisces. Mercury will begin taking us back over old issues, opportunities, relationships, and situations revolving around Karma, hospitals, healing, addictions, romance, art, film, music, spiritual pursuits, research, dreams, investigations, or the imagination. It is your do-over, a chance to tie up loose ends, give it another go in talks or meetings, tackle the rewrite, pitch it again, rework the sale, renegotiate terms of an agreement, or in any other way revise, rework, reclaim, or release in these areas. Mercury gives you this change between the 6th and 12th. This short period is all about tuning into your intuition on these matters and trusting what you are feeling. It may be the perfect time to pick back up on that old inspired work and give it another go round.

On the 12th Mercury continues his Retrograde by exiting Pisces and backing into Aquarius. All the sudden you come out of the emotional focus on artistry, spirituality, romance, hospitals, research, or intuition and you begin aiming your ideas, decisions, writing, meetings, agreements, sales, and talks at friends, aspirations, the internet, groups, astrology, charities, causes, freedom, inventions, and change. The rest of the month will take you down this road to reconnect with the past, see if there is anything worth pursuing, healing or revising, and giving you your do-over here.

As with all Mercury Retrogrades, it’s important to try to keep agreements focused in past arenas and hold off on new directions until the energy is going direct if you can without hurting your potential. It is always a good idea to double check facts and figures tied to the abovementioned themes, to wait on purchasing new electronic or mechanical items associated with the energy field Mercury is traversing, and to make certain that people are really understanding what it is you are saying or asking for, and vice versa.

The FULL MOON arrives on the 14th bringing a climactic ending or a peak celebration or achievement around love, children, creative projects, or recreational interests. This is when things come through, wrap up or hit their stride. The associated energy with this Moon is positive today and helps you through the actions of a partner, attorney, client, specialist, agent, or other key relationship. This by far has to be one of the more lovely Valentine’s Days I’ve seen in years. For those of you in love there should be all kinds of sparkly buoyancy to the day. For those of you exiting love, the disconnect is so very good for you, even if you don’t feel it yet, I feel like with this combination you are being promised something quite beautiful up ahead, and for those of you who are single, I would (A) find some fun-filled ways to celebrate the love you have in your heart and all around you in other ways today, and (B) set some intentions today about what you would like to bring into your life via love with some fun ways you could start getting yourself out there.

A very important shift in the month arrives on the 18th. Back in August of 2012, the North Node of Destiny entered the sign of Scorpio while the Karmic South Node moved into the sign of Taurus. They had not been in these energy fields since their last go-round between February 1994-August 1995. So, from August 2012 through Feb 18th, 2014 we have all learned what Destiny and Karma had in store for us in these areas. So think back to the earlier time and everything you’ve gone through that seemed to have the hand of Fate in it. Think about Scorpio themes of death, birth, divorce, sexuality, control, secrets, purging, power, change, and third parties/triangles. What new awaited you here and where did Destiny call you forward? Think about the Taurus themes of money, possessions, purchases, sensuality, pleasure, and what you build. What was Karmically balanced here for you or how did past life situations find you through these themes? It can seem like everything is out of our hands in the areas where these Nodes travel but there is definitely a higher guidance at work.
So, you have successfully maneuvered your way through some very intense Karma and Destined matters in the Scorpio/Taurus axis and should take a moment to note what it has meant for you. It won’t hole up through these fields again until the period spanning February 2031-December 2032. So what awaits us in their new placement?!

On February 18th the North Node of Destiny enters the energy field of Libra while the Karmic South Node moves into Aries. This round will take you through Karma and Destined matters between now and November 2015. Before we get into what that will mean, stop and think back to the period between August 1995 and March 1997. What occurred for you then that had a defining role on who you were becoming or the relationships that affected you in some powerful way? This cycle starting now will bring the next round of Fated people across your path and help you to further define yourself. Destiny will call you towards new situations or Fated roads forward through partners, specialists, clients, agents, attorneys, competitors, balance, justice, equitable situations, and higher esthetics. You will do better when holding hands with these directions.

Karma or past life moments will call you in personal matters, your physical body, ego, identity, image, brand, title, name, or selfhood. Where you find yourself moving into this field is directly related to what you wish to balance on the Karmic scales and you will do better do work above board from these areas while remembering that going it alone during this phase will tend to draw you back into the past. It’s an important time to purge from yourself that which no longer serves and to redefine who you are based on your relationship to your past.
The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th illuminating the mystical side of who you are for the next 30 days and urging you to pour more personal and physical energy into rest, imagination, film, music, art, meditation, magic, yoga, intuition, healing, hospitals, research, dealing with addictions, or investigations. You will stand out more and should take the lead in what you need.

Jupiter and Uranus square on the 26th. This is the 2nd of 3, the first one back in August 2013, the 2nd today and the final square in April this year. What does this mean for you? Well, this is large background energy that is trying to radically change your perspective or position in life through great growth and expansive directions. You may have embarked on something big that could open things up for you back in August last year, it may have involved Jupiter themes of legal, travel, foreign, educational, media, or wedding plans and honed in on your home, real estate deals, family, moves, renovations, parent, or roommate. Uranus was urging you to shake things up, reinvent yourself, break out of stagnating situations, and make it different. Now at the second square you are wrapping up loose ends, reworking anything you still need to tend to and taking it a bit further. By the final square you should be on your way.

February 28th Mercury goes Direct so note the day may be a bit confusing or that there will be some decided reversals or declarations involving your aspirations, friends, groups, internet projects, astrology, charities, freedom, inventions, and the choices you are making. The good news is you are now ready to move ahead on these matters through ideas, meetings, talks, agreements, sales, writing, or offers. You have the green light after today to sign the papers, move into new friendships or group affiliations, start new internet projects, purchase the electronics or mechanicals, and say yes.
The Sun aligns with Jupiter today to help you behind the scenes on something big and favorable. You may be getting all imaginative or fantasy driven, acting, painting, filming, enjoying artistic outlets, meditating, into your yoga, getting treatment at a hospital, visiting or working there, investigating, researching, taking time out for a romantic getaway, or holing up for some down time. Home is favored in this as is anything involving real estate, family, moves, renovations, roommates, parents, or security needs.



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