September may be viewed as a pivotal month for getting your health back on track. The NEW MOON on the 5th will give you the momentum you need to start back to the gym or back on the diet, to hire the trainer or nutritionist, to see your doctor, or commit to going green or organic. Whatever you can organize that will help you stay on track, choose the 5th as you launch date and go for it. Unlike other times of the year, if you start now you have more potential for sticking with it and improving your health.

This NEW MOON is also your best 2 week window opening to get out there and procure work, to introduce new work ideas in your current job, to start projects with co-workers or get a new co-worker that has an impact on you, to hire people to help you on the job or in your daily life, or to sign paperwork that forwards your needs in some positive way. Let’s not forget our animals either, the Virgo New Moon on the 5th is an excellent time to do something involving your animals or some interest in animals you may have.

Relationships get a boost on the 9th when Mercury moves into Libra. You will have this communicative energy here from now through the 29th. This is a high period for meeting partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or any other key players. You can get talks underway, sign agreements, make sales, forward ideas, push writing or speaking roles, propose, get more involve locally or take some short trips, all with the help or contribution from these people. It may also be your best window to deal with competitors or opponents. Note, however, that you must make an adjustment over the weekend of the 14/15th.

There will be a secondary push regarding relationships that arrives on the 22nd when the Sun moves into Libra. This begins a 30 day cycle that will put you more personally and physically into partnerships, with agents, attorneys, specialists, as consultants, with clients, in competition, or other relational experiences. You may find that you are standing out in some way or that your identity or body is affected by one of these significant people. It won’t be the time to go it alone. This day also marks the Fall Equinox, so happy Fall everyone!

8th house matters will also begin to take on new emphasis in September. These are spread out over the month and relate to your financial situation, divorce, sex life, reproductive needs, or control issues. To this end you will want to hunker down on loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, investments, settlements, commissions, or other outside resources, or move on the other topics.

The 9th and 11th will be pivotal days regarding these subjects. The 9th is when you will find out if there are any serious limits, losses, endings, or some long term commitment, ambition, authority figure, or goal that requires some action or reaction. It will be likely that your love life, kids, creative endeavors, or recreational pursuits will be the catalyst. The 11th is when Venus moves into these areas of life and begins to smooth things out. Here she may bring a woman who benefits your sex life, divorce proceedings or financial status or she may help you attract love or personal income through what you do about these things. She will definitely help smooth out rough corners and ease the flow a bit during her stay here.

The 21st will bring an opportunity to light over these financial, sexual or divorce needs, it is a powerful door opening that means you may reach goals or further aims today. Reach out to power people that may help or push ambitions or career matters ahead. The more leadership you show, the better. Finally, on the 29th Mercury moves into this territory and we begin to see the agreements come through, proposals made, writing or sales moved into place, talks opening up, short trips and local activities kick things up a notch. Again, this means more communication and transportation around financial needs, sex or divorce.

I mentioned earlier that the weekend of the 14/15th may bring some adjustments in certain areas but there will also be a need to really get in there over hospitals, addictions, research, film, music, art, meditation, yoga, magic, dreams, affairs, investigations, or rest/retreat. Chiron is extremely strong over this weekend and he is playing out through one or more of these arenas so you will be feeling the wound or looking at healing, adjusting around key relationships and the love, kids, recreation, or creativity.

A rare configuration occurs on the 17th and may be felt as the energy builds to this date. The North Node of Destiny and Saturn are going to run into each other as they round the zodiac from different directions and embrace in the early degrees of Scorpio. It has taken the Destiny Node 18 years to get here and Saturn has taken 29 years so their meeting is important. It means that something is coming together for a very long time or ending in a final way that has Karma and the hand of Fate all over it. Look to the energies involved for more information: finances, sex, divorce, death, birth, goals, reputation, authorities, commitments, structures, limits, losses, ambitions, endings, and leadership, interwoven through a Destined way forward. Know that whatever is peaking this week is meant to be and that whatever you put in motion is in the flow with this serious moment in time.

This is an important weekend to face these matters and work through situations because the FULL MOON on the 19th brings a peak around one or more of them. This is a highly Karmic time of the year when your past deeds are rewarded or certain situations end depending on what you have done. There will again be celebrations, achievements, endings, and high points involving hospitals, addictions, research, film, music, art, meditation, yoga, magic, dreams, affairs, investigations, a time of retreat, or what you’ve had in development.

Pluto goes DIRECT on the 20th. You have had a break from the effects of his powerful upheavals and rebirthing processes since mid-April. You may have been trying to wrap up any loose ends tied to past situations or people and the loan, inheritance, divorce, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, settlement, investment, taxes, insurance, commissions, sexual attraction, reproductive need, death, or birth. Now the energy moves ahead taking us into new territory. It’s time to overhaul something new, to find power and attractions in new ways or with new people, to evolve our financial prospects, or rise from the ashes of a divorce into the next chapter, forward we go. Don’t forget the opportunity to take your first real step arrives today and tomorrow.



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