Full Moon
0° Aquarius
July 22, 2013
2:16pm EDT/ 11:16am PDT

The Full Speed Ahead Moon.

Perhaps the hardest belief to bring into life is that the past is actually over.

I think that nearly everyone reading this will have some experience with the concept of letting go. For the most part, it’s the kind of thing we try to do after something really hard has happened in our lives. Like, a relationship that we don’t want to end ends. A person or a pet passes away. Those sorts of things that bring us to a stop of some kind, a period of stasis. Our friends kind of look at us in a worried way for a while and then eventually they start talking about “letting go.” “If you love someone set them free….” Have you ever worked with that?

And the thing is, I think it’s fair to say that, especially in those situations of loss, we’re really working on letting go of an energy that is limited or contained within the name of a person or a pet or an event – we’re sort of working on putting up a block of some kind that stops a certain thing from coming forward in time to where we are.

But that person who we are at that moment is largely the same as the person we were at the moment the event happened. Still working with the same beliefs. The internal structure of personality with all its marvelous complexity remains intact.

And the truth is, what remains intact is what we are talking about when we talk about “grounding.” I love it when people talk about needing to “get grounded” or that kind of thing. We have those visualization exercises we do, sending the root down into the Earth.

Metaphysically, most concepts of the Earth can usually be reduced or deconstructed to the point where what is really meant has to do with karma. The Earth that we as souls are grounded into has a feeling or experiential component which is derived from bloodline and collective karma, essentially.

I mean, if you examine your emotional or psychic response to that last sentence, I think you’ll feel like you want to get grounded. Conceptually, that point of view sort of pops you out of that Earth.

There is another Earth.

There is a place we can come to where LIFE is. Tragic, comic, euphoric, agonistic, triumphant, seedy, glorious, foolish…. Life.

In this place, we are offered a series of snapshots of something so beautiful that weeping and laughter must coexist.

There is a perpetual and entire cleansing of all forms going on, such that between the smallest imaginable spans of time, every single thing has ended. Such that the entire structure of the universe is new in every moment.

And it’s easy to believe that. But what is it like to live that?

Well, it’s definitely not grounded, for one thing. Because to be grounded one must have a more or less permanent idea of self which is separate from the Earth into which we ground. I mean, how can you put your root into the Earth unless you are not the Earth?
The past is actually over, yes, and you are reborn. Which is great and fairly easy to do once in a while. And then we like to get grounded, between those rebirths. It’s so comforting to plug back into an awareness of the familiar. But….

The truth is what I am talking about here is hard – as in the way death metal is hard, as in the way the UFC is hard, in the way that drugs can be hard. Because everything can be let go of at once and over and over. Meaning, that person next to you is never actually there for you, nor you for them.

And yet to enter this space, one can’t come to it from any other sense but love. But it can’t be love that is seeking a reward, if you know what I mean. No treats for good behavior. That’s what is so hard. Even the idea of what is good is so impermanent that we can have no idea of heaven.

Because heaven implies something eternal, which is static, which is grounding, and familiar, and comfortable. Heaven is what we want it to be, and that requires a separation between concept and conceiver, if you get my drift.

But enough of that.

We’ve been living through this incredible time. Pluto and Uranus, Kali and Prometheus, are grinding away at our concepts of self, life, government, fairness, etc. Just in general shaking everything up so much that everything is in question and we (hopefully) decide to start it all over again.

We’re in the middle of that. Kind of right in the stretch between how we used to be and how we’re going to be. We meaning the human race.

The ground is getting further away, is one way to say it. Think about how strange the experience of time has gotten. What do you do with that?

You see, when you learn that “letting it go” has to do with letting go of your entire concept of self and other and life and death and morality and everything all at once and forever, and then again and again… well then you are actually able to participate in the experience of life. That’s all.

Everything that references the past in any way, including all concepts (because they exist in time) separates you from what is called the now.

But I’ll give you a concept that works with that: To be reborn, one must die.

Okay, so here’s the deal. At 2:15 PM US Eastern Time, the Moon is Full in the first degree of Aquarius – which means that the Sun at the moment is in the first degree of Leo. Do you know that every year when the Sun is in Leo, the Moon is Full when it is in Aquarius?

A very interesting shift happens during the month of Leo this year, which is this: for quite some time now, Full Moons have been earlier in each sign than New Moons. So we’ve sort of started every sign journey in a waxing experience. Because the synodic period – the time between New Moons – is 29.5 days and not 30 days, New and Full Moons shift backwards through the degrees of each sign. For instance, in January of this year, the New Moon was in the 22nd degree of Capricorn. And New Moons in the 22 frequency lasted through Pisces, and then the Aries New Moon was in the 21. Then it went Taurus 20, Gemini 19, Cancer 17, and the next New Moon is in Leo 15. Which means we get two Full Moons in Aquarius this year, the next one being on August 20th with the Sun in 29 Leo and the Moon in 29 Aquarius.

Such that, for another long stretch of time, the Sun will enter every sign with the Moon waning.

Which is most likely to result in some very big leaps in perspective.

Okay, now visualize your spine as the trunk of a vast tree. Feel your roots reaching down into the Earth….

Or not! Maybe just feel it all fizz and blur around you in a maniacal grinning space.

That’s what I think this Moon is asking of you. Lucid is not grounded.

For a meditation, I offer you these images from John Sandbach’s fabulous Circular Temple Oracle (Amazon/ Kindle), his Omega and Azoth symbols for Aquarius 1, where the Moon is Full this time.
The Omega symbol is: Deciding to die, a vampire walks into the sunlight.
The Azoth symbol is: Little scavengers seeking morsels.

What I get about these images is their Hardness.

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

Warp speed ahead, Scotty!

May this Moon kill every concept you were born with.

With Love,


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Now is the time, and you are the one.

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