Full Moon
2° Capricorn
June 23, 2013
7:32 am EDT/4:32 am PDT

T.H. White, in “The Once and Future King,” creates this remarkable idea of what he calls “the 7th sense.” In his way of looking at things, we are born, most of us, with 5 senses, and the 6th and 7th are learned through experience.

He describes the 6th sense as balance, and it comes when you learn to walk. No matter how well someone describes what it’s like, until you take off for a few steps, you can’t have a sense of it. No one can force you to do it, either.

His 7th sense is a kind of balance too, that usually comes in middle age. It is the sense that helps you live in a world of polarity. You can’t really learn it until you’ve experienced tremendous love and sorrow, until you’ve been right and wrong, hopeful and desperate.

Part of life is participating on the edge of experiences, to be the most or the least. To take your vision so seriously that you lose track of now. To be so caught up in your history that you lose track of now. To be so strongly in your own experience that you cannot connect to others. To be so at the mercy of others that you don’t have any say yourself.

And it’s awesome! To just be all the way how you are – broken hearted or freshly in love, clear or fragmented, sure or confused, and so on. Your story is everything to you.

And I really want to congratulate and encourage everyone who is fully anything at this moment.

If you are so powerfully destiny-bound that it feels like the last road you’ll walk on – YES! Do it! Go!

And if someone or something else has so much power over you that you have no say in your life, then I say to you YES! Be that victim for all it’s worth! Take it all the way!

And if you have found The Way, and know how to live ecstatically from now on (especially if it means letting go of old friends…) then I say to you YES! Set yourself free!

No matter how old or young you are, whenever you experience something at full power, in a way that overwhelms you and all your perspective, it is a good thing. And especially good at the moment that you recognize how engulfed you are.

Because after a while something else grows, which is this sense of a self that realizes it’s participating in THE story, which is so big and has so many characters that it trivializes the character list in “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Maybe you even sense some of the intertwining karmas in a “Cloud Atlas” way. And you recognize that you can live in and give into this story willingly, without grasping for your own meaning so much.

I remember a few years back, when I was working with Carolyn Myss’ “Sacred Contracts.” There was this period of time when I could see all my relationships in that way – all these agreements to teach each other certain things. And I thought that contracts could end – like it was a good thing and empowering to know that.
And now I think, you know, why would I want to know the “meaning” of a relationship? Can’t I just keep learning it?

And really, it is not just tangible, physically-embodied-at-this-time people that I am in relationship with, that I have “contracts” with. There are trees and dogs and ancestors. Even future beings, who need me to put a period on this exact sentence, in order for some new thing to start that they require of me. I am learning to love and be grateful for all of them, no matter how rigorous their requirements might seem to me.

This kind of wisdom starts to grow, as I said, in middle age. When people you know start passing. When people you thought highly of have fallen. Affairs, I think, shake a lot of the dew off. Injuries. These things that just start to happen.

It’s like the trajectory changes. The straight path or the winding one, you know – believe it or not, they all take us to a hole in the ground.

So how do you then “live?” That’s the 7th sense.

So this Full Moon, the Full Moon of the morning of June 23rd, 2013….

Really strongly, every path, every tendency, every way. If you feel yourself taking a stand, tightening up, then I say go with that. Nothing half way.

Or maybe what it feels like to you is that you are beginning to see that it actually is ALL you can do to simply choose to smile. At another person, the ones in the mirror, on the bus, at the bank. Sorta smiles are fine but maybe you have enough power to let one really shine? I won’t judge you either way.

From John Sandbach’s Omega series of zodiac degree symbols, I share with you the image for the 3rd degree of Cancer, where the Sun is during the Fullness of this Moon. It is, In a crowd, a man keeps seeing people he thinks he knows but can’t remember from where.

As Sonmi~451 says, “I am because you see me.”

Whoever you are, may you know you are seen. And if you can, may you take the time to see.

With Love.



Now is the time, and you are the one.

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