January 11, 2013
2:44 pm EST / 11:44 a.m PST
22° Capricorn


Blissfully Incomplete

On January 11th, 2013, at 2:44 PM US Eastern Time, the Moon is New in the 22nd degree of the sign of Capricorn. This is the first New Moon since the Solstice, and at that time, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Juno and Venus are all in Capricorn – quite the interesting energy package, especially when looked at in the post 12.21.12 context.

There was a way we were going to be, after the big event – each of us had a vision of what it would be like and I’m sure you put a lot of intentional force into that moment. And it has turned out that the holidays happened just about the way they used to, that the New Year came and that a lot of what you thought would or could change pretty much stayed the same.

To me, that is excellent! Because the way I see it, what we’re doing is finding ourselves here in the Earth plane, and in the Earth plane, things like a species-wide evolution of consciousness don’t usually happen all-at-once.

In my life, there is an interactive relationship that I have with something I call the Creator – could be Shiva, could be Wakantanka, could be God, could be the Field (I’m not caught up in figuring out the “right” way to know it) – and in that relationship is a sense that what I want, I get to work for. I can ask for whatever I want, but I have to offer my willingness to work for it.

So for instance, personally, I am wanting to achieve an emanation of a frequency of abundance that not only takes care of my simple needs, but also draws to me enough that I can share it with all these people that I want to provide for. I have asked for it, and I am getting it. But along the way, I have to keep working on perfecting the art of staying in that frequency. And I learn to do that by experiencing the contrast between the frequency of “I have more than enough” that I want to emanate and the frequency of “I don’t need, I don’t want” that I used to emanate. My part in the relationship is to be grateful for the opportunity to work with my learning process, recognizing that that is what I came here to do. In other words, I am grateful for the ways in which I fall short.

At the collective level, each of us is contributing to a collective frequency – this is what the 100th monkey effect is all about. And it’s happening in the Earth plane, in the density of time and karma that creates such a delicious environment for us to learn about the nature of the Life Force in.

So I see it as very interesting that, coming out of the biggest magic moment of our lives, we are working with so much Capricorn energy. The Solstice was like an orgy of expectation for so many people – we were going to be handed the life-experience we wanted. And then some weeks go by, and the bills keep coming, the wars keep happening, the people who have to leave keep leaving.

A lot of people I know seem to need to be letting go of the idea that they CAN live the life they thought the Solstice would hand them. They’ve gone back to the surface-level, escape-based way of living that protects them from the contrasts they thought they’d never have to face again. And this goes right to the heart of the basic Capricorn dilemma. Which is, in Ellias Lonsdale’s words, to be “…tyrannized by the image of needing to arrive at the finish line, or else be considered a failure.”

The collective is bathing in the energy of “finish line or failure” right now.

As I write this, I am praying that each one who has a vision of a more beautiful world let go of the experience of thinking that there is a finish line. We are human beings, and we have this amazing opportunity to inhabit mortal, fallible lifetimes. We do this because we LOVE the experience of subtle awakenings, of recognizing the presence of the divine in the air we breathe, of the peace that follows heartbreak – to sense the Field within us. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to, and we can each develop our own fortitude for this work. The contrast between expectation and outcome helps you fine-tune your emanation.

The ebb and flow of the Life Force energy, as expressed by the Moon’s journey around the Earth, is asking for your participation. That the Moon renews herself every month is an example for each of us to follow. That she waxes and wanes, pulling the tides and our hearts, is a gift. It’s one of the ways that we know we are accepted and supported in our own karmic outworkings.

There is an interactive relationship with the Field that we’re here to learn. It IS what this shift is about – it’s our relationship with energy. We ebb and flow, and the Moon teaches us how.

So I ask you to consider this symbol for the degree in which this New Moon occurs. It is “The giving up of a famous magical sword,” from John Sandbach’s Pleiadian series.

Most of us have a series of unconscious maneuvers we sink into when we find ourselves in an energetic bind. Busy-ness, drinking, shopping, trying to find someone else who has the answer, etc. Each of us has ways to escape from the density of how we feel. These are the sword we’re wanting to let go – because eventually, again, we’ll become aware of the patterns. Finding ourselves in old territory can seem like failure.

Empirically, through historical evidence, we know what we know. Intuitively, we know there is something far greater that is possible now. This New Moon is an opportunity to drop our guard so that we can be open to what can be. It is an opportunity to move beyond the accumulated historical perspective of having fallen short. What is life like when you put down your sword, your method, your mind? All that you’ve accumulated in your history?

Thank God for New Moons! How many more do you get to enjoy? May you make the most of each one that comes. And may you use this one to let go of any ways you have ever thought you’ve failed.

May this Moon give you peace with who you are and where you are. May you recover your joy to, as Abraham says, “…remain blissfully incomplete!” How can you fail at that?

With Love,


You are sensing these openings, into which love can be born. May you fill these with your blessing, for you are ready to do this.

Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
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