December 17, 2013
26° Gemini
4:28am EST / 1:28am PST

26-ness, from a 26.

This Moon work has so much purpose, for in it we become attuned to the cycle of life. And if we are to achieve a way of living on this planet that feels whole, we will do it with a reverence for all of life. And all of life is cyclical, and in so many ways attuned to the Moon.

I’m not one of those who is looking backwards towards some original, “unfallen” state of being. Perhaps there was a time when we had a full sense of what it is to be here – indeed, I think that many of us walking the Earth today carry a bone-deep memory-sense of something like that. It is what aches when we see violence done here. But we must bring that memory forward, into this time, ourselves. Even more, we have a responsibility to envision the world we want – to know it we have to see it. A simple phrase: to know it we have to see it. So what do you see?

So I say to you that we have the power to heal all that has been done here, simply by seeing what is beautiful and then giving to what we see as beautiful the full strength of our hearts. By singing to it, essentially.

And what is singing? Our voices are part of how we emanate. So singing is a way to beautify and strengthen our emanations. But I don’t want to limit that to the audible. You can sing heartsongs that are not for the human ear. Let’s just put it that way. Though if you are humble enough to try to add your voice to that, I think it’s good. Anyone who has sung to a hurt or scared animal knows what I am trying to describe. Which is prayer.

And what I see is a world in which we walk singing our heartsongs to all the beauty we encounter. Doing that for our children, for all that we hold dear.

So, for instance, maybe you are out driving to work and the Sun is rising. Because that is such a beautiful thing, your heart swells. Do something with that feeling, don’t just keep it to yourself. Send that energy back to the Sun, send it to your children, to the trees you are driving by, to the Raven or the Mouse… it’s your choice where it goes. But that kind of work is the soul-gift you carried in here to share.

And to make it interesting, you came with Karma, the desire for experience.

Another benefit of Moon work is that it is very effective for helping you identify your own Karma, the unique series of experiences that you – for whatever reason – desire to keep having. It is just so important to realize that “why” you chose to have those experiences is not what matters. It is that you have them consciously – this is what the concept of individuation is all about. When you track your experience of life with the Moon’s phases, you get to see, to witness really, the “unique series of experiences you… desire to keep having.”

If you’ve ever gone into a familiar experiential environment – I’ll use a new relationship as an example – with a desire to “do it differently this time,” then you have identified a piece of your karma. Like that: you came in with a desire to learn to love in a good way, and yet you have some patterns around that. Maybe you have identified patterns in how you feel about work, or parenting, or encountering strangers, watching the news… yours are yours and you asked for them. So that you could learn through the experience of them.

It really doesn’t matter why you have those patterns. Could have been family-of-origin stuff, could have been a past life… there are all kinds of stories you could tell about the “why,” but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have reached the point of recognizing the pattern itself.

And in a lovely, cyclical looping kind of way, I come back to the Moon.

You see, the Moon teaches just that – “look!” she says, “you have felt this before!” She’s the most uniquely personal point in anyone’s chart, and at the same time has the best way of teaching you about the collective experience of life. When you know what’s yours, then you can identify with what’s everyone’s. And that’s how we learn to sing. To sing into the collective frequency – the most powerful force at humanity’s disposal.

Some are calling it “Global Coherence.” With that name it is good, it is already working. Personally, I am not fond of sitting still (i.e. in Samadhi) as a means of amplifying my emanation. But whatever works for you.

Just please, recognize this distinction: when you look within, find something beautiful and real. Meaning, see within yourself your love of something, and then send that out. There is a reflection within you of the world you cherish.

There’s this strange propensity that we have to think we want to be somehow “free” from karma, from desire itself. So we generate massive amounts of experience! Have you wanted a state of being that is free from desire?

Love yourself for such carrying such a self-canceling idea (I want to not want)…. Cherish yourself for having that desire and for your glorious, imperfect attempts to achieve it. Then suddenly you become united with billions of people, including the greatest who have ever lived, and this swelling feeling comes to your heart.

Aching for all that aching! Laughing, hopefully, for all the experimentation, such strange ways of being that we’ve tried in our desire to not know desire.

I say, verily (note biblical language) that we would not be in these bodies if we did not want to experience desire. Karma is the desire for experience. YES! I want to experience life! I want Romeo and Juliet, I want Antigone… I desire to desire. Say it, and you become human, and I thank you.

For then you can love that desire, and then you can sense it allllll around. What is a flower, but desire? Well, yes, actually, it is desire expressed, desire given form. Singing, and prayer, are like flowers in that sense.

So here’s what I want to say to you: track back, 6 weeks or so, to the Scorpio New Moon (November 3rd). Big one, that! And then follow yourself through that Moon cycle to the Sagittarius New Moon (December 2nd). Notice the parabola of your emotional experience. Most likely, you can identify something that repelled you in a new way – a person maybe, or a personal pattern…, and the desire to experience freedom from that thing peaked around the Full Moon on November 17th? And since the December New Moon that started this cycle we are in came around, I think maybe you are more placid about that person, thing, pattern…. You have gained a new level of wisdom about that __________, whatever it was, that got you all riled up last month.

And you would not know so much more now if the experience then hadn’t been so strong.

Under the fallen leaves, there is a layer called the humus, where all the (apparent) decomposition takes place.

On the morning of December 17th, 2013, at 4:28 AM Eastern, the Moon will be in the 26th degree of Gemini opposite the Sun in the 26th degree of Sagittarius. I think to wrap this up I will share the Chandra symbol for the 26th degree of Sag, because somehow in it maybe I can encompass this all.

The symbol is, “Climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun.”

It may seem like a desirable thing to do. But who does it? Those steps, up out of the throng, who takes them?
It may be that, because there is a glamor in the sound of that, on the first ascent we may be puffed up a bit with pride. Wearing our most pious face. And when we do the climb that way, what do we find?

So I say to you, what does it mean to realize that, for whatever reason, you are the one to take those steps? At some point, it doesn’t matter that you were chosen. At some point, you realize that you are going to take those steps. And then you can decide what energy you want to emanate as you take them. How many times do you need to go through the motions of taking the steps before you can realize that, since it’s what you are going to do anyway, you might as well enjoy yourself doing it?

And then you become effective at what you are really trying to do. Because when you take those steps, you are going to pray. To pray in a good way, for the people, for the water, for the food.

You just have to get over being the one, and become the one.

And for taking those steps, I thank you.


With love,


Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
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