Full Moon
8° Leo
January 26, 2013
11:38 p.m. EST/8:38 p.m. PST


Let the Game of 2013 Begin!


Gather together. We have work to do.

For the last several years, we’ve enjoyed the post-holiday period without hard retrogrades.

It’s sort of like we’ve been offered a couple of months to rest, to just be. Like there’s a been a little bit of a spiritual vacation granted between Uranus going direct in early December and Saturn going retrograde in February. This pattern goes back to at least 2008.

And this year has been consistent with that, although still within the framework of increasing pressure to awaken – Jupiter retrograde has been the major focal point during the last couple of months, which I would characterize as being a test to see how strongly we believed in “The Shift” after 12.21.12 came and went. An opportunity for your conviction that things will ever be different to waver. An opportunity to find out whether or not the “New,” spiritualized version of you has any staying power. To backslide a little, or a lot, depending on how it hit your charts.

And everything moved into Capricorn, making us focus on the concrete, the “real,” the masculine principle of business first.

On Saturday, January 26th 2013, at 11:38 PM US EDT, the Moon is Full in the 8th degree of Leo (Sun in Aquarius 8). That night is the night to gather within your circle, with the ones who know you, to share stories about your journey since 12.21.12. To be honest about what you’ve been focusing on, where your heart has been, and to re-commit to your purpose.

We all of us are here to re-unite with Nature, to become rhythmic and cyclical and worshipful. To make a subtle and yet positive difference in the way that everyone thinks of the Life Force.

Right now, in the Earth, all is awake and moving. This is the time of year when She is busiest. In Her womb, the making takes place now. Can you feel it?

In the Ancient ways, Full Moons are Saturn’s – the time for re-commitment. And this Moon, Saturn is stationing, coming to a halt, asking you to pay full attention to your Earth journey. From January 26th through March 16th, the Lord of Karma, the Keeper of our pre-natal resolves, will be in the 12th degree of Scorpio. The actual retrograde station happens on February 18th, and from then until next December, a lot will be asked of us, we who have volunteered to spread the word.

So I ask you to gather your circle, build a fire, say some words. Let your intuition speak. This is a beautiful Moon for it – you will find yourself eloquent.

The boundaries that need to be dissolved this year are not easy to stick with, so ask your friends to help you stay aware of them. All the impetus towards disunity, discord, dissociation has to do is throw up a little shadow wall, and suddenly you find yourself separated from the spark within. This is what friends are for, to help with that.

From the Fairchild series, the symbol for Scorpio 12 is, “A group of people meditating for world peace.”

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realize we’d have to do so much meditating. I have to admit, I hoped it would be rather done by now, the world peace thing. Ah well, back to the grindstone, huh?

Each of us, in our own way, is adding to or subtracting from the force of this meditation every second. If you believe in “manifestation,” may you know now that in every second, you are practicing it.

Talk about that, that your most minute perception of life is a meditation, an emanation. May you remember that you are a walking prayer, and that those who are with you now are here to help with that.

Look at your circle, see who is there and who isn’t. Tune into the ancient wisdom of life, the willingness to participate, and the human fallibility of each one. Play a drum together, and sing, that the Earth may feel you. She loves it when we gather this way, when the Moon is Full. Dance a sacred dance to her, that the seeds may awaken knowing they are loved.



You are sensing these openings, into which love can be born. May you fill these with your blessing, for you are ready to do this.
Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
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