Aug 6, 2013
5:51pm ET/ 2:51pm PT
14°35′ Leo

Organic, Free-Range Astrology

I’m always taken aback by how strongly glamor pulls on people. We really do have a tendency to want something “more” to happen.

Within the cosmic-awareness community, we just had a very glamorous event on July 29th – the Grand Sextile/Star of David formation. It kind of lit up the net for a few days. The last one before that, as far as I remember, was the eclipse in May. And then I guess you’d have to go back to the 12.21.12 event, if what you were doing was trying to keep track of Glamorous Cosmic Headline stuff.

And I guess for me, what’s happening is that these things, these hyped-up events, come and go kind of like Bernanke talking or something like that.

I mean, I can get in to the details, the potential, of a bunch of transiting planets in sextile to each other as much as the next person. And it’s cool to think that there were babies born during the time that formation was present – they’ll be carrying all its potential throughout their lives and if all of us reduce our carbon output a bit some of them will even get to express that potential. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

But as far as you and I are concerned, in a day-to-day existence kind of sense, I just have to ask you… how good was it? Did you have to have a smoke afterwards? Or was it kind of like a sale you missed?

And the reason I’m asking is that I So Love Astrology that I work with it and think about it all the time. Current astrological energy (i.e. transits) is a big part of every reading I do. Every day I am talking with people about the real-time experience of astrology.

I guess that would be a good way to describe the effect of transits – what we are talking about with them is “the real-time experience of astrology.” And I just really want to encourage everyone who will to develop their own knowledge of transits. For which purpose I developed my app, Moon Temple Oracle (in the AppStore and the PlayStore).

The time we live in is so unique in history, with all the new kinds of information available to us. Not that long ago, just calculating the positions of an astrological moment was something that very few people could do. And I’ll be honest – a lot of the people who had the time to be astrologers and who took the time were pretty weird – especially in the last 150 years or so.

I’m not talking about the ones who have actually made a living doing readings. In general, if you are going to be of any use to enough people to make a living at it, you’ve got to be pretty grounded. Back when astrologers worked exclusively for the very powerful (kings, churches, that kind of thing), they had to be really good just to stay alive.

In my opinion, the really great astrologers of the last couple of centuries, the ones who have really advanced the art, have been the ones who have spent more time doing readings for people than they have spent writing about cool stuff. They have contributed to an evolution of astrology that is grounded in the practice of astrology.

And I really hope that you, my gentle readers, have experienced a reading from a really good astrologer.

And then there is another, better-known astrology that has grown another way, through the route of sensationalism. The kind of astrology that, no matter what the Mayan elders said, assured us that 12.21.12 was going to change everything. I mean, most of the people who actually made a lot of money off of that date (or any of the swarm of dates associated with it) don’t actually have clients.

So what seems to happen, to me, is that formations and events that have an intellectual attractiveness to them can get hyped up and then, because we live in a 24/7 headline culture, a lot of people who in general aren’t “practicing astrology” (i.e. matching ideas with human experience) can be caught by what becomes, in essence, astrological spectacle.

For instance, let’s take a look at something that everyone is familiar with – Mercury Retrograde. To really get what Mercury Retrograde is up to, you kind of need to know what it’s like direct, you know? And what I’ve found is that the sort of technological and communication turmoil usually associated with Mercury Retrograde is no more likely to occur during the 69 or so days/year that Mercury is retrograde than during the 296 days that it is direct.

But there is a small cadre of alarmist/spectacle-inciting attention-getters running around shouting about it and I bet if you did a nationwide survey, the best known “astrological fact” would be that Mercury Retrograde equals some kind of technological problem. When in fact technology is just in general not that reliable and statistically speaking, I’ve found no correlation at all between Mercury Rx and any of its mainstream interpretations.

Which is what it is… I mean, we are the Walmart nation. Why would I expect to find a lot of high quality, organic free-range astrology?

Mercury Retrograde is a thing of some kind… and considering that everyone who wants to can know when it’s happening (and not happening) it seems to me that we have the greatest opportunity in history to be able to state something true about the collective and individual experience of it. Maybe you would participate in the study?

For now, if you want to know what I think it means and how it can help you, please schedule a reading ( Meanwhile, I’ve got to keep free-ranging towards the actual subject of this essay, which is the New Moon in Leo that occurs on August 6th, 2013, at 5:51 PM US Eastern Time.

What I’ve been building up to is this…. To really work with astrology in a real-time capacity, you have to start with the Sun and the Moon. In terms of daily life, their positions individually, and the relationship between them, have a far greater effect, even in their mildest expression, than any other astrological energy.

Again, I have created an app, called Moon Temple Oracle that can teach you to develop your own understanding of their real-time astrological energy.

Essentially, if you don’t know what phase the Moon is in, how can you tell what Mercury or any other planet is doing? Yes, cool things happen out there and yes, we do benefit. But f’godsakes, it’s not for the benefit of the media.

And you know what? You know that. It’s just that we all love to get hold of a People Magazine every once in awhile.

Attention: This is a Contextualizing Paragraph! Re: current collective cycle-level themes. Every 11.5 years or so, Saturn conjuncts the Moon’s North Node. And it’s happening next on September 16th, in the 9th degree of Scorpio. All kinds of Karmic and very human-type stuff to say about that but basically the theme of Scorpio is growing very strong right now. And one of the things Scorpio is about is substance, not fluff. For which reason I speculate that you may have been non-plussed by the Grand Sextile.

But on the other hand, in a Scorpionic way, you might be more-than-usually-interested in the idea that, every 29.5 days, there is a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon during which moment we are invited to do some releasing and some intention setting.

And for which reason I think, if you pay attention, that this coming New Moon might just be a wonderful release from the pressure to perform – or rather, to legitimize yourself through your performance. Like, right now, you might be feeling that this has been a kick-ass couple of weeks, during which you threw down some major accomplishments.

And if you want to, this New Moon is available for you to experience as a portal (and I don’t use that word much) towards a month of expressing yourself from a place free of pressure. From a very here-and-now place where you don’t have to hide the wrinkles and the stains of your existence, but instead get to be who you are without having to be anyone else.

And that, gentle readers, is a step in the right direction.

From John Sandbach’s Chandra series of zodiac degree symbols, I offer the symbol for the 15th degree of the sign of Leo, where this New Moon occurs. It is, “A woman with many different colored rings on her fingers.”

She might not be perfect, but she surely is passionate.

And so may you be, for life is very good, just as it is, and the Moon is New once again.

With Love,


Now is the time, and you are the one.

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