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September 19, 2013
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**Note: Jon Waldrup is unable to write the moon report right now but wrote this article earlier in the year and feels applies to the current moon period. Enjoy!**


The Astrology of 2013 Part 1 – What if Jack Reacher were a healer?

It has been the case that artists presage scientific discovery. Joyce entered his characters’ minds before Freud got there. The cutting edge of artistic expression leads science. This is because artists are responding to the energy of the society they live in, and are inspired by bits of contact with something beyond that they express without a need for quantification. The ability to channel the collective feeling into something that millions can identify with is what makes an artist become famous.

When we see dead artists become famous, it is because their expression had more Uranus then Neptune – they were pulled forward, to express something out in front of their moment. They were tuned into something that people wouldn’t understand or embrace for years to come.

The ones who “made it” during their lifetimes, on the other hand, found a way to express something that everyone could feel at that time. This has to do with being open to Neptune’s flow, without experiencing pressure to “explain” what is felt. Direct expression without explanation, you might say. Picasso’s Guernica is an example. And yet so many innocents have died since.

We tend to want to intellectualize our immersion in the collective – we want to make sense of the overarching mood or feeling. Especially when it becomes super-intense. Uranus helps us do that, it helps us find a way to express feelings that we can’t really understand.

And I don’t mean to overly intellectualize this – I’m not an art historian or literary critic. But, I think these opening paragraphs do help me weave my way into a sense of this year, this time in the evolution of human consciousness.

What does it say, then, that Munch’s The Scream was recently purchased for $120 million dollars? Or, consider the scene in the movie Jack Reacher, where Jack looks at the despondent office workers in the building across the way. I think both of these artistic successes – one from a dead artist and one from a live one – have something to say about the experience of these times.

In both cases, what is being pointed out is the feeling of depersonalization disorder. In The Scream, we see an expression of the feeling. In Jack Reacher, we see a response to the feeling.

And that feeling is being experienced and responded to in about 7 billion ways right now.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Depersonalization disorder: Common descriptions of symptoms are: feeling disconnected from one’s physicality; feeling as though one is not completely occupying the body; not feeling in control of one’s speech or physical movements; feeling detached from one’s own thoughts or emotions; a sense of automation, going through the motions of life but not experiencing it or participating in it; loss of conviction with one’s identity; feeling a disconnection from one’s body; inability to accept one’s reflection as one’s own; difficulty relating oneself to reality and the environment; feeling as though one is in a dream; and out-of-body experiences. Depersonalization is described as suffering from episodes of surreal experiences. Some of these experiences have been also reminiscent of panic attacks and paroxysmal anxiety. While many people experience brief moments of depersonalization, in others it may last much longer and can become a persistent problem.

Diagnostic criteria for Depersonalization disorder include, among others, persistent or recurrent experiences of feeling detached from one’s mental processes or body. A diagnosis is made when the dissociation is persistent and interferes with the social and occupational functions necessary for everyday living.

Depersonalization disorder is thought to be largely caused by severe traumatic lifetime events including childhood abuse, accidents, war, torture, panic attacks and bad drug experiences.

So first, let me say it is my belief that all of us are energetically aware of the tremendous level of violence committed every day on this planet. No matter how patriotic you profess to be, when innocent people suffer or are killed, it affects you.

And what if I say this: “in a world full of physical, emotional and energetic violence, the social and occupational functions necessary for everyday life require an energetically violent suppression of personal humanity?”

In other words, at an energetic level, there is a part of us that wants to scream. Whether you admit it or not, industrial pollution is energetically violating you. Taxpayer funded murder is violating you. Zero Dark Thirty is violating you.

And what is an appropriate response? Social and occupational functionality? Or Jack Reacher?

Depersonalization disorder is not caused by trauma, it is caused by the de-humanized way in which we are expected to respond. Just who benefits from your “social and occupational” functionality? Who defines that?

Okay, so I’m an astrologer. I obviously believe that the moving relationship of the planets has something to say about the experience of life. And I see the astrology of this year as having much to say about the experience of depersonalization and the response to it.

Is it worth noting that Adam Lanza had a natal Capricorn Moon/Aries Mercury square, making him extremely vulnerable to feelings of depersonalization? At the time of the Newtown shootings, Pluto was transiting his Moon and Uranus was transiting his Mercury. I could write a thousand pages on that pressure – and more on the benefit of having a cosmic/spiritual awareness of that pressure.

Of course other people have that same natal square, and not everyone with it is going to pop like he did. All I’ll say on that is that souls of many stripes choose the same birth charts so that they can experience certain kinds of pressures. Some have enough wisdom to grow through those pressures, and some don’t.

But wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we as a society valued the spiritual/cosmic awareness of that kind of thing, instead of “social and occupational” functionality?

And the thing is, we’re getting there. But ask yourself this question: “What will it take, what kind of events and experiences will it take, to shift our culture away from a depersonalizing response to the continual exposure to physical, emotional and energetic violence that we’re all going through now?” How many Hurricane Sandies? How many Adam Lanzas? How many graphic depictions of torture?

When you look at the popular heroes in any society, you get a sense of what that society values. When you look at who we Americans call heroes at this time, almost every one of them is a killer. What does that say?

I am a father, and I have to believe that all this is taking us somewhere really good. But I also know that the balance is extremely delicate, that we’re on a bitterly sharp knife-edge – between a continued descent into inhumanity and a re-embracing of the beauty of life on this planet.

There is something about Uranus in Aries, where it is through 2018, that intensifies the experience of depersonalization. The last time it was in Aries was from 1927 – 1934. The rise of Hitler and Stalin, of nationalistic propaganda that justified dehumanizing entire races, setting the stage for the deaths of 10s of millions of people. Can we see that sort of propaganda in our government today? Can we see how making heroes of killers creates killers?

There is something about Pluto in Capricorn, where it is through 2023, that inspires great acts of resistance. The last time it was in Capricorn, from 1762 – 1778, the Declaration of Independence was written. Can we feel that kind of movement growing again today?

It’s interesting to note that at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, these two planets were in the same signs they’re in today.

At the same time, I’m hopeful that, as a species, we’ve evolved enough to find ways to accomplish similarly progressive change without relying on violence – that those who are metaphorically the monarchists are willing to allow us our freedom, and that we who are metaphysically founding whatever comes next are going to accomplish it through our consciousness of energy.

The astrology of 2013 says to me that we have this choice: we can continue to idolize killers and torturers, or we can make heroes of healers. I think that there are several things I can predict about this year: the experience of depersonalization and the pressure to do something about it will continue; humans will commit historically heinous acts on each other; and our species will continue to be distinguished by our capacity for harming each other. There are any number of tensional aspects I could point to as evidence for these predictions, but I think I’ll single out Saturn in Scorpio quincunxing Uranus in Aries, from April through October, as being most likely to inspire particularly wicked violence.

But honestly, I’m more inclined to think about the effect than the cause – so what will this violence do? I believe it is part of the story of how we find unity. The energy of compassion will be recognized as something to offer not only as condolence, but as a force for the good in its own right.

In other words, I think we’re learning to recognize that our emanation affects our future. So let it be that heroes come forth who emanate love instead of fists or bullets.

There are those who will read this and say that there are bad guys, who have to be taken out. And I say to you that what you see is what you get. It is one thing to talk about the power of manifestation and another to take full responsibility for it. I mean, it becomes an awesome power when you truly accept it. And whether you accept it or not, each of us is living it. Science is starting to say this now.

What if Jack Reacher were a healer? What if the American hero was someone who responded to our depersonalized culture by going around energetically healing people instead of killing them? Imagine if Jack Reacher had learned Jedi mind tricks to heal bad guys instead of violently immobilize them. Would you buy those books?
In the sense that we HAVE evolved since the American Revolution, it is time to turn our attention to examples of people living in the world we want to live in. Everything you pay attention to becomes real. In Avatar, when the Na’vi prayed the Tree of Souls back to life, did you like that?

I loved it. I just couldn’t understand why there had to be so much violence. I mean, I do understand it – the way our collective mind works right now, there’s no such thing as a blockbuster movie that isn’t violent. But can we change that?

I like it that Jack Reacher has found a way to live outside of the matrix. I like that he rights wrongs. I just wish he did it with Love.

And I say to you, it’s up to you to choose depictions of love instead of violence. What goes into your mind stays there – there’s no drain. What would happen if this revolution started with a boycott of images of violence? What if we said “no more heroes who kill?” What you see is what you get.

When our heroes become healers, then we’ll be on our way.

My offering to this change, besides my readings and these ongoing writings, is the Moon Temple Oracle. The experience of emotions can be so overwhelming. Oftentimes, people resort to ways to get out of the experience in ways that separate them from themselves and others. MTO is meant to connect you to your physical and emotional reality through gratitude for all that you experience. I believe it is helping people become active participants in their growth-journeys, and can awaken soul-memories that are creating a cultural renaissance of re-connection to the Tree of Souls.

I thank you for the time you took to read this and I hope no one who does so takes my words to mean I don’t recognize how much good is happening in this world. In the craziest, most socially and occupationally dysfunctional – and yet joyous – way, I believe we are coming out of the darkness of – what should I list? – of taxpayer-funded torture and automated death. But it’s going to take every one of us who can think of themselves as a creator to get it done.

May you smile at all the souls you meet today!

With love,


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