December 2nd, 2013
7:22 PM EST/ 4:22 PM PST
11° Sagittarius

Karma is the desire for experience.

On December 2nd at 7:22 PM Eastern, the Moon is New (conjunct the Sun) in the 11th degree of the sign of Sagittarius. This is the last New Moon of the 2013 calendar year – the next one is on New Year’s Day.

My last New Moon article was posted several days before the actual event and I noticed a “Do you feel this?” comment that I want to briefly talk about before diving in to this year’s New Moon in Sag.

Every chart represents a feeling experience, and what I do is tune into and describe that feeling experience – for readings, for articles, for my app…. We come in to these bodies for a feeling experience, for the feeling of being alive, and astrology can describe that experience in all its subtlety, absurdity, grandeur, tragedy and ecstasy. Planets, signs, houses, aspects – these are all keys to the feeling experience. And then there are the degrees, which are like little submarines from which you can see the creatures populating the unconscious realm of individual experience.

Without going all Astro 551, I just want to communicate that these articles are meant to describe the moment of an event. All the positions occupied during these events are considered.

Your birth chart has something to do with the feeling of your whole life, and unless I’m working with you personally I can’t tell how an individual event is going to feel to you.

These articles are describing a particular moment of Sun and Moon alignment which is a collective opportunity, rather than a personal experience. When I write these, I’m actually asking you to take time out of your karmic experience, to donate a positive frequency to life itself. Each and every one of us has the ability to step aside and become part of something more, and New and Full Moons have always been the time to do that.

So please hold that in mind, and please consider taking the time to do New and Full Moon ceremony! They help us become members of the tribe rather than just occupiers of space. Thank you.


At this moment, may it be said that this coming New Moon, on this day called the 2nd of December, 2013, will be a good day. A good day to express thanks for what has been since the last New Moon. A good day to look forward and a good day to pray into the next.

I don’t know about you, but this last month has been wild. Wild in that witchy/crone/creatures-of-the-night kind of way. Walking in the pale land, the sacred “wilderness” that has been so suppressed. I looked at the chart of the Scorpio New Moon and that is the opportunity I saw. And I gave it voice, I breathed into that space. And I watched the witch’s drama unfold. Watched friends away from lovers to head out into the pale land. May they remember that they still carry the spark.

When we go there, our Gods are close by. That is all we can know, and only that knowing can comfort us there. Though it feels lonely, we are then giving our company to all that has passed through time.

I say it that way, that “we are giving our company,” to remind you that it is your choice to know the unquenchable spark of love, no matter where you are. Choose to give it, and it lives.

During that month, first Jupiter, then Mercury, then Neptune and then Chiron all paused in their dances to turn, and at those turnings they touched all standing near them. A tap on the shoulder, a whisper in your ear.

Maybe it is a veil they put on us, and maybe it is a veil they remove. The pattern changes, that is for sure.

Ever-changing, and so it is that that cycle is waning. I invite you to reflect upon your own dance these last four weeks.

And if that cycle spoke of getting lost in the pale land, now this cycle speaks of seeing again that we are always on a way. Every word is born in silence, and without silence we cannot know the word. A true experience of darkness requires that you’ve known light.

If the segment of the cycle that is ending was about your experience of wilderness, the cycle that is about to begin is about sensing the new pattern. About finding it’s meaning for you, in the context of where you’ve been.

For instance, during this coming cycle, we will pass the one year anniversary of the 12.21.12 event. Can you remember that and all that it promised? Are you willing to look back at yourself in, say, early December of 2012? Wasn’t that a strange chunk of life? Well, thank God it will be a long time before anyone can sell us another magic date. At least now we are living here.

I want to share with you, from John Sandbach’s Chandra series of degree symbols, the image for Sagittarius 11, where the Moon is New on December 2nd. It is “A string of pearls.” Pearls of wisdom, one at a time. And the exploration in between.

Segments of the cycle.

May you cherish the segments you’ve lived, and love the one you are living!



Now is the time, and you are the one.

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