November 17, 2013
25° Taurus
10:16am EST / 7:16am PST

The Witch’s Dance.

The cycle goes like this: on the New Moon each of us chooses a path. It is the moment for the time-trick of moving into Now, again. And it is done with or without our conscious participation.

It is wonderful to participate in the Moon’s cycle with intent, with ceremony. You can feel the truth of this: as humans we are here to learn to celebrate the experience of life. And we take on these bodies to learn to participate in the fullness of the experience – the full life-cycle experience. So we have the Moon journey to learn from. A full life-cycle every 29.5 days.

So we start a journey on the New, and we dive into it like children running out to play. And like children we have all these learning experiences. The waxing half of the cycle is that way – experiential. Down into the body we take the impulse of the New, down to the root. We’re asked not to waver, not to balk. Full-on body participation, life so in our faces that we are not steering. Experience, not perspective. This is your time, not the tribe’s.

Then as the Moon approaches Full, we gather together, so that on the night of the Full we can share with each other what we’ve learned in the waxing. So that we can spend the waning half of the cycle working to manifest from the perspective of what we have felt during the waxing.

A full life time, from youth to old age, you see. And in this way, the connection to all of life is maintained. The web of life, the experience of life that all entities whose form grows as an expression of the flame within, has this common experience of the Moon. All the trees know when the Moon is New and when it is Full. All the creatures of the night… no matter at what rate we consume the flame, whether the Mayfly or the Bristlecone Pine, that flame flickers with the Moon.

Not that long ago, this was the way we lived. And there were those in our societies who were called upon to express the accumulated wisdom which helps us understand the qualities of each New and Full Moon. These were oral traditions, the knowledge handed down to the next wisdom keeper so it could be preserved and grown. In indigenous cultures around the world, some form of this is still known. When the connection to the Moon is maintained, we are part of the web of life.

It is just us in the industrialized world, the so-called first world, who have forgotten this and as a result our story has been all about the waxing. We have not learned to wane. Growth without perspective. The flame consumed without pause.

I am not prepared to weave into this the story of the rest of the planets, the qualitative touches each adds. But it is worth saying that all that occurs at this time occurs under the umbrella of the waxing square between Pluto and Uranus. Each Moon cycle has the power of that square. Every opportunity is crucial, consequential. Pluto last in Capricorn when the Declaration of Independence was made. Uranus last in Aries during the rise of Nazism. A radical choice-point between the desire to be free and the impulse towards inhumanity. The story of human life on Earth, the biblical contrast between stewardship and dominion, brought to the boiling point.

And in the middle of this passage, we are given Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of the Dark of the Moon, to bring forth the wisdom keepers, those who carry the mystery.

So that we can learn.

Will we give ourselves to the waning cycle, or will we forever insist on waxing? There has just been too much emphasis on the experiential. Time to meet with the whole tribe again.

The limits to growth, seen in a different light.

When the Sun is burning in the sign of Scorpio, the Moon shines Full in the sign of Taurus, where the love of life, the quality of being alive, is most enjoyed. In the sense of the Full Moon as the moment to of community, I have this image to offer: the wise ones, the wisdom keepers walking into the forest, to commune with the flame of life as it grows there.

There is so much being said about how we have harmed the Earth. I understand the heart of all who cry that way. And yet it seems to me much like telling someone with cancer how sick they are.

With the Moon Full in Taurus, now is the time to see the light that still shines. Healing comes from faith, and the Taurus Moon is the most faithful to that spark of life that unfurls each new leaf. And so this is how the Moon teaches us in the time of Scorpio – don’t forget that life blooms again, it says. Take the ride of the dark of the Moon, yes, but never lose faith in life.

So this spark animates the wise. My image is of old women stomping and dancing around a fire deep in the woods. They are calling, channeling the energy of the trees around them, until their gazes are full of the merry twinkle of their girlhood.

A long walk into a dark and drippy forest. A fire slow to catch. Patience and the questioning that characterizes the journey of faith. The wisdom to take it as it is… slowly at first.

We humans can do good. In community, singing, dancing, making love.

May you give of your spark, until it flares, warming the world around you.


With love,


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Now is the time, and you are the one.

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