Aquarius New Moon, 4:39 PM Eastern, January 30th 2014.

Good day to you and welcome to the very active Lunar month that begins on the New Moon of January 30th and ends with the New Moon of February 29th, 2014. During this month many astrologically significant events occur, setting the stage for the climax of the story of these times in April.

Each New Moon sets the tone for all that occurs during its waxing and waning: it is a door we can walk through into an exploration of our inner experience. Some cycles are relatively quiet, without much of significance happening other than another cycle of life in all its riches running it course, and some are full of portent and change. Whether we’re talking about a planet entering a sign, forming an aspect, or going retrograde or direct, the New Moon preceding that event is going to say much about the tone and the opportunity of each event.

Here is the calendar of significant astrological events that occur during and are characterized by this Moon cycle:

Date Pacific Time Event Degree
1/31/2014 12:49 Venus Dx Capricorn 14**
1/15/2014 12:22 Sun conjunct Mercury Aquarius 28
1/23/2014 18:56 Moon conjunct North Node Scorpio 3
1/25/2014 3:56 Mercury square Saturn Scorpio/Aquarius 22
1/31/2014 1:16 Jupiter opposite Pluto Cancer/Capricorn 13**
1/31/2014 6:29 Mercury into Pisces Pisces 1
2/5/2014 4:41 Moon conjunct South Node Taurus 2
2/6/2014 13:44 Mercury Rx Pisces 4
2/11/2014 11:57 Sun square Saturn Scorpio/Aquarius 24
2/11/2014 19:53 Ceres conjunct North Node Scorpio 2
2/15/2014 12:22 Sun conjunct Mercury Aquarius 28
2/18/2014 9:59 Sun into Pisces Pisces 1
2/18/2014 15:52 North Node into Libra Libra 30**
2/18/2014 23:11 Mercury square Saturn Scorpio/Aquarius 24
2/19/2014 19:29 Moon conjunct North Node Libra 30
2/23/2014 10:11 Sun conjunct Neptune Pisces 5
2/24/2014 19:54 Vesta conjunct North Node Libra 30
2/25/2014 23:29 Jupiter square Uranus Aries/Cancer 11
2/28/2014 6:00 Mercury Dx Aquarius 19**

Of these, I think Venus’ direct station, the Jupiter/Pluto opposition, the North Node changing signs, and the Jupiter/Uranus square are most significant. And what needs to be said about any of them: regardless of any interpretation an astrologer can offer for them, your experience of them is what counts. This is because each of us has our own charts – not just a birth chart, to be clear – and with them our own cycles of awareness. I included these timings simply so that you could choose to track your experience of them.

If I were working with you I could help you get the most out of your transits and help you understand your cycle in the context of what’s happening at the collective level. In the context of an article like this, what I do is seek to interpret these at an experiential level. Rather than “what does that mean?” I ask, “what does that feel like?”

So for instance, let’s look at Venus’ direct station…. It’s been retrograde since 12/21/13, traveling from the 29th degree of Capricorn back to the 14th degree of Capricorn. As Venus shapes the cup into which we receive life experience, so we can sense her retrogradation as emphasizing the internal experience of life in a qualitative sense. Meaning, it offers an opportunity to choose to sense the worth of our own inner workings. In this sense, the Chandra symbol for Capricorn 29 is very relevant. It is “An architect carefully surveying old ruins.” For me, this is clearly an objective survey, which seeks to uncover the intelligence we had at a given time and what we’ve built on that. We all have these belief structures we’ve chosen to inhabit and can learn from them what they say about our previous experience of life.

Then we see that Venus goes direct on a New Moon, emphasizing the opportunity for a new way to feel, to reshape the cup into which we pour our life. Her direct station in Capricorn 14 is given a depth-charge amplification through her conjunction with Pluto on that day. The Pluto/Venus relationship is perhaps my favorite one in astrology, in that no other gives so much power to the primal feminine.

And Capricorn 14 is one corner of the grand cross forming in April that is the climax of the astrological story, titled, “Structures Breaking Down,” of our times, so the cosmic timing of this direct station says to me that there is an emphasis on qualitative self-awareness prior to the April grand cross. Which I will go into more in the next couple of months. For now, here is the Chandra symbol for Capricorn 14. It is, “Beads carved from human bone.” What can you do with all your old structures?

Jupiter’s aspects to Pluto and Uranus are so strong in my life right now that I can’t distinguish one from the other. To say that Jupiter is the “sense of vision” and that a new power is given to that, that a structureless world is required for new vision to arise, is enough.

I am particularly interested in the movement of the North Node from Scorpio into Libra that occurs on February 18th. It indicates a re-emergence of the Occupy movement, so watch for that. There is something akin to the energy of Saturn in the Nodes, and I invite you to re-examine your experience of the 2010 – 2012 transit of Saturn through Libra. Impulses you had then are likely to find more cohesive expression during the 19 months of North Node in Libra.

You’ll notice I didn’t highlight Mercury’s retrograde period as particularly significant. I don’t cotton to the mainstream emphasis on that, and here’s why: no planet’s characterization has been so messed with by modern astrology as Mercury’s. It has been given all the attributes of externalized selfhood that inhibit us from individuation. And its three retrograde periods per year are mainly used as scapegoats for occurrences which are simply asking us to come to terms with how much emphasis we place on external functionality at the expense of inner health.

Rather than thinking of Mercury as “communication” or something like that, please think of it as “interest,” or even better, “curiosity.” If you were to actually keep a log of when communications break down, when there is chaos in your technological implements, that kind of thing, I think you’d see that there’s no correlation between them and Mercury’s retrogrades. But what I’m sure is correlative is the way in which you choose to experience things like that. Retrograde is synonymous with internalized. We live in a world with very little emphasis on inner, felt experience. Mercury’s retrograde is just asking you to be curious about how and why you respond to things the way you do.

It is interesting to note that when this particular retrograde occurs Mercury is only about a degree or so from Neptune. When these two work together, the potential for psychic exploration is particularly strong, for your interest in and experience of cosmic unity is given an opening. On February 6th, give that some thought.

I said earlier that each New Moon informs us of the nature of the opportunity in each even that occurs during that cycle. The union of the Sun and the Moon is just so obviously strong, so significant, and has for so much of our history been the way we marked cycles. This is one of the reasons mainstream Mercury hysteria seems so ludicrous to me. More people are aware of that than of the New Moon? It’s like the news cycle or something – how can we be most distracted from the feeling of our lives?

Astrology is so many things, and even it can be manipulated towards an Earthless life. Or it can be the best tool I know of for illuminating the feeling experience of life which I’m convinced we come in here for. I think I came here to feel, and to be curious about how I feel. To let my feelings teach me about life, that ineffable spark.

And I said that the title of the story of our times is “structures breaking down.” So let’s look at this 11th degree of Aquarius in which the Sun and Moon join to prepare us for our next cycle. The Chandra symbol is “Crows eating the corn that a farmer has sown.”

This symbol is asking you to examine your relationship with nature herself. Everything is perspective, everything is frequency. Words like resistance and control come to mind, as well as celebration and sharing.

The crow is a shamanic teacher, there’s nothing new in saying that. We would like to think we have control over just which structures break down, but what we are really doing is learning how we respond to life during our journey here. So will you focus on the potential for lack which this symbol shows on the surface? Or do you have enough faith in providence that you can share with the animal powers? Maybe it’s time for you to find a new way to feed yourself, find a new source of nourishment. And maybe you can delight in the experience of yet another structure breaking down; one which perhaps you didn’t imagine was on the block.

So I say to you, may your belief in providence be strong! And may you welcome the opportunity that each challenge represents.

May you laugh with the crows, may you delight in their joy!

With Love,


“… I have become convinced, after the most painstaking investigation and critical assessment of which I am capable, that there does in fact exist a highly significant – indeed a pervasive – correspondence between planetary movements and human affairs… the modern assumption to the contrary has been erroneous.”
Richard Tarnas, “Cosmos and Psyche”

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