Virgo Full Moon
Sunday March 16, 2014
26 Virgo 02
1:09pm EDT, 10:09am PDT, 5:09pm GT

A famous geisha performing the tea ceremony.

In 1998, a pentagon-funded study identified climate change as the greatest threat to “national security.” I don’t know how many of you can remember that period in time but among many changes I note since then are how much bigger pickup trucks have gotten, how many white males have embraced the Ted Nugent philosophy of life, how the reverence for active-duty military has grown to resemble deification, and how passive what passes for “liberal” in this era has become.

The changes that I list are basically evidence for the triumph of the carbon criminals, who would rather “fight than switch” away from petro-addiction. The metaphor of the pusher-man can’t be stronger, nor can the evidence for how necessarily fatal petro-addiction is.

Maybe the saddest result of the trajectory of life since then is a rising “fatalism of the intelligentsia,” which is characterized by a (very justified) nihilism, having to do with a complete loss of faith in human nature, and an embrace of the apocalyptic visions.

Interestingly, this nihilism seems to be strongest in those born during the start of the Reagan era – those who are now in their early thirties. I have been honored to read for many of this age-group and I would say that they, more than any other age-demographic I know of, have had or are having a profound experience of the crisis of faith. This is not always how they see it, how they self-identify their experience – because of their age they tend to embrace their nihilism as Truth. Like teenagers except, you know, with more facts to back up their sense of rightness.

Myself, I am not interested in any sort of causal interpretation of astrology but rather think of astrology as a reflection of the human experience. In this sense, I find it interesting to note age-related idealogical concentrations and to then look for coincident astrological formations. And for sure, I’m seeing that outer planet conjunctions to Pluto correlate to generational experiences of faith.

So for instance, in my own generation, Uranus’ conjunction with Pluto reflects a fervent experience of nature. It’s a good word, “fervent;” look it up.

I observe such an encompassing sense of nihilism in this “thirty-something” generation, and the astrological expression for this I think is found in the late 1982 conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the 28th degree of Libra.

The traditional interpretation of Libra as having to do with relationship is so interesting and especially so when one considers Libra’s glyph, the “Scales.” What could “balance” have to do with relationship? What is being weighed?

What I see is that Libra represents the struggle for balance in relationship and that that struggle has to do with power. Do you know of the notion that we’re all either “one up” or “one down” (from the “codependency” model of relationship)? That has to do with interpersonal dynamics and I believe it very clearly demonstrates the at least traditional sense of the experience of Libra.

I diverge quickly from most traditional astrological interpretations and this is the case here – I think of relationship in a much broader sense than just the interpersonal. We are in dynamic relationship with all energy structures, and there is an experience of balance we are seeking in these relationships. Regardless of whether that energetic structure is a tree, a lover, a government, or even God, a certain amount of our lives are spent learning something about power from it.

For instance, though you might not have ever thought of it in this sense, anyone who’s worked with the idea of “manifestation” has an experience of Libra’s scales. There is an interplay of faith and doubt in all relationships, which tells me the experience of having our faith tested seems to be something all souls desire from the human experience.

Nihilism is of course the complete absence of faith – it is the sense that there’s nothing we can do, nothing we can know… maybe I could call it the fervent experience of the void. As an intellectual exercise, it would be interesting to see if Saturn/Pluto conjunctions can be correlated with the waxing and waning of nihilism in the history of philosophy.

Ok so once again I’ve reached a tangential explosivity rating of 5 and have to rein it in. (Just play with the “g” and the difference between “reign” and “rein” in the context of Libran, relational nihilism and you’ll know what I mean). And I’m not negating the 1981 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – I just can’t do it all in this one article. Forgive me if what I do next feels abrupt. But….

If I were doing such a study, of Saturn/Pluto conjunctions, I would be interested in how power is expressed by the generation in power at the time of those conjunctions related to how power is experienced by the generations born during those conjunctions. Maybe the study would be called, “The generational consequence of power.”

Certainly, there is a stark contrast between the Reaganites, who were in power during the last Pluto/Saturn conjunction, and those born during that time. Look at Reagan’s faith in fossil fuel – his “Morning in America” slogan – and the consequent existential despair expressed by those born at that time.

Traditional astrological interpretations have a sort of deterministic overtone that I can’t abide but let’s just imagine that we could accept Pluto’s transit through Libra as a compulsion towards or even worship of power neatly expressed by Reagan. Saturn in Libra would have something to say about the constriction of power, the “one-down” stance expressed by for instance the Occupy movement, which arose during Saturn’s most recent transit through Libra.

Planetary conjunctions are always about starting a new cycle of relationship between archetypal energies. Saturn conjunct Pluto would have to do with the start of a new cycle in the balance between compulsion and restriction, and in Libra that would have to do with a very intense experience of the one-up and one-down positions in relationship. But of course, not just having to do with interpersonal relations.

Here’s the deal: there is a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in almost every sign Pluto transits. In a way, I think one could say that each Pluto/Saturn conjunction is the peak expression of the crux dilemma in each of those signs. So again, we look in Libra for the relationships in energies. And those born during a Saturn/Pluto in Libra time must have been born to transform the old definitions and experiences of those relationships.

So it is that I say thank you to my Saturn/Pluto in Libra friends and want to remind them that they’ll be the ones “in power” during the next Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. It is my hope that they’ll be cognizant of their relationship with the experience of life, even the expectation of Life, that those born in 2020 will be working with for their lifetimes.

And so it is that I have reached the point where I can drop into Full Moon mode. You see, the Full Moon is always about the relationship between the Sun and the Moon – the life force energy and emotional gravity. Which is why all expressions of relationship are so intense during Full Moon times. Like, if you really get in to the Libra dilemma, the subtlety of the balance of power in the context of the relationships between all energy structures, well then maybe you’ll really learn to utilize the relational opportunity of each Full Moon.

We are given these opportunities and in them I find the answer to my own nihilism, over and over.

So this one…. Which happens on Sunday March 16th, 2014 at 7:08 AM Eastern Time, with the Sun in the 27th degree of Pisces and the Moon in the 27th degree of Virgo, what do we find here?

In this Full Moon the opportunity I see is this: The Full is always about gathering and conversing – it’s about the honesty of expression that happens when the gravitational pull between the Sun and Moon is at its peak, pulling our shells apart you might say.

I look at the Virgo/Pisces axis as having to do with compassion – in Virgo, the dilemma is around self-compassion, and in Pisces, the dilemma is around collective compassion, or rather Compassion for the Earth (in which is the energy field of the collective, the experience of which is the purpose for which our souls take on these antennae called bodies).

So this Virgo/Pisces 27 Full Moon is an opportunity for us to look at our relationships with ourselves and with the Earth, and to share what we find, even to the point of discovering the truth of life on Earth in the moment of recognizing how these relationships, in to out and out to in, are the same.

May God bless each and everyone one of us, and me as well, with a capacity to see us through to the post-carbon age. The Reaganites opened deep wounds and for years now all we’ve done is pour salt in them.
As you can, give yourself and those around you the balm of hope, that bane of nihilism.

We have much to do – let us support each other in believing there is a reason for our efforts. Perform the ceremony.

With Love,


“However odd things seem, mustn’t it be to exactly that extent of oddness that a life is one’s own, and no one else’s?”
William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

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