2018 Leo Super Blue Full Moon (TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE)

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2018 LEO Super, Blue, Full Moon


Wednesday Januray 31, 2018

8:27am EST, 5:27am PST, 1:27pm GT

 11 Leo 37

The Capricorn New Moon on January 16th activated the wormhole we are traveling through, turning our attention to the source of our inner authority. Capricorn asks us to recognize the truth: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our inner sense of authority determines how we respond to what happens in our world at the personal level. Being aware of ourselves is a powerful tool for navigating a wormhole, which is a chapter of our lives that includes two eclipses. The wormhole began on January 16th and ends on March 17th.  As Stephanie Azaria described on January 27 during her talk on Navigating the Wormhole, ‘a wormhole takes us to parts of ourselves that we have not yet accessed.’  The key is to use the observer’s perch as a tool to watch what is occurring at a moment. If we experience judgement or fear, simply recognizing it diffuses the energy and allows for clarity again. In a wormhole anything can happen.  That’s an exciting prospect, and as Stephanie said, we are often as fearful of happiness, success, peace, and awareness as we are of failure and missing the boat. It’s important to stay with the energies that are downloading now, because this wormhole serves as the birthing of the Divine Feminine in each of us.

As Christine Clemmer wrote in this week’s cosmic consciousness weekly report: ‘It’s also important to remember that this wormhole passage is designed to create unexpected openings and opportunities to leap towards our destiny and higher purpose. In the blink of an eye, everything can change. That's truly exciting. Never before have we held so much power and potential for epic change in our ordinary waking moments’.



While this is all true, the reality is also that a wormhole can feel very disorienting at times. This Full Moon is an essential part of the two-month long wormhole experience, and it is triply amplified—it is a Super Moon—meaning it is closer to Earth and far more powerful than usual; it is a Blue Moon as it is the second full moon of January 2018, and that means unusual things are more prone to happen; and it is a total Eclipse Moon. The eclipse opens a sideways elevator that is meant to deliver us to an entirely new part of ourselves, a part that we would find it hard to get to otherwise.
The Full Moon is in Leo and is disposed by the Aquarian Sun. Leo rules the Sun, and the Sun represents the masculine energy of our spiritual identity. The Sun presides over essential core identities and the Moon our emotional responses. It is hard to imagine a fuller, warmer, or more generous blast of Light energy from our Spiritual identity than this one, because it is a burst of Light from within, directly from our true Selves. This Full Moon serves to Light up our way.



Since the Sun is currently in Aquarius, let’s consider that the Aquarian quality of consciousness provides us with the means to Love ourselves unconditionally as Source/God/Goddess does. This isn’t ever simple, as we must recognize that the biggest impediment to Self-Love is in our own minds and habits. But through Aquarius we can link into universal Consciousness and Know what it feels like. The Love that endures is unconditional universal Love. This is the Love that brings tears to our eyes in response to great beauty or a depth of compassion that is thoroughly transcendent. The kind that leaves us speechless. What a revelation to know -- right now -- that this kind of Love is our birthright because it comprises all of what we really are.  It’s important to note that there may be more than a few moments during this wormhole journey when this revelation is hard to remember. So let’s take a look at all the support we are receiving during the Full Moon.
The Full Moon is in a nearly exact new cycle (conjunction) with Ceres (the inner midwife) at 12 Leo and conjunct the Soul Star at 14 Leo. It is in a bridge with the Sun at 12 Aquarius that is in a new cycle with Venus (our emotional body), the Earth Star at 14 Aquarius, and approaching Juno 19 Aquarius (where we access unity consciousness). This Full Sun/Moon bridge sets up the birthing process of the Divine Feminine within each of us that is an intrinsic part of the wormhole experience. The Moon and Ceres are also in a Great Eliminator with Neptune at 12 Pisces, presenting us with a choice about how we respond to events.  One way is to accept each event as an integral part of the set up for the birthing process. The other, more fearful approach can cause feelings of delusion to arise, fueled by the seemingly chaotic and random weirdness that is occurring around us. No matter where the wormhole takes you, know that it is a set up for complete Self-transformation, taking us from a limited perspective to greater awareness of our unity consciousness.  Most of us only have a taste of what unity consciousness feels like. The trick is to trust that these little tastes will become more frequent as we move forward.



Further, just prior to the Full Moon, Saturn at 5 Capricorn makes the first of three stepping stones (squares) with the 5D planet MakeMake in Libra. Remember that the recent Capricorn New Moon (disposed by Saturn) put us in touch with the need to acknowledge our inner authority and to recognize how we relate to external authority. MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, so we can expect to see stressors on the durability of any social structures that no longer serve us, highlighting those that need to be transformed by us.
To help us, there is a magnificent Light Bridge High Way comprised of Haumea 26 Libra (the creative force of rebirth into wholeness) and the fixed star Arcturus 25 Libra (producing many new scientific and cosmic breakthroughs) bridging with Uranus (the great Awakener) and Eris (the inner Awakener). Uranus represents the masculine force of Awakening, and rules also the Aquarian quality of consciousness. Eris is that inner awakening feminine voice that must be heard and paid attention to. When we remember to step onto this Light Bridge High Way we can perceive how the birthing place and the birthing process is being arranged. Birthing environments are very deliberately arranged and purposefully prepared by the part of the Self that Knows what will be needed for a successful live birth.
This will not be easy to see, as we have not lived in social structures where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine work together as a balanced part of a whole instead of two separate and different parts. As a possible result, we may find ourselves not agreeing with what we are observing.  We have to “get over” our opinions on the subject and open our perspectives. This Full Moon can help us do this.


It is important to use this Light Bridge High Way to get some breathing room because there is also an exact Finger of God comprised of Chiron 26 Pisces in a resource (sextile) with Sedna 26 Taurus pointing to Haumea and Arcturus. We can start to access the Master/Healer/Teacher qualities of Chiron during the Full Moon by listening to the fragmented parts ourselves and giving the buried parts of us voice (Sedna).
Because we do not know what the Divine feminine presence really is at this point, this may not be the easiest of experiences. But that inner voice must be listened to because the wormhole will deliver us to 29 Pisces in March. This degree of Pisces is where we can most acutely feel the pain of separation from Source, and it is also where we master and transcend this suffering.  This can only be done by fully remembering and accepting all the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves. We are spiritual beings here on Earth to have the experience of moving from separation to unity. This is the promise of the Golden Aquarian Age that we have just entered. The way to dissipate fear is take a deep breath and just let each breath bring us back to right now, right here. And if your breath catches, take another one, and then another. And then say to yourself, “open your heart.” This is a highly effective practice to gain access to the gifts offered by this super focused, close, and dynamic Full Moon.


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up column, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to  viviansmall2017@gmail.com

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