2018 Scorpio New Moon

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2018 Scorpio New Moon

Wednesday November 7, 2018

11:02am EST, 8:02am PST, 4:02pm GT

15 Scorpio 11


The Full Moon in Taurus on 24 October brought forward the opportunity to listen to our own inner voice. Sometimes it was easy to listen, and sometimes not. The passage between the Full Moon and this New Moon gave us ample time to experience what it means to pay attention to the information generated by that inner voice. No matter what goes on in our outer world, the inner voice remains constant and True. If we believe that we cannot hear this voice, or even find it, this is a sign that we must take a few moments to be still. The inner voice is basic standard equipment that every person is born with. How we listen and learn to trust that voice throughout our lives is the journey of faith.
Again and yet again
I drop into clear,
Deep pools of self
To lay relaxed at last in eternal stillness
Intimate, familiar, home.
From Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Judith Whitman Small, Ashland Hills Press 2012.

The New Moon at 15 Scorpio will show us how powerful this voice can be when translated on a collective basis.  In Cosmic Consciousness, 15 Scorpio is a world access degree, which means that it touches everyone on Earth, whether it is night or day during the New Moon event. Scorpio is the quality of consciousness where we make manifest what we believe at our core, whether we are aware of it or not. This part of our consciousness is where we recognize that our actions affect events, and that we are able to shape the events in our lives.
This recognition is extremely potent, and is easily misunderstood because it involves power. Some people back away when they see the impact of their words or actions, while others embrace this knowledge.  Everything that comes through the Scorpio quality of consciousness within us stems from our subconsciousness.  Our empowerment –the sense of what we feel we can and cannot do - comes directly from our subconsciousness. It is at the same time deeply personal – because it involves our individual actions - and deeply collective -because the sum of our actions forms the collective zeitgeist. The New Moon can provide us with a fresh start regarding our perceptions of power and transformation.

Photographer: Melissa Meier, U.S. Geological Survey -http://gallery.usgs.gov/photos/08_18_2010_

The symbol for Scorpio is a crater lake, which is formed from deep earth volcanic processes and is continuously fed through internal springs and rainfall. Scorpio is disposed by Pluto, the archetype representing where we find the process of transformation within ourselves. The New Moon is in a Grand Water Manifestation (formerly trine) with Neptune (the process of enlightenment) at 14 Pisces and the fixed star Sirius (where we access divine inspiration) at 14 Cancer. Energy flows freely without impediment during a grand manifestation, and in this case, emotions will flow freely—they can be used for transformation, enlightenment, and inspiration on how to move forward, OR we can feel overwhelmed by them.

Crater Lake, Oregon, U.S.A. https://pixabay.com/en/crater-lake-oregon-mountains-winter-1751456/
The New Moon is also in a Light Bridge (opposing a 5D planet) with Sedna (where we reestablish Divine Feminine energy) at 27 Taurus and Juno (unity consciousness) at 28 Taurus.  It is worth taking the time to use this Light Bridge during the New Moon to remember the following, which evokes the steadiness of Taurus and the depth of Scorpio:
Running deep in cool delight
The waters of my mind.
I watch the tides
Go in and out
And the hurricanes go by
From the steady calm called I.
From Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Judith Whitman Small, Ashland Hills Press 2012.
The New Moon is profoundly affected by two massive Light Bridges that form a Power Crossroad. The first Light Bridge is formed by a large stellium (group of planets) comprised of Venus (how we love) at 27 Libra, Ceres (the inner midwife) at 28 Libra, Haumea (unity consciousness) at 26 Libra, Arcturus (the higher Truths of scientific breakthrough) at 24 Libra, bridging Eris (our inner disruption/awakening process) at 23 Aries and Uranus (our capacity to awaken) at 29 Aries 57.  This Light bridge has a way of waking us up to what we truly Love Make use of the observer’s perch to watch how we continually create drama, even about things we claim we no longer care about. Once these old habits are identified, let them go.
The Crossroad is formed with the Light Bridge between Pluto at 19 Capricorn, the Earth Star (where we address our karma) at 29 Capricorn and Vesta (where we feel devotion) at 19 Capricorn bridging with the Soul Star (where we address our destiny) at 29 Cancer and Sirius at Cancer 14. This Light Bridge asks us to become aware of what parts of our lives we continue to perpetuate even though they no longer serve our goals. Use the observer’s perch to take note of this while also accepting that we may not truly fully understand our karma or destiny.

Ponte dei tre Ponti bridge, Venice, Italy


Power Crossroads are very dynamic and are all about being able to be the initiator. But that action must come from the heart.  It is good to remember that when dealing with a crossroad, we can move in any one direction and move in all directions at once when we use the observer’s perch.  Given the inherent transformational energies that Scorpio brings along with the capacity for finding the core of an issue and bringing it to light, this New Moon is a profound opportunity to start with a fresh vision, and leave the past behind.
The deep core of being
Sits at the crossroads
Between whirling worlds
Of flashing creation
Calmly directing traffic
While humming to the music
Of the spheres
The mourning mists
Of forgetfulness shroud
The light of the dreamer and muffle
The clear bell tones of truth.
Nestled in layers of history
The sleeper dreams
The fragile tales of illusion
And believes that the endings are real.
Ah-to awaken
The long slumbering mystery
And dance with the immortals
On the slender curve of infinity.
From Floodtide: A Collection of Poems, Judith Whitman Small, Ashland Hills Press 2012

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com

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