2018 Taurus Full Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Taurus Full Moon

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

12:45pm EDT, 9:45am PDT, 5:45pm GT

1 Taurus 13

The New Moon on 8 October at 15 Libra gave us an unforgettable view into how we project our unconscious feelings onto people in our lives—the ones we interact with on an individual basis, and those that are part of our communities and governments. It was an astonishing perspective that only the Libra quality of consciousness can provide, that of the neutral observer. This passage was so helpful in helping us understand the lay of the land that we are moving through. From the observer’s perch we saw that we could float on the river of emotion instead of being engulfed by our feelings.  We did this just by using the observer’s perch. We have now traversed to more solid, tangible ground, to the Taurus Full Moon. This is where we have the opportunity to touch base with our inner voice and see the connection between motivation, feeling, and emotion. Powerful stuff, as it is a chance to release some old feeling patterns that may have had us feeling stuck for quick some time now.

Redwoods Mountain Redwood Trees Waterfall Sequoia

The Taurus quality of consciousness that we all hold within ourselves asks us to consciously connect with our inner guidance. This is the neutral voice within. We recognize it because it is that part of ourselves that speaks with the answer we knew all along, which is not positive or negative. Some people hear a voice inside; others just have a sense of “knowing” what the inner voice is saying.
To listen to this voice, we need to overcome any resistance we have to hearing it. This is not always easy, because this voice many times has something to say that we may not wish to hear. When we hear this voice, it becomes evident what our beliefs and values are at that moment.  It is, in effect, the sound of our inner teacher. 
The Taurus Full Moon is conjunct Uranus (where we self-realize) at 0 Taurus 31.  We may find there is sudden change in the way we are viewing a situation that seemed quite grounded and stable. Any realizations we have will come from the inside out, from that inner voice. This is key, because The Moon and Uranus are working together. The news of the day may seem as normal and nothing more or less dramatic than what has been going on.  What could occur is a one of those lightening flash realizations for which Uranus is famous. It is crucial to remember that the planets are archetypes that reflect our consciousness. We collectively create the effect of a transiting planet. So if an illuminating flash realization comes our way, it will be unplanned and may uncover something we had not noticed before. 
Our inner voice will validate the flash realization as being something worth paying attention to. The only thing to do is find the still point and rest there for awhile without expectation. Looking for meaning of the insight or expecting an insight to come at the exact point of the Full Moon may make it appear more dramatic than it really is, or is meant to be. 
In stillness -- even for a moment – allows for new vision and understanding on how to clear old feeling cycles that have us caught into emotional patterns that do not serve us individually or collectively anymore. The symbol for Taurus is the Redwood tree, which because of its height, can also serve as a natural lightening rod. When a Redwood is struck by lightening, the fire shoots through the tree and exits at its base. Redwood trees hit by lightening can remain be resilient and strong.  Metaphorically, for us, whatever flash insight might be gained should be thought of as shooting through to make room inside of us for new growth. This is a creative, but not destructive process.

1874, Albert Bierstadt, Giant Redwood Trees of California. Permanent Collection of the Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
It is significant that the Taurus Full Moon is disposed by Venus (how we love). Venus is conjunct the Sun (our consciousness), at 1 Scorpio and is in a bridge (formerly opposition) with the Moon/Uranus at 4 Scorpio. Venus is conjunct the Sun, at 1 Scorpio. This lights up the heart, even in the darkest of places, where we hide how we really feel about things and how we value ourselves. We can be aware of any issues we have about expressing how we are choosing to show love towards ourselves and others, consciously and unconsciously. This bridge allows us to delve into the mysteries of our hearts, some of which may have overlooked in the past. These are not secrets kept from us, but rather places we now wish to examine or bring to light, if only for a second. These could include moments where we remember feeling pain. This is a good time to consider Neem Karoli Baba’s dictum to “Love Everybody,” including ourselves, as it is just so much simpler to do so.

Supporting this emotional deep dive is Love Crossroad  (formerly a grand cross). To create this crossroad, along with the bridge to Venus and the Sun, the Full Moon is in a stepping stone (formerly square) to the Soul Star (North Node) at 1 Leo conjunct Varuna (where we access the widest perspective possible) at 3 Leo. This urges us to lift our vision up, so we can gain gratitude for having this Full Moon experience. The final leg of the crossroad is the stepping stone with the Earth Star (formerly South Node) at 1 Aquarius, providing impetus for loving ourselves no matter what we think we may have done ‘wrong’ in the past. Each part of this crossroad can be used simultaneously (using all the stepping stones at once) to reclaim our self worth and value our inner voice, reminding us of the divine structure that is our birthright.
Artwork by Matt Rockwell. Private Collection, used with permission from Stephanie Azaria
The Full Moon  at 1 Taurus is ALSO in a Grand Manifestation (formerly Grand Trine), comprised of Saturn (our inner authority) at 4 Capricorn manifesting with Quaoar (where we access new belief systems) at 0 Capricorn, manifesting with the fixed star Regulus (where we access heart-courage) at 0 Virgo. With these free flowing energies we have the opportunity to experience a true sense of emotional wholeness.

Photo by Vfuller09, Waterfalls located on the Palamaner-Kuppan Highway, Andhra Pradesh, India, 28 November 2015  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kigal_waterfalls.jpg
Saturn is a big player during the Full Moon, as it is in a resource with Venus at 4 Scorpio, asking us to value ourselves. Saturn is also in a stepping stone with MakeMake (where we access universal truths) at 3 Libra, calling out the need to recognize that true authority can be found when we feel open and relaxed.
Finally, Ceres (our inner midwife) at 22 Libra is conjunct Haumea (where we experience unity and wholeness) at 25 Libra, and as such joins the Light Highway with Eris  (our inner disrupter) at 23 Aries. The support is here to give birth to a new sense of self, honoring our inner voice with appropriate self-value and ability to navigate the choices that present themselves daily to us. We re-discover that our motivations come from our heart. This Light Highway is there to use as an observer’s perch as we watch the fullness of the Taurus Moon bring forth new information that can altar old emotional patterns. We are all ready to feel deeply inside ourselves a sense of renewal. If we let it, here it comes.

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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