2018 Virgo New Moon / End of the Worm Hole

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Sunday September 9, 2018

2:02pm ET, 11:02am PT, 7:02pm GT

17 Virgo 00

Worm Hole Deactivates

Welcome to the Virgo New Moon and the close of the wormhole. We have traversed uncharted territory since the Pisces Full Moon two weeks ago widened our vision—both inner and outer—and provided the experience of living with an expanded vista. Things that seemed shrouded in mystery or secrecy suddenly were revealed, and we learned that they had been hiding in plain sight all along. Now that we see these formerly shadowed places, we can appreciate the role they played in our growth by providing us with a new capacity for discernment. Looking back, the Gemini New Moon on 13 June kicked off this process of discovering what discernment means, and how it contributes to self-awareness. We learned what it meant through the experience of Love.
Here at the end of the wormhole we find we are more awake than we ever dreamed we would be, and lo-and behold, it seems to have landed in all the right places. This unprecedented knowledge conveys the message that everything that happens in our lives forms a crucial part of our experience. Denying an emotional response or discounting an idea that appears foreign creates a shadow place for that feeling or thought to dwell in, unclaimed. When we ignore them, they grow out of proportion and hidden from view, until we offer up the simple recognition they deserve. Then we can release these shadow thoughts and feelings and they flow away. Our task is to embrace all our feelings and use our emotional intelligence to discern what best serves our Selves and all those around us through the five human values of truth, right action, peace, love, and non-violence.

Photo by the U.S. National Park Service of the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes are the largest active dunes in the Arctic. This image file contains material based on a work of a National Park Service employee, created as part of that person's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, such work is in the public domain in the United States. https://www.nps.gov/kova/learn/nature/great-kobuk-sand-dunes.htm

The symbol for Virgo is the sand dunes, which are both incredibly granular and solid structures that shape shift rapidly, whenever that shift comes in the form of wind, water, or from a change in earth structure (earthquake). The Virgo quality of consciousness is that of the inner master-healer-teacher, where we hold each part of our etheric bodies—spiritual, mental, emotional, and the physical as equally important. Using the Virgo lens, we have the opportunity to see ourselves as fully whole beings all times, no matter what we are experiencing in any moment. From this perspective, then, every experience is for our benefit, no matter what it feels like at the time. Virgo is the progenitor of our awareness as entities living in physical space, and as such functions as the Divine Mother energy within each of us.

Photo by Wonderlane, https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/7192482234
The New Moon is sitting in a stellium (group of planets) that includes the Sun (our consciousness); Orcus (our awareness of our own immortality) at 10 Virgo; Mercury (how we think) at 6 Virgo; Juno (our commitment to unity consciousness) at 2 Virgo, and the fixed star Regulus (holding the noble ideals of our collective consciousness) at 0 Virgo. This stellium reflects an opportunity to use the New Moon energies to aim for our highest aspirations—for ourselves and collectively for all of humanity. This concentration of Virgo consciousness, amplified by the Moon and Sun working as one illustrates that whatever happened to us inside the wormhole journey, we arrive fully intact, with a brand new clarity about what we feel is truly important going forward.

Neptune (our capacity for enlightenment) is at 15 Pisces in a bridge (formerly opposition) with the entire New Moon Virgo stellium. This polarity represents our capacity to examine our experience in minute detail and also see it as an integral part of the whole-as far out as we can visualize. Using this bridge as the observer’s perch, we can lighten our hearts through acceptance and forgiveness, of ourselves and others. Amplifying the impact of this bridge is the Grand Manifestation (formerly trine) comprised of Neptune with Jupiter (our social consciousness) at 18 Scorpio and with the fixed star Sirius (where we tap into divine inspiration) at 14 Cancer.
"Feel yourself out
to your fingertips and beyond.
There is no telling where you end.
You stand on the bridge between
the day and the night-
the black and the white-
the creation and the void.
Ask yourself –
How much can I lovingly hold?"
Poem by Judith Whitman Small, from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, Ashland, OR. 2012
The New Moon is manifesting with Pluto (our ability to transform) at 19 Capricorn. This manifestation inspires great confidence in our own authority to recognize what needs to change in our lives. Further, this manifestation is strengthened by Pluto’s engagement in a loose Capricorn stellium that includes Quaoar (our ability to shift paradigms) at 0 Capricorn, Saturn (our sense of inner authority) at 3 Capricorn, and Mars (our newly integrated male/female energy source) at 29/30 Capricorn.  It is safe to say that this New Moon provides a clear way forward toward anything we desire that exists within our consciousness and in our lives.
Chiron at 1 Aries disposes Virgo (and therefore the New Moon experience)- as the master-teacher-healer archetype. Chiron is in a mystic rectangle, which is a set of aspect relationships formed by two manifestations and two resources (formerly sextiles) working together. A mystic rectangle creates a flow for amazing productive and magical creative energy. Chiron, in conjunction with Salacia (where we See how we create light and dark in our lives) at 3 Aries is manifesting with the Soul Star (where we live our aspirations) at 5 Leo, conjunct Varuna (high perspective) at 2 Leo. These are in resource with Ceres (where we birth the new) at 2 Libra, conjunct MakeMake (where we attune to the universal laws) at 4 Libra; which are manifesting with Mars conjunct the Earth Star (where we tap our lineage) at 5 Aquarius. This combination of archetypes creating the mystical rectangle adds great potency to all the new beginnings we usually associate with a New Moon.
"New Moons are out tonight.
The deep sky is full of them.
For adornment
Mother Earth is wearing them
in her dark hair.
And calling forth
the plentitude of love
from her womb
To grace her boundless limbs."
Poem by Judith Whitman Small, from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems. Ashland Hills Press, Ashland, OR. 2012
The wormhole experience prepared us for this moment, however we may be characterizing it. It prepared us for being able to create a new world.  This is the end of the birth canal. To some it may look like everything is falling apart.  To others, a new foundation is purely energetic, one that is not based on patriarchy or matriarchy.  Something is emerging.  We do not know what this new order it looks like, nor will we, for some time. There will be drama in its creation and it will be interesting. The "new order" will be something entirely new--by 2020 we will have a better idea about it.
mage by https://pixabay.com; https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ 
The wormhole showed us how capable we are of discerning – through Love - what serves and what does not, and what we can do to create positive, inclusive, productive, peaceful, and abundance for ourselves and for others. This Virgo New Moon is the precious divine beginning of something entirely new, with endless potential, like the birth of a baby. For us, it is the realization that we are fully empowered to experience this expansion reflected in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies as an integrated whole.

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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  1. Bravo!! Terrific article.

    Thanks for explaining in short bits each of the TNO’s meanings and their placement when you referenced them. So helpful.

    This wormhole hit me hard. Some events that I saw coming and others that I didn’t. Things definitely are different but I trust that whatever is on its way it’s going to set me up for something wonderful and more abundant that I thought possible. The baby part is particularly meaningful. I have a dream that I am working on that involves babies and now with all the changes it will free me up to make it happen. The universe does conspire to create change when it is most needed.

    Thanks again- great article.

  2. Love this! “Our task is to embrace all our feelings and use our emotional intelligence to discern what best serves our Selves and all those around us through the five human values of truth, right action, peace, love, and non-violence.” Got a chance to try it out today, and it was an invigorating challenge that I was able to meet, while those not in the know fell on their swords, hurting themselves, really, by displaying a lack of those values.

    1. Also, this from the Cosmic numbers, as I watched 2 people square off today: ” physically constructed from sacred geometric fractals of light holding space in time, contoured by darkness”. I’ve been there, done that – the one who felt taken advantage of being told ” I don’t care about you”, and the one taking advantage trying to hold on to his ill-got gains. It is your teachings at The Cosmic Path that have helped me to put all of this in perspective. Especially to understand that it is ALL Good, placed there to enlighten me. Namaste.

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