2019 April New Moon

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April 5, 2019:  New Moon 15 Aries 17 (4:50AM ET, 1:50AM PT)
The journey between the Libra Full Moon and Aries New Moon delivered us to the fundamental human condition, where our perception of group consciousness as “them” in relation to our individual consciousness came more into focus. Realizing that both the social and personal are parallel paths to our collective Unity Consciousness is the process we are going through. It is a new one for us humans, because we have only recently become aware that these are simultaneous paths that we walk on at all times. We are the ‘them” and the “I” and the “I Am” at all times. This journey is a reminder that awareness- no matter how awakened we are-is always expanding. This is true for Ascended Masters, for those here on earth who are considered “enlightened,” and for every other person on the planet, who may just be getting through their lives.

We all play a pivotal role in contributing to this consciousness expansion process, and this process never ends. It goes on and on. We do not know how the expansion started, exactly, and we cannot describe it with words well, because we do not have enough information or experience, yet.  It is like a zen koan, where there is no real answer, or as aptly put by Terry Prachett, “In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded.” Life began as a mass of energy that manifested into physical matter, ultimately creating the multiverse that includes our universe, solar system, Earth, humanity, animals, plants, and so on. Travelling along the Libra to Aries continuum is going from social consciousness to individual consciousness. Kind of like looking a picture of a crowd and realizing you can see yourself there, in the photograph.
Photo by James Cridland https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/613445810used courtesy of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
 Usually, we think of ourselves as individuals in relation to our social and group interactions.  This is the path of moving from Aries (self-awareness) to the Libra (our social and group identities).  However, for this New Moon, we are moving in the opposite direction. We have moved from the Full Moon in Libra to the New Moon in Aries.  This is not an easy journey, because the Libra part of our consciousness asks us to recognize that we are in relationship to everything. The world we see is our mirror.  Using the Libra quality of our consciousness, when we recognize that everything we see is our projection, we can take ownership and responsibility for making any changes we wish to see. This is the process of Self-Actualization.  With our Aries quality of consciousness, we realize our own full potential to live as an empowered individual. This is the process of Self-Realization. The Libra Full Moon activated our awareness of our current social circumstances -whether these involve family, friends, work, or other social groupings.  Inevitably, this awareness raises questions, such as “why have I created this circumstance and why am I in it?”  We may not like asking such questions…but the time was right for them to arise.  The answers may not have been clear, and this does not matter so much.  What is important is that we became aware of how we felt about our social circumstances. With the Aries New Moon energy we return to our individual empowerment.  The Moon, serving as the archetype of our emotional body, is a tool we each can use to acknowledge our feelings and release them.
Our feelings about our social circumstances are part of our role as a purposeful (dharmic) global group consciousness what we all share, that is here to evolve planet Earth.  We do not know the purpose of why bad things seem to happen to good people, why there is conflict and war, poverty, degradation of the environment, bullying, and suffering.  What we are more aware of is that we each have an individual (karmic) role to play and we are empowered to do the best we can.  Our individual purpose is to recognize all of what we consider good and beautiful along with what we see as bad and ugly.  Our role is to experience this duality and in doing so, realize our connection to Unity Consciousness.  Whatever our feelings about our wider social circumstances (which again we co-create) the Aries New Moon is the perfect time to release these feelings and let them flow through us.  It is time to look at everything from a new perspective, and this is what Aries is all about.
 New Moons always represent a new beginning, a chance to reboot and explore a new part of ourselves. Aries is the part of our consciousness what is represented by the spark…of life…of creativity…of the energy to move and do…and calls us to the practice of loving with the mind. Aries is disposed by Mars. Over the past few years Mars has undergone a transformation where this archetype now represents a new balance of the masculine with the feminine Self, and reflects all that is physical. Mars recently moved into the Gemini quality of our consciousness, where we learn to think with our heart. Mars in Gemini is able to hold multiple perspectives at the same time, and treat each with the same level of attention.
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 The New Moon is conjunct the Sun (our identity), and it is part of a stellium that includes Eris at 23 Aries (our inner disrupter); Salacia at 3 Aries (where we find light and shadow); and Chiron at 2 Aries (where we activate our wholing process). Also included in  this Aries cluster is Vesta  at 1 Aries (where we access devotion). This is the time to pay attention and be willing to embrace everything that comes up with equanimity. We do not know what the future looks like. Actually, we never do. The New Moon provides a renewal of our sense of Self. Eris may stimulate some impatience, where we may feel like something should be happening, now. Salacia’s shadow play makes it easier for us to recognize and express how we really feel. Chiron may be identifiable as an urge to “get in shape somehow,” to feel more together, like everything is working in concert.
It is a good time to consider this quote from Terry Prachett: “Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” This is the play of light and shadow that Salacia facilitates within each of us. If we recognize that this play of light and shadow is continuous within us, we can recognize our feelings more easily, and they will feel less like they are coming in from an unknown source, but are part of the whole, like the ocean. Shadow and light must be together so we can see them. We cannot conceive of one without the other. And Salacia encourages us to embrace this and have fun with it.
Photo by Mike Baird, https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/9442126958; used courtesy of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
 The New Moon is part of a major event, which is the ongoing Power (cardinal) Grand Crossroad, as it forms one of the arms of the four-way crossroad. The Moon within this Aries stellium forms a Light Bridge (opposition) with Pallas Athena at 21 Libra (retrograde, where we access our Divine Feminine Wisdom), the Fixed Star Arcturus at 24 Libra, and Haumea at 26 Libra (where we co-create Unity Consciousness). We can use this bridge to start realize something new within ourselves that contributes to a new and original way of doing things.
Crossing is the Soul Star (North Node) at 23 Cancer, the Fixed Star Sirius at 14 Cancer in a Light Bridge with Saturn 20 Capricorn (where we access inner integrity); the Earth Star (South Node) at 23 Capricorn; Pluto 23 Capricorn (where we experience resurrection). This Light Bridge allows for a deep dive into our relationship with our inner mother/father, through the Soul and Earth Stars. On either side of this Light Bridge is the ability to undertake a complete transformation to our relationship to authority (aka nothing in life happens without our permission on some level) and our relationship to self-care and nurturing.
Photo used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/illustrations/meadow-away-panorama-680607/; used courtesy of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
 Because the Moon is one of the access points to the Power Crossroad, we have unique access to our emotional body. It brings this Crossroads up close and personal, starting with the self and urging that we lift our perspective a bit higher. There may be high drama or things may seem peaceful on the surface during the New Moon. It actually does not matter. What is important is that we recognize that there is a freshness, a new energy, that can be used to make changes. We may feel stimulated by new ideas, and be more willing to drop old prejudices. It is a good time to put forth your most cherished dream and vision for the year, because the Moon is in an intimacy aspect (semi-sextile) with Neptune (where we access enlightenment) at 17 Pisces, Mercury (how we think) at 19 Pisces, and Venus (how we love) at 11 Pisces. The Moon is also manifesting with (trine) Ceres (our inner midwife) at 14 Sagittarius (the Source Black Hole, the Great Attractor). Put as much form as you can to this dream, and then release it. Your vision will take on a special magnetism that will stick with you, and the way it will take shape will begin to become apparent by the next Full Moon in Libra, the second Libra Full Moon in a row.
Photo by Nosha, https://www.flickr.com/photos/nosha/20591613380; used courtesy of used courtesy of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Also occurring during the New Moon is a Grand Earth Manifestation (grand trine) between Astraea (the fully integrated Divine Feminine) at 0 Taurus and Uranus (how we wake up) at 1 Taurus, manifesting with Quaoar (where we access new thought patterns) at 3 Capricorn, with the Fixed Star Regulus at 0 Virgo. This powerful 5D planetary picture allows a free flow of energy, should we choose to access it, of sudden and exalted revelations about entirely new ways of considering the Divine Feminine in a very practical way. The whole gender-based power “over” syndrome is starting to change now that Astraea is making herself known. This will happen in bursts and also gradually. Eventually it will be hard for us all to remember what it was like before, because this is a fundamental paradigm shift. The old ways of constructing social relationships just will not be relevant anymore and will not work. The time it takes for this massive paradigm shift is not important. What is crucial is that we know it is happening, and we can support it by including the desire for a new paradigm in the vision we each create during the New Moon.
Image by Barbara A. Lane, https://pixabay.com/images/download/mandala-2523366_1920.jpg?attachment&modal; used courtesy of used courtesy of  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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