2019 Capricorn New Moon

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8:29PM EST, 5:29PM PST, 1:29AM (1/6) GT


The Cancer Full Moon on 22 December provided the energy to explore emotional responses that previously may have been uncharted, and perhaps even unrecognizable. The ongoing wormhole, which opened on 7 December 2018 has opened and closed many doors, and made new ones appear that we had not seen before. Regardless, they were all ours to experience and acknowledge. Given the dignity of that Full Moon (Cancer disposes the Moon), all our responses served us, even if we cannot see how yet. The Cancer part of our consciousness affirmed the importance of processing our emotions as they arise. How this processing takes place differs for each of us, however, it all starts with the recognition of a feeling, and then allowing for our inherent emotional wisdom to kick in.

Please note that any pre-conceived notion of emotional wisdom shows its irrelevancy during a wormhole. We may have found ourselves reacting instead of responding the way we thought we should. Therein lies the hook and the catch. Here is the release: we are able to forge a new perspective when we allow a feeling to arise without attaching it to a person or thing. The Truth is, that if we are aware of what is triggering our feelings, then we open the door for an emotional response that is authentic and appropriate, no matter what anyone else may think. The Cancer Full Moon passage took us to this realization in a way where we found unexpected strength and security within our core sense of Self.
With this New Moon, we enter into the Capricorn part of our consciousness, where we have the opportunity to observe-and even-experience how the identities we call ourSelves are connected to Source. Capricorn is in polarity with Cancer, and shows us the direction our emotional energy is heading. The Moon in Capricorn shifts our perspective from the immediacy of a feeling to the bigger picture, as an executive director might do when addressing a series of problems that may appear trivial but actually point a larger pattern that is in play.




The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain, which is majestic, inspiring and ever present. The mountain reminds us that everything that seems to be an obstacle is something that is for our growing awareness.  We actually designed it that way. It all depends upon the perspective, and the perspective of Capricorn from is the top, the Crown Chakra, where the vista can be gained. The vista our Capricorn consciousness provides lets us see is that all the energy in motion (e-motion) we can create is in its appropriate place. Mountain create watersheds, without which there would be no rivers (the symbol for Cancer is the river).

Mount Shasta, California, 2016
The New Moon at 15 Capricorn is also a partial Solar eclipse, and is the first “sideways elevator” of 2019. In Cosmic Consciousness, a sideways elevator is the opportunity to experience an expansion of consciousness in ways we have not been able to imagine before. The Moon and Sun are in a new cycle (formerly conjunction) during a New Moon, rebooting all that we think we are with all our feelings about that identity. Eclipses and New Moons are regular, natural events that we are profoundly part of, through our consciousness. A solar eclipse makes it possible to loosen our attachment to what we think have been, and begin anew, as a painter does when one painting is finished and takes up a fresh blank canvas.  It is a relief to know that we have these regular opportunities to start again with a new perspective, particularly at the beginning of a new year.
Partial Solar Eclipse, Tromso Norway, 2011. Photo by Rhys Jones; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Partial_solar_eclipse_Troms%C3%B8_2011-05-31.jpg
This New Moon is made all the more potent because of a stellium (grouping of conjunct planets working together) conjunct the Moon/Sun at 15 Capricorn. These include Mercury (how we communicate) at 1 Capricorn; Quaoar (where we find new thought patterns) at 2 Capricorn; Saturn (where we create inner and outer authority) at 12 Capricorn; the Earth Star (South Node and where we connect with our karma) at 27 Capricorn; and Pluto (where we transform ourselves) at 21 Capricorn. The presence of Saturn, which disposes Capricorn, gives great dignity to the New Moon. This stellium makes it possible for us to altar (alter) how we think about and communicate about our individual and collective future.
This is all the more tangible because the 1 January flyby of the Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule by the New Horizons spacecraft, transit for this flyby was at 16 Capricorn. New Horizons (our representative) provided images of this farthest known object in our solar system. Ultima Thule (“beyond the borders of the known world”) is thought be a relic from the formation of our solar system. With these pictures, scientists will discover more about the origin of our solar system and the beginning of our physical experience.
New Horizons is still on its outward journey, continuously providing information that expands our conscious knowledge of what is in our physical solar system. During this Capricorn New Moon, we have an opportunity to deliberately let our feelings catch up with this new information. It may be a slightly irritating experience, somewhat like having a small pebble in a shoe. Regardless, because of the connection between the New Moon and the Ultima Thule flyby transit, we have the opportunity to go beyond any structural limits we may have imposed within our lives, including how we want to govern ourselves.

Artist's impression of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft encountering 2014 MU69, a Kuiper Belt object that orbits the Sun 1 billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) beyond Pluto, on Jan. 1, 2019. Image Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI 
The New Moon is in an intimacy degree (semi-sextile) with the Black Moon (how we relate to the Divine Feminine) at 16 Aquarius and Vesta (where we find inner devotion) at 17 Aquarius; and with Jupiter (where we expand our social consciousness) at 12 Sagittarius. These intimacy relationships bracket each side of the Capricorn New Moon stellium tightening its focus. It highlights how the expansion of our consciousness through exploration of the physical solar system is connected to our growing collective interest with ensuring the proper treatment for the Divine Feminine in all social interactions.
The New Moon is in a resource (trine) with Juno (our experience of unity consciousness) at 21 Taurus, and is in resource with Orcus (where we perceive the immortal) at 11 Virgo. These resource relationships provide the fuel for a renewed interest in the collective well-being of humanity.
The ongoing Power Crossroad (cardinal cross) continues to rotate players while holding form, providing new purpose to decisions related to the pathways forming the Crossroad. Remember all roads can be taken at once by standing in the center of the Crossroad. They can also be explored individually on each bridge (opposition) or stepping stone (square). The New Moon is involved this time, providing a fresh and appropriate emotional response to each of the parts forming the Crossroad.
The Crossroad is formed by the New Moon stellium in a Light Bridge with the fixed star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the ascended masters) at 14 Cancer and Soul Star (South Node, where we position our karma) at 27 Cancer. This bridge crosses the Light Bridge between the stationing Uranus (where we awaken) at 28 Aries and Eris (our inner disrupter) at 23 Aries bridging with Haumea at 27 Libra; the fixed star Arcturus at 24 Libra, and Pallas Athena (where we access Divine Feminine wisdom) at 23 Aries. Uranus stationing adds particular strength to the Crossroad, and already we are receiving surprising information. For instance, as of 3 January, “on-the-ground” photos of the far side of the Moon, thanks to the new robotic representative (Jade Rabbit 2) from China. We will now be able to fully see, from the surface, new sides to our emotional nature (the Moon).
It is no mistake that during the New Moon Venus (how we love) at 28 Scorpio is in a Light Bridge with Sedna (where we remember our Divine Feminine origins) at 26 Taurus. This is a great rebalancing moment for us to open our heats anew to all that may have been bothering us up to now. Venus is also in resource with Chiron at 28 Pisces, opening the channel for true wholing and releasing of deeply buried hurts and misunderstandings.
It is time. MakeMake (where we access Universal Laws) at 6 Libra retrograde is in a stepping stone to the New Moon. There is no more “business as usual.” Our explorations of Selves—whether through our physical Solar system or through meditation and contemplation is leading us to the universal Truth, “as above, so below.” This is the ultimate observer’s perch, and it is within in each of us, now.

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Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send me an email at: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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