2019 Libra New Moon

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28 September 2019

New Moon 5 Libra 20

2:27 pm EDT

We have moved with the Pisces/Virgo zoom lens of the September 15 Full Moon where we could examine things from a wide-angle or at a granular level. The Full Moon provided the much needed big-picture perspective (Pisces) while keeping us focused on the need to recalibrate the balance within our four-body energy system (Virgo). This system is comprised of the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body. Where the Pisces Full Moon took us to the field of infinite possibilities, our Libran quality of consciousness now rivets our awareness to what we see in the mirror, e.g. everything around us.
At the broadest level, everything we personally experience through our four-body system reflects our individual and collective consciousness. This idea can seem very abstract and not relevant to the here and now. As a mass consciousness, we all agreed upon what our world looks like and what group events we participate in globally and then down to regions, countries, states, communities, families, etc. As individuals seeking Truth we come to realize that everything is a projection of our experience of duality. This can sometimes feel like a bit of a jolt unless we practice mindfulness or use of the observer’s perspective. Think of wind blowing sand on the beach—it can feel gentle or like a sting-but, either way, it definitely gets our attention. The symbol for Libra is the wind, and as such reminds us how transitory things really are.
Image by JxnGlxgxr; used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/beach-wind-drift-sand-contrast-1106731/
The New Moon is at 5 Libra, and in Cosmic Consciousness, the 5D planet Sedna disposes Libra. Sedna is where we tap into the experience of the Divine Feminine within our solar system. She serves as a record keeper, or librarian if you will, of all phenomena through the ages, and especially on Earth. There is a beautiful loop with Sedna at 28 Taurus, and Taurus is disposed by Venus, and Venus is the classical ruler of Libra. Sedna is conjunct Vesta (where we find devotion) at 28 Taurus, which brings us to look at what we are most faithful to. Travelling along with Sedna and Vesta is Uranus at 5 Taurus, so we can expect the unexpected as well. The loop among the Moon/Sun/Sedna/Venus gives us several channels to help use the energy of the New Moon. It is a good time to look at the emotional loops that we all sustain in our lives with appreciation, no matter what their nature. They are all here to show us the Truth about ourSelves, which is, of course, that we are all essential parts of Unity Consciousness.
Remember, both the Sun (our conscious Identity) and the Moon (how we feel) come together to create a New Moon, and it is in this temporary dark that we nurture new things to come to fruition at the next Full Moon. The Libra quality of our Consciousness is where we physically experience duality through every relationship in our lives—whether with people, things, or places. Libra helps us realize the truth of these relationships, which is that each is a reflection of our own Consciousness.
Image by HoremWeb used courtesy of CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]; https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/03/Blowing_wind.jpg
The Moon and Sun are conjunct with MakeMake (where we experience eternal laws) at 5 Libra. This is so major because everyone is rethinking what universal laws exist and how they should be applied. Universal laws translate on Earth to fulfilling basic human rights and applying basic human values. During a New Moon, this is the opportunity for review and renewal of our allegiance to these laws, such as consciously acting from the basic human values of truthfulness, right conduct, nonviolence, love, and peace. Questions of how we treat each other and live on Earth, individually and collectively powerfully come into focus during this New Moon.
The Moon is part of a major stellium (grouping of planets or points). During the past Pisces Full Moon, we experienced a stellium of seven planets in Virgo; now we have seven in Libra. Travelling along with the Moon, Sun, and MakeMake are Venus (what we love) at 18; Mercury (how we communicate) at 23; the Fixed Star Arcturus (technological and scientific innovation) at 24; and Haumea (where we generate Unity Consciousness) at 26 Libra. We can observe with greater impartiality how we feel about our relationships, the communication modes we use, our affinity with innovation, and our commitment to bringing forth Unity Consciousness.
This is all huge and can feel very intense, especially because Venus, Mercury, Arcturus, and Haumea, all fall within the via combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio). The via combusta also known as the fiery way can offer up “trials by fire,” which can be purifying or difficult, particularly regarding relationships, depending on our perspective. Also within the via cumbusta is Pallas Athena (where we find divine wisdom) at 13 Scorpio in an intimacy aspect (semi-sextile) with the Moon. We can use this aspect to dive deeply into our feelings and gain wisdom.


Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay, used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/candle-flame-flame-fire-light-burn-1062513/
In resource (sextile) is Ceres (where we midwife new things) at 13 Sagittarius. Ceres is travelling with Jupiter (where we expand) at 17 and Ixion (Where we tap into our soul’s true purpose) at 27 Sagittarius. Anything we are nurturing is up for review regarding our core motivation, and we can gain greater clarity on how we want to move forward.


Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay, used courtesy of https://pixabay.com/fr/illustrations/cerveau-esprit-psychologie-id%C3%A9e-2062057/
The Moon is in a Power Intersection (cardinal T-square) with the Soul Star (Moon’s North Node, and where we tap into our dharma) at 14 Cancer, conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius (where we can access the wisdom of the Masters) at 14 Cancer and Astraea (where we experience the purity of the Divine Feminine) at 19 Cancer. This leg of the intersection asks us to look at how we practice self-nurturing in our relationships, where we can tap into our higher Consciousness to do so.
The other leg is comprised of a Capricorn stellium formed by the Earth Star (Moon’s South Node, where we work with our karma) at 14; Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 14; Charilko (where we stabilize) at 20, and Pluto (where we transform) at 21. This is where we look at what motivations are driving a relationship. A relationship is always multidimensional, even if we do not recognize it as such on a day-to-day basis. We all have a top note that defines a relationship, and then many other sub-factors that create a full experience with another person, place or thing.
The intersection is an opportunity to just look at what parts might comprise our major relationships with people, places, or things. This knowledge is always enriching, even though it might not seem to change a thing. It will, over time. As well, all relationships are karmic and are designed to bring us to the experience of LOVE.
There is a Power Bridge (cardinal opposition) between the Moon/Sun/MakeMake and Chiron (where we whole ourselves) and Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) both at 4 Aries. This Libra/Aries bridge takes us to our core relationships, especially the one we have with ourSelves. We learn to Love by appreciating what another person represents and then seeing that we have projected a part of ourSelves onto that person. Then we see that this person has helped us come home to ourSelves.
Life on Earth requires us to Love each other because we clearly cannot survive on the planet without Love. We are waking up to the fact that the things and places that we love also need our attention. We need to see why we hold them in such regard, and then to recognize and honor them as worthy of our devotion or not. Simultaneously, we need to also look at all that repulses or horrifies us and see that these are the other side of the coin from what we say we Love and Honor. Every human life is exquisitely complex and designed to bring each of us to Unity Consciousness. Mirrors always show us a little bit more than what we were expecting to see, and we can trust in the energies of this Libra New Moon to give us new information that we may not have realized before.
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay, used courtesy of the Pixabay license, https://pixabay.com/illustrations/sponge-menger-koch-fractal-cube-659242/

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring during this New Moon. Comments can be sent to viviansmall2017@gmail.com



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