2019 Libra New Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean

2019 Libra Full Moon

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

9:43pm EDT. 6:43pm PDT, 1:43am (3/21) GT

0 Libra 09

The New Moon in Pisces has taken us on a journey through vastness of our consciousness to this point of the Libra Full Moon. During this passage we had the opportunity to imagine as wide as perspective as possible, much like gazing at the horizon on the ocean. Every time we fix a spot, we realize the horizon is further than it seems. We had the benefit of Neptune, the dispositor of Pisces, guiding our dreams and encouraging us to drop restrictive thinking. In Cosmic Consciousness, the planets serve not as exterior bodies that act upon us, but rather as inner archetypes that provide structure to our consciousness. We draw upon our inner Neptune for enlightenment - which is where we have the realization that something may not relevant anymore. This realization comes on gradually, like watching the dawning of a day, and we feel lighter, relieved of an issue(s) that was seemed hard to drop at the time. The Pisces symbol is the ocean and it is in constant movement. While there are deep currents within the ocean that distribute solar energy to the poles and elsewhere; at the surface, it is the wind that moves the water from one place to another. This brings us to the Libran quality of our consciousness, and the Full Moon. The surface of the ocean is moved by wind, and the symbol for Libra is the wind.
Photo courtesy https://pixabay.com/photos/wave-smashing-foam-spray-sea-2211925/
When the wind blows on the ocean-or any body of water- it creates ripples and waves that allow for movement through the surface of water. On a windy day, the ocean can appear disruptive, choppy, and even chaotic. We have learned to master this condition, by tacking with the wind over the water to sail our boats (our individual lives). Keep in mind that water symbolizes our emotional body, and without the wind, we could not move forward.
Image by Pete Simmons. https://www.pexels.com/photo/waves-boat-sailing-dinghy-76978/?download-size=1280x853
The Libran part of our consciousness is continuously aware of what we perceive of as the other.  In reality - there is no other - we are all one consciousness comprised of the same molecules that are organized in different ways to create matter. We are here on Earth to experience duality, and we have to recognize the “other” as the first step in establishing a relationship with it.  Once we have a relationship with the other, we come to recognize, through compassion and Love, that we are all each just a unique expression of the same substance taking different form. It is our Libran consciousness that allows us to wake in morning and through our senses recognize the physical expression of Unity Consciousness, whether in animate beings or inanimate things and seek relationship with it.  It is the Libra part of our consciousness that asks “is this me?” and reaches out to have a relationship with the other. This reach-out occurs because our Libran consciousness knows Unity Consciousness is there, in everything, but is hidden from view. Libra looks at everything from the observer’s perspective. When we work with Libra, we know that everything is a projection, and as such something we can recognize, as if looking in a mirror.
Just before the Full Moon two significant things occur. First, the Sun moves into the Aries quality of consciousness. This is where we start recognizing the divine spark in everything. Second, the vernal equinox occurs. In the northern hemisphere, the daytime starts to extend a bit more each day, signaling that the time of new growth is here. Globally, we all have the opportunity to tune into the equinox, and recognize this is a shared planetary experience that transcends all borders and sense of the “other” as foreign.
East Passage Knowth, Boyne Valley, Ireland; cc-by-sa/2.0 - © John M - geograph.org.uk/p/1926654
The Full Moon is at 0 degrees Libra, representing the purest essence of Libra. This is a wonderful opportunity to use the observers perch or to deepen one’s practice of its use. Whatever we are able to observe in ourselves and how we relate to the other will have more clarity and definition by the second Libra Full Moon on April 19, which will be a Blue Moon (two Moons in a row in the same quality of consciousness). The Full Moon is conjunct the very magnetic Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra, which is a Black Hole that is the source of the Laniakea Super Cluster that houses our Milky Way galaxy and about 100,000 other galaxies. This conjunction is very important, because by using the observer’s perch offered by the Full Moon, it can show us all the places where we may harbor a hidden attraction or something we feel we just cannot get enough of. Further, the Full Moon is conjunct MakeMake at 5 Libra, which is where we access information on the Divine Laws that govern our shared Super Consciousness and the multiverse. If we can, the Full Moon would be an excellent time to lift our attention up to the yearning we may have for the experience of Divine Law. MakeMake can require a challenge to go through in order gain a new perspective. If such a test should appear, this is a good time to use the 0 Libra perspective to witness the event as we go through it.
Libra is disposed by Sedna (where we access our memory of the Divine Feminine) at 26 Taurus. Sedna is conjunct Mars (how we access our energy) at 23 Taurus. Sedna and Mars provide power to the Libran wind, and this Full Moon definitely harkens the winds of change.
Photo courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blowing_wind.jpg
In intimacy (semi-sextile) aspect to the Full Moon is the Fixed Star Regulus at 0 Virgo, which adds great dignity and a sense of majesty, and Orcus (where we access our sense of immortality). There is an opportunity to take a look at the ultimate relationship -the one we have with ourSelves. We can use the Full Moon energies to manifest a new awareness of ourselves, one perhaps which we have not had before, and see how connected we are to everyone else. If we want Peace, Love, and Unity for ourSelves, the 0 Libra degree can show us our role in the larger social network to bring this awareness about.  This is where the concept of Satsang (sacred gathering) comes in – to provide this for ourselves- and to be sure we are providing a sense of Satsang for everyone we come into contact with (e.g. everyone we manifest into our lives). Kindness goes a long way.
There are two important stepping stones (squares) that create an intersection to the Full Moon. These stepping stones—one formed by Quaoar (where we access new ways of thinking) and one formed by the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access Divine Intuition) at 14 Cancer provide two different paths that can be taken to hop onto the Observer’s perch provided by the Full Moon.
Photo by Javier Kohen, used courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/jkohen/2321064304
There is an inconjunct formed with the Full Moon by Uranus (where we awaken) at 1 Taurus. As with the intersection described above, there is a choice to be made on what we want to focus our attention on during the Full Moon. There may be some sense of turbulence because of the winds of change are blowing, and how we experience this is entirely up to us.
Also during the Full Moon is a Finger of God, with Mars at 23 Taurus in resource to Vesta (where we access devotion) at Pisces 23 and is inconjunct Haumea (where we create Unity Consciousness at 26 Libra. A Finger of God gives us the choice-respond the usual way or try something new that brings us beyond our definition of unity consciousness.
The Full Moon forms a Light Bridge with the Sun (how we access our identity) at 0 Aries.  Conjunct the Sun is Chiron (our inner master-healer-teacher) at 2 Aries, and Salacia (where we recognize the play of light and shadow)  at 3 Aries.  If the sky is clear, during a Full Moon the night is lit up with a silvery light providing a sense of mystery. We may see a new way to heal and whole ourselves that may be as complicated as we originally thought.
Photo courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/moon-silvery-moon-beauty-1884368/
Finally, the Grand Power Crossroad that has been with us for many months is still manifesting for us and is quite potent during the Full Moon. This is comprised of the bridge between the Moons Nodes (the Soul Star and Earth Star) at 24 Cancer and 24 Capricorn, respectively. The Soul Star is working with Varuna and the Fixed Star Arcturus to keep our attention on the big picture, and the Earth Star is conjunct Saturn and Pluto, helping us transform our individual and collective karma. This bridge is crossing with Haumea at 26 Libra, Pallas Athena at 26 Libra, and the Fixed Star Arcturus at 24 Libra bridging Eris at 23 Aries and Astraea at 23 Aries. While the Moon’s nodes are playing out the changes we are making in our consciousness about the Divine Mother and Father within each of us, the Eris/Astrea bridge points to a real shift in how serious we, as humanity, are in changing from a very limited, fixed vision of a patriarchy and a matriarchy. While we have finished with these archetypes, the vision of what is next is still on the horizon. It is important that we do not jump to quickly into a new definition but wait for it to be revealed to us.  We won’t recognize it until we are deep into it, and we cannot put a foot wrong to get there.
Image courtesy of https://pixabay.com/illustrations/fractal-art-design-pattern-2433298/

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly weather report, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring during this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com

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