2020 Aries Full Moon

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1 October 2020

Aries Full Moon

7 Aries 08

05:05 pm EDT, 2:05pm PDT, 10:05pm GT

Please welcome our new Full Moon writer, Bernice Kadatz, one of my most promising students...Enjoy!

The Virgo New Moon cycle has set the stage for the Aries Full Moon cycle we are entering. The full moon reflects light from the Sun as well as the qualities of the sign the Sun is in, which is Libra. The Libra quality of our consciousness is where we physically experience duality through the different relationships we experience in our lives—whether with people, things, or places. Libra helps us realize the truth of these relationships, which is that each is a reflection of our own consciousness. The Aries quality of consciousness is where we bring the higher self into our human experience by choosing our thoughts and words. When we choose loving and kind thoughts the mind heart begins to balance and the world we live in is created. Now more than ever, discipline is required to stay in the higher love vibration.
The Moon at 9 Aries (where we access our individual courage), is disposed by Mars (where we experience the physical). Mars is retrograde and is also part of the huge Aries stellium. Individually the sign of Aries and the planet Mars can have some fiery action; however, when they come together, they are dignified and the relationship is controlled-- serious but with a sense of calm.
The Moon is in a new cycle (conjunct) with Chiron (where we whole our selves) at 7 Aries. This relationship is further amplified with Mars retrograding in Aries at 24 degrees. The effect of this relationship is not limited to our physical bodies but to everything physical on the planet including the planet itself. We are all experiencing a major metamorphosis together. A major tenant of the Cosmic Consciousness system is that we are learning to whole ourselves with the return of the divine feminine energy and the assistance of Chiron. The earth finds herself in the exact same position, as we are all One.
The Moon, along with Chiron, forms a massive Light Bridge (opposition) with the Sun (our Self-identity) at 9 Libra and MakeMake (where we find universal truths) at 6 Libra, forming one branch of the Grand Power Crossroad. In fact, the Light Bridge is the entire Aries stellium (Salacia, Chiron, Moon, Eris, Mars and Black Moon) connecting to the entire Libra stellium (Juno, Haumea, Arcturus, Astraea, Sun and MakeMake). This Light Bridge is instrumental in assisting us in creating the new earth. On one end of the bridge, we are experiencing both dark and light as our inner disrupter assists us, revealing any hidden physical issues we need to be aware of to make our selves whole. On the other end, we are concurrently creating our new world using science and technology according to the universal laws, all the while recognizing that we are one and must work as one.
Pallas (where we tap into our wisdom source) at 14° Capricorn and Sirius the god star (where we learn to find the wisdom of the masters within ourselves) at 14° Cancer, form the other branch of the Grand Power Crossroad. The unique feature of a crossroad in 5D consciousness is that they are multidimensional. We can travel down each direction at the same time, which transforms a challenge into an opportunity for positive actionAt times it can look overwhelming, but this is just how it feels during a specific moment. When we apply this information to the creation of a new earth it can be seen as a daunting task; however, all of the planets in the Crossroad are supporting our actions and the goal. The opportunity for those with the consciousness to see and the courage to traverse the crossroad is unprecedented and extremely potent.
The Moon is in a great eliminator aspect with Ixion (representing the soul's purpose), which is very timely in the Aries Full Moon. The great eliminator provides us yet another opportunity to balance anything left incomplete, or requiring adjustment, compromise, or forgiveness from our childhood or past lives as we begin creating our new world.
The Moon forms an intimacy (semisextile) aspect with Uranus (where we awaken) at 9 Taurus. Although the action of an intimacy aspect is subtle it is nonetheless profound in this Full Moon. This is an opportunity to release the masks, armor, and shields so that our authentic vibration can be accessible as we broadcast our Light into the world…uncensored and unleashed.
Finally, there are two more aspects in this Full Moon event that are important to highlight. Ceres (where we midwife new things/awareness) in Aquarius forms a powerful Light Bridge with Venus (what we love). Access to the divine feminine energy in all of us is absolutely necessary to birth the new earth. Mercury (how we communicate) forms a great eliminator with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow). During this very creative time in our evolution, we need to feel free to speak our truth with our sister/brother co-creators allowing us to develop lasting relationships.
There are many powerful energies available to us during this Aries Full Moon. It will be key to balance them as we use our mental power to achieve our highest realization of Self.

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