2020 Cancer Full Moon

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Cold Moon Report

December 29, 2020

08 Cancer 53

10:28 pm EST

Ancient Full Moon names for December are related to the low temperatures and darkness, with the most common reference being the Cold Moon, while another is the Long Night Moon (www.timeanddate.com). Rudolf Steiner, an early 20th-century Austrian philosopher and founder of biodynamic agriculture, recognized the months of November and December as a time when what is beneath the surface of the Earth has a particularly strong effect on plant growth (Lecture 2, Agriculture Course, R. Steiner, 1924). Steiner also recognized the winter months as having the strongest crystallizing forces that develop within the Earth. As we begin to realize/remember our oneness with the Earth, it is no coincidence we are reaching the apex in our journey of a very chaotic year with the Full Moon in the sign of Cancer (bearer of natural Mother energy) which, incidentally, is the same sign as the first full moon eclipse of 2020. We are entering into a new age, the Aquarian age, birthing a new, crystalline Earth, and all in perfect timing to capture naturally occurring crystallizing energies inherent in the Earth at this time of year.
The Moon is in a new cycle with the fixed star Sirius, in 3D known as the Dog star, and in 5D known as the GOD star. Sirius assists us in accessing higher dimensional consciousness and tapping into divine inspiration, prerequisites for the higher vibrations of a 5D world. Adding to this powerful aspect is the light bridge with the Sun, which is bracketed by Mercury and Quaoar, creating a very interesting dynamic. Mercury represents our mental operating system and has a special relationship with Quaoar (new ways of thinking). When we realize the ‘reality’ we experience is really our own projection, the lower mind gives rise to the higher mind allowing us to tap into the new consciousness, a new way of thinking and ultimately being. When applied to experiences along our journey, especially challenging ones, or what we often perceive as problems, it soon becomes evident that resolution will not be achieved with the same thinking we used when we created them; rather, resolution comes from within when we tap into higher dimensional consciousness and divine inspiration. There is no greater time to access this part of our consciousness than now, as we walk through a very dark passage in our evolution with only our internal light guiding us.
Another very critical feature of our higher mind is the capacity to link our mental or logical mind with our heart mind. What I have discovered this year is that the world we live in is much different than what we have been conditioned to believe, plus there are many conflicting storylines. How are we to know what is true and what is fake? The answer lies in our ability to go within and access our higher mind as well as merge it with the heart mind. When we merge the higher mind with the heart-mind we find our truth and unequivocally know it to be true without any doubt, even if others try to tell us otherwise. Over the years I have come to recognize and trust my internal messaging system.  It never lets me down and I know it never will. I might not innerstand immediately, but as I refine my inherent truth capacity, the faster the knowing becomes. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that we all possess this capacity and can develop it.
The Moon is in a resource aspect with the great awakener Uranus in Taurus (where we tune into inner guidance and learn to trust it), which complements the energies created by Mercury and Quaoar.
The Moon forms two great eliminators, one with Juno and Astraea in Sagittarius, and the other with Pallas, Jupiter and Saturn all in Capricorn. Juno and Astraea help us realize that the Divine Feminine within is part of our unity consciousness. We must honor this and choose a response that will support our evolution. As we practice self-love, we expand our social identity, gaining wisdom regarding our relationships.
The Moon and Sun form a very powerful stepping-stone with MakeMake, where we access universal laws in Libra and Chiron and Salacia in Aries (where we allow Love in to activate and fuel the higher mind). Deciphering this aspect in relationship to the overall theme translates perfectly to our journey both individually and collectively. Once we recognize our experiences are a mirror reflection (Libra) we gain the ability to identify the universal laws (MakeMake). It is a universal law that we require both the light and the shadow (Salacia) to define the relationship and/or experience. Love is the force we use to activate and fuel the higher mind (Aries), providing us with the wisdom to choose our path in what appears externally as a very chaotic journey.
The Chiron-Salacia conjunction (bridges higher and lower selves through discerning light and shadow) forms a light bridge with MakeMake, overlaying light or energy to the already potent Moon-Sirius and Quaoar-Sun-Mercury bridge, thus creating a Power Crossroad. How we navigate the crossroad depends on the state of consciousness we are in. In the lower vibration states of 3D, we would choose a direction at the intersection and continue on with our journey. In the higher vibration states of 5D, we can travel down each direction all at the same time, which transforms the challenges we face into opportunities for positive action. It is the Power quality of each sign in this crossroad that provides the overlaying energetic. Just as in photography, overlays can transform an uninspiring photograph or can enhance a photo dramatically using the power of texture and layers. When we see our conscious awareness as a (Power) tool that we can use, it is easier to visualize or recognize how to transform and create our reality.
The Moon is in an intimacy aspect with retrograde Varuna in Leo (where we shine our light). The retrograde action elevates the significance of this subtle aspect by guiding us to broaden our vision to get a clearer sense of what is going on. The brightness of Leo complements all of the light that is pouring in to assist us at this very critical time.
Another feature of this Cold Full Moon is the bridge formed by Neptune (enlightenment) in Pisces, and devotional Vesta in Virgo, reflecting the alignment needed to facilitate our highest expression, intersected by Venus in Sagittarius. I see this energetic mix similar to that of what the dressing brings to a salad, it enhances the flavor and texture of salad. There is no doubt the aspects of this Cold Full Moon are complex, while delicate and full of potential. The Venus intersection shows us that marinating the entire energetic with the vibration of unconditional love and sticking with it, will transport us to a brand-new world full of unlimited possibility.   Feels very appetizing and something I can hardly wait for, how about you?

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  1. Bernice, in addition to thanking you for the amount of information and insight contained in this post I wanted to make a separate point about how much I appreciate the poetic prose in which it’s written. It just makes everything flow so smoothly in.

  2. Really on point, nourishing as a feast , reverberates with all nuances~ lovely and powerfully moving ~ thank you Bernice ~💜🦢💜

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