2020 Libra New Moon

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2020 LIBRA NEW MOON (Sun - Moon new cycle)

Oct 16, 2020

6:30pm EDT; 3:30pm PDT; 11:30pm GT

23 Libra 53

New moon in Libra. WOW!
It is up to us, at an individual level, to write the most empowering story that we can dream. Libra is the place in our consciousness where matter begins to take form. This manifestation doesn’t come out of nowhere. We manifest everything that we have been feeling and thinking. The invisible is made visible.
The new Moon is part of a Libra stellium that includes the royal star Arcturus, and 5D planets Haumea and Astraea. Divine feminine archetypes of wholing and justice hold space with the potential for breakthroughs. Can we fully embrace the science and technology of our own minds? If we can, we come into a deeper relationship with how we create our reality. We will find proof in our world for whatever core beliefs we hold dear. With Libra consciousness, we take the seat of objective observer. We can use the energy to see everything with neutrality and notice where we are out of alignment with Love. Alignment starts with the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Are we being our own best friend? New Moon = new cycle. Let’s start being nice to ourselves. Always. Like a best friend. 
The Sun and Moon sitting together focuses our light. The new Moon makes a bridge to Eris and Mars in Aries. We shine our soul’s spotlight on the inner awakener and physicality. The discontent is real. We see it outside of ourselves. Take a step deeper to notice the source of unrest within. Once it is named, it can be changed. Aries represents mental power. The new Moon/Eris and Mars bridge helps us identify the core beliefs that are ready to shift. 
The Moon’s nodes or transpersonal chakras are also involved. The new moon makes a resource (60 degrees) to the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) in Sagittarius and a manifestation (120 degrees) to our Soul Star Chakra (North Node) in Gemini. A resource to Earth Star Chakra in Sagittarius is the help we need to clear karma and get to the truth of the matter. With the manifestation energy to the Soul Star Chakra we have easy access to our multidimensionality. Using the multifaceted diamond lens of Gemini reveals our vast experience as change agents. This is energy to tap into as we write and rewrite the most empowering, blockbuster version of our own hero’s journey.
Finally, there is the Pluto pack (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) in Capricorn making a stepping stone aspect to the new moon. The wonderfully transformative energy of structural renewal and expansion of our inner power is ours to use if we stay in the neutral to Love zone.
The Libra new Moon is disposed by Sedna, currently resting at the master degree of Taurus. Taurus is the mental body Love sign, where we connect to our higher mind and have the discipline to keep our thoughts at a high vibration. Sedna, our cosmic record keeper at 29 Taurus says, “Let go of ego. Think loving thoughts...Everyone get out your pencils. It is time for the rewrite. What story are we telling?”
Happy New Moon!

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