2020 Pisces New Moon

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23 February 2020

New Moon 4 Pisces 28

10:31 am EST

We have moved from the reflected light of the Leo Full Moon to the dark of the New Moon in Pisces. During this passage, in big and small ways we have generated a lot of drama. Some of this drama was played out with public figures; some of it with our work colleagues; and some within our private lives. We may have seen sides of people we did not know were there, and we may have seen things in ourselves we thought were long done with. All the better –the point was for our emotional responses to drama to be lit up so we could see them. Now we have moved to the New Moon, where we reset our emotions and begin again. We are in the Pisces portion of our consciousness, where we are reminded that we can feel anything we want, the choice is always, always ours. This is where we find there are no limits and no braking mechanism. This can feel disorienting, like flying through a cloud, or it can provide an expansive sense of relief if we enter this realm with faith. We can extend outward and yet still be at home.
Image by MasterTux, used courtesy of the Pixabay license https://pixabay.com/illustrations/moon-earth-universe-star-space-3d-3930652/
No beginning, no end
-beyond time.
No edges or boundaries
-beyond space.
No form
-beyond birth, all stories, death
True nature eternally shines
Judith Whitman-Small, from Floodtide: A Collection of Poems, Ashland Hills Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2012.
The New Moon and Sun are at 4 Pisces, and Pisces is disposed by Neptune at 18 Pisces. There is great dignity and appropriateness associated with this New Moon. Neptune is where we find enlightenment, and a New Moon in Pisces is always good for dreaming big. The Pisces part of our consciousness does not recognize borders. This is where we wonder why we follow certain social norms that are not universal. Once we recognize that the only real norm is LOVE, then anything else we try on feels a little “put-on” or unnatural. After all, it takes a lot of energy to stay fully angry for extended periods of time.
Pisces is where we start to notice the parts of ourselves that feel left out, and, as we love these parts of ourselves, we begin to notice and have compassion for those who do not seem to be in the so-called norm, those who are disempowered or marginalized. The New Moon is conjunct with Mercury (how we communicate) at 9 Pisces. As we tap into the reality that our emotional bodies are as limitless as the ocean, we are able to feel concern for our own well-being and for others. Our connection to and concern for the welfare of others can awaken to a new level of LOVE.
Image by MasterTux, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/jellyfish-deep-sea-shining-mystical-1730018/
The New Moon is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with the Black Moon Lilith at 2 Aries (where we uncover the hidden), with Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) Aries, and Chiron (where we whole ourselves) both at 4 Aries. There is an opportunity to realize that emotional healing is possible, and is best done with a little humor. There are some wake-up calls in store for where this is possible, as Uranus (where we awaken) at 4 Taurus is in resource (sextile) to the New Moon.
The New Moon is in manifestation (trine) with the Soul Star (Moon’s North Node, where we work with our dharma) at 7 Cancer, providing time and space to devote nurturing energy to our aspirations. The New Moon also forms a light bridge with the Fixed Star Regulus at 1 0 Virgo and Orcus (where we encounter immortality) at 11 Virgo. During the New Moon and the passage to the next Full Moon we can defrag our emotional bodies, just like we used to with computer floppy disks, letting emotional responses that are no longer useful go, and making way for entirely different experiences.
Image by Ely Penner, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/smoke-fire-man-silhouette-light-3493810/
The New Moon forms a choice-an inconjunct (fork in the road), with MakeMake (where we discover the true universal laws) at 6 Libra. This opens up new options for us, where when we start to feel the emotional walls closing in, we can choose to feel more expansive, more willing to take a leap of faith, and by doing so see where a new response can lead us.
Image by Bruno /Germany, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/photos/away-fork-in-the-road-fork-hiking-4487506/
Providing the backdrop to the New Moon is highly concentrated energy created through a double Grand Power Crossroads (grand cardinal cross) — involving many groups of planets and points through the stelliums - at the beginning and at ending degrees of signs. These Grand Crossroads carry the opening and closing energy of these different areas of our consciousness.
The first Grand Crossroads starts with Astraea (where we encounter the purity of the Divine Feminine) at 25 Cancer is bridging Pluto at 24 Capricorn (where we transform). Close by are Chariklo (where we stabilize) and Saturn (where we find inner authority) both at 27 Capricorn. Also providing energy to the bridge are Pallas Athena (where we experience our intuitive wisdom) at 14, and Jupiter (where we expand) at 18 Capricorn. Transformation is on tap, and it is happening before our eyes and will continue while during the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction cycles with Pluto this year.
Crossing is the bridge formed by Venus (how we love) at 18 Aries and Eris (our inner disruption mechanism) at 23 Aries in polarity with Juno at 21 Libra, Arcturus (scientific innovation) at 25 Libra, and Haumea (our source of creation) at 28 Libra. This is break up and breakthrough energy and it is engaging through our hearts—what do we care deepest about and wish to feed and foster in our consciousness? Remember—all of these crossroads are internal to us…we manifest them externally/ socially when we want something to change and there is something that needs our attention.
Image by MasterTux, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/block-chain-destroyed-data-security-4269495/
The second Grand Crossroads is formed by the Soul Star at 7 Cancer, bridging with the Earth Star (Moon’s South Node, where we work with our karma) at 7 Capricorn, along with Mars (how we move) and Quaoar (where we change our thoughts) at 5 Capricorn. There is the energy and support for us to step up individually and collectively to embrace a new paradigm, new ideas about what we are manifesting, and what we wish to create for our future.
Crossing is MakeMake bridging with Chiron, Salacia, and the Black Moon Lilith. Secrets are being revealed, and these revelations are all to help us. We cannot move on until we have taken a cool, close look at where we are. It is ok—what we have created will be manifested in a new form, and this form is reflected in our evolution.
To get beyond fear—we need to consciously imagine ourselves on the observer’s perch on both of these Crossroads. We can calm our thoughts and imagination through meditation. If it helps, take a look at history—there are plenty of empires that have ended. There is always a new social configuration on the horizon that will emerge to satisfy our human wants and needs.
The difference this time is that this change is occurring as we start the new Golden Age of Aquarius. All we really know is that nothing will look as it has in the past. None of our assumptions are accurate.
Image by MasterTux, used courtesy of the Pixabay license; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/ice-cubes-color-surreal-3d-blender-1144199/
The only reality we are ever in control of is our own consciousness. Only we can change our own minds. The Pisces portion of our consciousness is where our sense of the infinite resides. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. On Earth, all oceans are connected. The continents are really just islands of land. Our emotional body is like an ocean with end to the horizon, and the physical structures we create are emotional responses to our experiences. The New Moon is a good time to just sit back and let it all be…and then see what starts to manifest.
Image by Amine Kaddari used courtesy of the Pixabay license https://pixabay.com/illustrations/earth-globe-blue-planet-space-home-2078484/

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly report, and Shelly Leal’s monthly summary for more information about this New Moon. You can send comments to viviansmall2017@gmail.com



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  1. Thank you for your guidance, Vivian. I am resonating with your ‘island’ comment: ‘The continents [we] are really just islands of land.’ in synthesis with Simon & Garfunkle’s ‘ I am a rock, I am an island’- must be my natal Saturn in Pisces. The song came out the year I was born, and I am encountering many, young & old, in this stranded position.

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