2020 Sagittarius New Moon

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2020 Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

December 14, 2020 

23 Sagittarius 08

11:16am EST; 8:16am PST; 4:16pm GT

New Moon in Sagittarius. Here is the reboot. First, it all goes dark, then comes back on. We are experiencing a total solar eclipse. The Sun’s light will be blocked by the shadow of the Moon. The nodes are aligned just right so that our tiny Moon casts a shadow on the Earth so large it covers the Sun. When the Sun, Moon, Earth alignment separates and the lights come back on, we have reset at our spiritual core.
At this moment, the energies supporting upgrades of consciousness are most potent. With the amazing Jupiter Saturn new cycle coming just a week away, this new Moon reset is prime time to do our prep work.
Though we are in the Sagittarius part of our consciousness, or Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer constellation overlapping the zodiac from 8-24 degrees Sagittarius) – whichever way you choose to see -- we are still in the wormhole. This passage started with the last new Moon in Scorpio, disposed by Pluto.
This is still Pluto’s party! Transformation, resurrection and alchemy are the themes. Pluto at 23 Capricorn makes an intimacy aspect (30º) to the new Moon. There is co-mingling, freshness and fascination in this relationship.  
Like the image of ouroboros – the snake in a circle swallowing its tail – we are at the spot where we meet ourselves. It is both the end and the beginning. No separation. We are unified. As divine humans, we own the power to transmute and clear karma. Now is the time to put that power to use.
Sun, Moon, Mercury and Earth Star Chakra sit together in Sagittarius. We are rebooting our mental operating system. With Earth Star Chakra involved, this reset of how we are in the world goes back to our beginnings, including the baggage we carried in as babies. Sagittarius is a fire sign, akin to a bonfire. Whatever needs to go, throw it in! No need to get caught in the mosh, but instead, stand in our full power while we bless and release. With Earth Star Chakra present, we can get deep enough to include inherited traumas and residual density that was never ours.  
The new Moon event gets its flavor from Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Eris (Ophiuchus). Eris, our inner awakener with her disruptive energy, which is a facet of the divine feminine returned, is emerging as the depositor of Ophiuchus consciousness. The Sun and Moon are manifesting (120º) with Eris in Aries. The manifestation is an easy flow of energy. We can let ourselves be moved by unease; this is Eris consciousness. But we don’t need to attach to our discontent. The new cycle in Sagittarius calls for new choices and new truths. We can loosen up enough to let the upgrades happen, and then release the old data, all the stuff that no longer makes sense. It is for our highest and best. As indicated by Jupiter, the energy that is returned to the collective is expansive and beneficial for the relationship with ourselves and the whole.

There are also two Fingers of God in the sky, both with 5D planets at the focus. One pointing to MakeMake in Libra and the other pointing to Varuna in Leo. The Finger of God is made of two planets in resource (60º), both in a great eliminator (150º) with a third point. The triangle base (resource) is an energetic of support. With the great eliminator, there is tension, lessons, energies coming together and letting go with the focus moving towards the point of the triangle. Choices must be made, involving love vs. fear.  In the MakeMake FoG, Ceres and Black Moon Lilith form the base. Midwifing and unveiling support the birth of a higher order. In the Varuna FoG, the Part of Fortune and Quaoar are in resource. Success and new paradigms of the higher mind work together to bring God-level vision into full light. Both the FoG energies reflect realms (that actually exist inside us all, ya’ll!) where everything is alllllright. 
May your transformation be sublime!

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