2020 Scorpio Full Moon

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7 May 2020

Full Moon 17 Scorpio 20

06:45 am EDT

One major revelation that is starting to become clear is that the Earth is thriving while humanity is coping with changes in our lives brought on by the COVID 19 virus. The New Moon in Taurus helped open our eyes to this reality. We are reminded that Earth operates without human intervention every second—there is no on or off button that we control for planetary dynamics. We are but one species living on this planet, and we are reminded through COVID-19 how vulnerable our bodies and existence are. The Taurus and Scorpio parts of our consciousness form a polarity—in Taurus we learn to recognize and listen to our inner voice; in Scorpio, we start to physically manifest the vision our inner voice provides us. This is a very dynamic polarity and is exemplified by the phrase: as above, so below.
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The Full Moon at Scorpio 17 is disposed by Pluto. This powerful, transformational archetype has just gone retrograde at 25 Capricorn. It takes little reminding that we are within a regeneration process with Pluto. This planet is always working with and for us, in each of our lives, to help us change. Pluto is conjunct Jupiter at 27 Capricorn, and as Jupiter expands everything, this amplifies the transformation process to a global level. Both Pluto and Jupiter are in resource (semi-sextile) with the Moon, which provides an easy energy flow, bolstering and amplifying our abilities to expand or contract our vision for the future.
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The Scorpio part of our consciousness is where we travel deep into our emotions. It is like looking into a well and not being able to see the bottom. The symbol for Scorpio is a crater lake, deep and pure. In truth, there is no bottom or end to our emotional roots. As we expand our awareness, the only brakes on our emotions are the ones we ourselves put into place. We need some of these because they help us live with and alongside other people. Some of these emotional stops we activated out of fear—fear of feeling or fear of what deep feelings might bring out or how they affect others. However, for each of us, at our emotional core is the memory of the experience of unconditional LOVE. We are born and we die in a moment of absolute LOVE, and our 3D existence on Earth is comprised of living between these two brackets. Our most primal emotions are not bestial, but rather elevated. However, if we suppress, downplay, or bury our emotions they will find a way to express themselves, no matter how diligently we believe are guarding them. They will push forth, even from the hardest shell.
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Remember, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth. There is plenty of pain, suffering, and violence in the world that is generated from fear of returning to that moment of absolute LOVE. We spend our time on Earth learning how to get back to that moment.
The Moon is in a Grand Water Manifestation (trine) with Neptune (where we find illumination) at 20 Pisces and the Fixed Star Sirius (where we access the wisdom of the Masters). In our deep dive to our emotional cores, we can gain profound insight. Or we can be confused by the different narratives about COVID-19 and whatever else we are experiencing. There are a lot of voices out there, and the Taurus Full Moon reminded us that we should be listening to our inner voice and our true gut-level feelings to give us the calm guidance we need. This means listening to fact-based data and science as well because these are things we create together.
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Interestingly, while the Moon is not directly involved in this aspect, two other planets are in a stepping stone (formerly a square) in the Love signs of Aquarius and Leo. Saturn (where we find inner authority) at 2 Aquarius is in a stepping stone with the 5-D planet Varuna (where we find our highest vision) at 2 Leo. There is a struggle going on around us about how and when to reopen human society and public spaces. Part of the issue is that we do not have enough verifiable information about what will happen when we do this, and the other issue is that there is no medium or long-term vision for how we will interact with each other. One thing is certain, there is no economy or exchange of money for services or things without people.
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The Moon is in a bridge (opposition) with the Sun at 17 Taurus, which is travelling with Uranus (where awake up) at 7, Albion (where we learn to listen) at 9, Mercury (how we communicate) at 20, and Sedna (where we remember Divine Feminine wisdom) at 28 Taurus. This bridge provides us a way to transcend any gap between our deepest core feelings with our ability to communicate the need for change. We remember that human beings are endlessly adaptable, like our companions the insects, and have survived and thrived in very difficult physical circumstances that we did not understand at the time. Again, the Earth is fine, it is us humans that are suffering and undergoing change. Scorpio is the part of our consciousness where we manifest our highest vision, and it is time we start doing so. It just takes a moment to move from fear to LOVE, and this time we are in the middle of a global moment.
Serving as a backdrop to the Full Moon, are two power intersections (formerly cardinal T-squares). The first intersection is formed by the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction intersecting with the 5D bridge generated by Haumea (where we create Unity Consciousness) at 26 and the Fixed Star Arcturus at 21 Libra and Eris (our inner disruption mechanism) at 24 and the Black Moon Lilith (the great unveiler) at 25 Aries. We all can see the choices in front of us—they are fed to us daily, with global information, about the death rate, the crashing economy, and new cases of COVID-19.
The second is formed by Salacia (where we play with light and shadow) at 5 and Chiron (where we whole ourselves) at 8 Aries bridging MakeMake (where we encounter Universal Laws) at 5 and Juno (where we experience Unity Consciousness) at 7 Libra; intersecting with Quaoar (where we learn new ways of thinking) at 5 Capricorn. By accepting responsibility for ourselves as our own master-healer-teacher, we can see the way through the shadows, by allowing ourselves to truly step out of our old patterns.
It can feel like all too much. We can flip this though, into an all-embracing acceptance that we are going through the most difficult recorded history planet-wide event affecting humans. There is no going “back” to the way of life before COVID-19. We do not know what the future will look like. But we can prepare ourselves for it by opening ourselves to the possibilities that as a collective consciousness, that a way forward will start to emerge. Our free will and our individual and collective consciousness can make whatever choice we want. This intersection makes it possible, through the Scorpio Moon to go to the depths or reach the most elevated point we can imagine.
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Finally, the Moon’s Nodes—the Soul Star (where we meet our dharma) and the Earth Star (where we work with our karma) changed signs on May 5, moving from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. For the next two or so years, we will experience the unwinding of our karma, into new patterns that can transcend stark dualities. Despite the despair and suffering, this is a very dynamic time. A Scorpio Moon is like diving into the deepest end of the pool, right at the start of this nodal change. We will emerge from this dive with priceless information about the extent and depth of what we are feeling. There is relief ahead. Scorpio takes us down so we can go up.
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