2020 Taurus Full Moon

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31 October 2020

Taurus Full Moon

08° Taurus 38’

10:49 am EDT, 7:49 am PDT, 3:49 pm GT

The Hunter Full Moon this year falls on Halloween and it is indeed a unique event. It is a Blue Moon, when a second Full Moon occurs in the same month (the first was October 1). Blue moons occur every two to three years. A Full Moon falling on Halloween occurs in 19-year increments, and the last time that occurred was in 2001. This Halloween blue moon also has the distinction of appearing across all time zones in the United States, not a day before or after. The last time that happened was in 1944. That was a very tumultuous time globally, which is not significantly different from what we are currently experiencing in 2020.
The astrological chart for this very special Blue Full Moon event has many interesting aspects as well as many different layers. The first thing to note is that the Taurus Full Moon occurs in the smallest hour, only 22°, beginning and ending with Taurus, signifying a concentrated experience, as if the Blue Full Moon on Halloween wasn’t enough. The Moon is in an exact new cycle with Uranus (where we awaken), another level of intensification. The Sun is in a new cycle with Astraea (where we experience the divine feminine) and Juno (where we experience unity consciousness). Simply put, this Sun-Moon bridge is literally waking us up to recognize that we have a connection to the very powerful divine feminine energy as we create our new world.
The next layer of this very complex event is that the Moon, Uranus and Black Moon are all in the sign of Taurus, which holds a very strong connection to the earth. The Sun, Astraea and Juno are in Scorpio, which holds a very strong and deep connection to the water element. Strong earth connections stabilize us, just as we need to anchor our homes in the earth to keep them structurally sound and intact. Water runs very deep in the earth, just as it does in our body, reaching each and every cell. The energy of Scorpio facilitates the water element in this year’s Blue Full Moon event. Although everything about this event is intense the signs of Taurus and Scorpio provide an unwavering stability on a very wild ride.
The Moon is in a stepping stone with Varuna (where we access the widest perspective) providing us the vision to see beyond the chaos in the here and now. Accessing this aspect requires us to change how we view what is going on around us by asking ourselves “What is it that I need to see?” It has been my experience every time I ask this question that the answer will always come from within.
The Moon (along with Uranus and the Black Moon Lilith [the revealer]) is in two manifestations, the first with Quaoar (new ways of thinking) and the second with Vesta (inner devotion/fire) and the fixed star Regulus (great beneficence). Together these two aspects form a grand manifestation, an arrangement of three planets in which each planet is in a trine with the other two forming an equilateral triangle, which can be seen as a pyramid or tetrahedron. The energy of the Black Moon Lilith plus the Moon’s connection to Varuna take us to the apex of the tetrahedron which offers us a wider perspective. Applying this higher view to current events, each and every one of us is being stimulated from within to find new ways of thinking that will eventually provide us much benefit for the challenges in our lives.
The Moon is in a great eliminator with MakeMake (universal laws) and Venus (how we love ourselves). The great eliminator aspect is a psychological challenge. If we are unaware of the energies or opportunities before us, we will repeat what we have always done when presented with those types of challenges. However, once we elevate our perspective and ask ourselves “What is it I need to see?,” we will innerstand (knowledge gleaned from our inner knowing) that it is a universal law to love ourselves unconditionally in order to create the new world in the new age of Aquarius. Ceres, at the master degree of 29 Aquarius is assisting in birthing our new world.
The Full Moon is in an intimacy aspect with Chiron (master healer-teacher) and Salacia (where we comprehend both light and shadow). Although an intimacy is classified as a subtle aspect, it is providing a cumulative power to the Blue Full Moon event. Chiron shows us that to achieve mastery we must heal our greatest hurts. It is through first recognizing the hurt, and then through healing, we achieve mastery. Salacia reminds us that in the 3D world of polarity we need to experience both the light and the dark using discernment to choose our path. Chiron and Salacia located in the sign of Aries provides the perfect backstop for us to access our individual courage to allow love to guide us.
Full Moon events represent the fruiting stage of a growth phase. Although we are in the midst of much chaos and change, by making use of the planetary energies that are ever-present during this rare Blue Full Moon, we can access the stability and strength necessary for a relatively smooth ride. What manifests from the fruits of our participation has the potential of being far greater than anything we could possibly imagine.

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