2020 Virgo New Moon

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2020 Virgo New Moon

Sept 17, 2020

7:00am EDT, 4:00am PDT, 12 noon GT

25 Virgo 01

(Please welcome our newest Cosmic Path Writer, Beth Nolte. She will be writing this new Moon report from here on in.. Feel free to let her know how you like her brilliant work... I know I do..)
It’s another beginning. When the Sun and Moon come together in Virgo, its another wave of realizing our own wholing. This is Divine Mother energy. Virgo is discerning. Here we align and integrate, transcending our frustrations and anxieties. This is another chance to love the whole package, every cell, the spaces between and shadows between the spaces.
This Sun Moon new cycle is disposed by Chiron, currently retrograde in Aries. There is fire – the creative spark is present. It is an energy moving towards source. We can use this to get to the bottom of our triggers, our scars, wounds and woes. The stuff that winds us up can be released or repurposed as fuel. Chiron, the master healer teacher shows us that we are whole. We are divine. Get curious about those wounds; they are the portals leading us to the real truth... 
Chiron in the ongoing light bridge to Make Make means this wholing is about universal laws: unity, oneness, love and love of self...The real truth is that we are already enough.
The new moon at 25 Virgo makes several aspects: Stepping stones to Soul Star (crown) and Earth Star (root – now heart) Chakras; Manifesting with Saturn in Capricorn; a Great eliminator with the Eris-Black Moon-Mars stellium; and an Intimacy aspect with the fixed star Arcturus.
We can use the stepping stone energies to the Moon’s nodes to access our highest self. If we step up and raise our gaze there is a panoramic view available of all that we came into this world with (Earth Star Chakra) and everything we are headed towards (Soul Star Chakra). The ninety degree aspect involves tension. When we feel frustrated, that is the clue to raise our vibration. Everyone has their favorite tools for this. Could be that you call on the violet flame, pray to the angels, ask for inner guidance, jump on a light bridge, or just breathe. Whatever it takes to match our frequency to work with this energy, just do it. (For ourselves and on behalf of all.)
The manifestation with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is an easy connection to our inner guru. Saturn sits next to Pluto bringing us face to face with our own transformation. The Chiron Make Make light bridge mentioned above brings the higher octave of Saturn into the mix. Make Make is medicine for our social consciousness. Resonating in 5D, we become a channel for divine laws. Where there is form, there is unity. In structure, we find relatedness. Where we draw in, we interconnect. And where we contract, there is always and will always be love.
The Eris-Black Moon-Mars in Aries great eliminator reflects our inner awakening, unveiling information and right action. Eris and Mars are retrograde, so this energy takes us towards source. We are discovering how to be moved by our discontent, and simultaneously learning a new way of being moved – empowered by the divine feminine energy burning within. The energy is pioneering and inspiring. With the great eliminator aspect there is a lesson or a choice.
The intimacy aspect to Arcturus further supports our breakthroughs. It is a subtle aspect. Imagine encouraging whispers coming from the fixed star at 25 Libra, the sign of the mirrored self. We may discover the exact technology we need to help us in our process. Look for ways to reflect love back to ourselves – all of ourselves, remember wholing. Arcturus holds space for us to wake up and be reborn into our own greatness.
Happy new moon in Virgo!

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