2021 Aries New Moon

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April 11/12, 2021

New Moon 22 Aries 24

7:30pm PT; 10:30pm EST; 3:30am GMT

The New Moon in Aries at 22 degrees – is this the Big Bang event of our expanding consciousness? Will we look back and point to Now as the moment it all shifted? Let’s sayYes! The New Moon comes wrapped in a stellium of Aries energy that spans the breadth of our creative spark. There is a lot of bang to behold.
The Aries lineup includes: Salacia (6º), Chiron (10º), Mercury (15º), Ceres (20º), Sun – Moon (22º), Eris (24º) and Venus (27º).
Here’s a story to say yes to...

It is a moment where we stand at the shore of our own expansiveness and we experience both the quickening and the calm of Feminine energy (Salacia) as it washes over us. Our master healer teacher (Chiron) emerges through our core wound. The energy flows through our healing to reenergize our communications and operating system (Mercury).
The Midwife (Ceres) attends to the birth of our new Being. Our Light/Soul essence (Sun and Moon) find each other again. They sit together, exhaling in perfect unison. The rush of the next breath tickles a place of inner awakening (Eris). The disruption is directly connected to our Heart (Venus) and we release huge exploding blasts of Love.
And so it is, the 2021 Big Bang.
The Aries New Moon is disposed by Mars (at 23 Gemini), which is in a resource (60º) to the New Moon. This aspect means we have easy access to the source of right action and energy around our physical presence.
The New Moon makes another resource to Jupiter in Aquarius. There is expansion energy involving our Spiritual Love. We also have a stepping stone (90º) to Pluto in Capricorn; negotiations continue with alchemical transformation in the sign of our inner guru.
Manifesting (120º) with Juno, the New Moon is in the flow with the mirrored self archetype. We can look to our partnerships to see ourselves more clearly. We shift our consciousness when we mirror and amplify that version of our greatness, which we admire in others.
The New Moon is in a Light Bridge (180º) to the fixed star Arcturus and 5D planet Haumea in Libra. It takes an elevated seat to access this Light Bridge where breakthroughs and 5D wholing are available. So, strap on your jet pack! Not sure that you have a jet pack? Christine Clemmer offers free daily calibrations that can get you to any Light Bridge (and beyond!). Email her for the link (christine@christineclemmer.love).
Here’s to the creative spark! XO

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