2021 Capricorn New Moon

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New Moon Capricorn – Wormhole passage closes

Jan 13, 2021

23º 13’ Capricorn

0:00 am EST; Jan 12, 9:00 pm PST; Jan 13, 5:00 am GT

Alchemy comes from the ashes.
The Sun, Moon, and Pluto are all at 23 & 24 Capricorn.
Picture sitting in a graveyard at night. The Moon is new, so all is dark. Since it is too dark to see, your senses are heightened. The energy is thick with unrest. In the shadows, you feel movement is happening.
This could be scary.
In our Capricorn state of consciousness, we are the Great Divine Director. We are secure in our seat of power – Divine Power. Here is the beginning of the beginning (and this is a really big beginning). In Cosmic Consciousness, we start the clock again at 12 o’clock, the Capricorn hour. We stand centered in our core, connected to both Earth power and Source. We rest secure in the fact that the universe is organizing for us. We are the mountain, and fear has no voice here.  
In our Capricorn stance, the graveyard at night becomes a place to feel into. We can be in the energy of transition and maintain control of ourselves. We can be ushered over waters (emotions) to the next shoreline while remaining steady. We will fall, and we will recover. We are stepping into our new state of consciousness.
We are at a threshold, standing at the far side of Pluto’s passageway. Pluto meets us at the gate, ready to see us on to our new cycle. This New Moon is the first to follow the last eclipse, so it closes the Scorpio wormhole that opened in November. It feels momentous. We begin on new ground, totally transformed by the journey.
Many have given a lot, and sometimes even everything, for us to arrive here right now.
Yet where are we?
Our Hearts are getting a workout. Venus is in Capricorn (6º), and she is busy. There is a new cycle (Quaoar), intimacy (Jupiter), stepping stone (Chiron), manifestation (Uranus), great eliminator (Varuna), and another stepping stone (MakeMake). Whew!
Venus sitting with Quaoar, makes a new cycle (0º) with the higher octave of Mercury. We have merging Heart with higher patterns of thinking. This is the way to navigate the stepping stone (90º) aspects, call Quaroar! Chiron shows us that our wounds are our teachers, while MakeMake reflects the sense of divine law.
Venus is in an intimacy (30º) aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. Heart and expansion are opening up a relationship and getting comfortable. Until their new cycle, we feel it more inside than out. Venus is also manifesting (120º) with Uranus, which is retrograde in Taurus but about to move direct; adding the possibility of enlightenment? Happy accidents? Miracles? (Yes, please!) Uranus holds this degree until January 20 before starting to move forward. Like a reverberating tone, we will have this energy til then.
The Venus – Varuna great eliminator aspect indicates something will go. Heart and God-like vision will help us make choices and get our business tidy.
The Capricorn new Moon means Saturn presides. Saturn is still just a few degrees away from Jupiter, hanging out in the glow of the new cycle and reflecting the great shift in our social consciousness. The energies of Jupiter bring forth hope and gratitude. May we find our truth. May we feel blessed.
Eris is in a stepping stone (90º) to the new Moon & Pluto. The inner awakener is present and engaged. She brings the edge – and sometimes the pot simmers over. Let’s agree to be sweet to ourselves, and feel free to take an extra breath before responding. 
The graveyard at night is scary if we believe in fear. Other possible responses instead of fear are available now – like curiosity, gratitude, humility, calm – and courage! We can stand in our power and hold a keen sense of self-protection. This New Moon, we are called to be the Executive Director of our Life!  XO
Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay; https://pixabay.com/illustrations/cemetery-night-atmosphere-weird-1806918/
Epiphany of the week: Fear and anger are like potato chips. It’s hard to eat just one, but when I eat a whole lot, I feel really bad. Must remember to try other snacks.

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