2021 Leo Full Moon

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Full Wolf Moon in Leo

January 28, 2021

09 Leo 05

2:16 pm EST

The Native American tribes’ name for the January Full Moon is the Wolf Moon. The Native Americans associated the wolf with mountains, high places and as a teacher and guide to sacred things. (Earth Medicine- K. Meadows). Wolves howl as a way of communicating with other wolves and do this more frequently during mating season, between January and March. (https://animalcorner.org/animals/wolves/). Although we may not be privy to the sound of howling wolves, we can use the naming of the Wolf Full Moon to remind us to move our awareness internally, to seek out our inner guru and all-important guidance system designed specifically for us.
When I contemplated what I was going to write for the Leo Full Moon report, one word constantly entered my awareness: optics. As with every Full Moon, the most prominent aspect is the bridge between the Sun and the Moon, which together are known as the Lights. The Sun imparts a direct light while the Moon imparts a reflective light.
The accompanying aspects to the Moon and Sun serve to illuminate important information for us to focus on. The Varuna new cycle with the Moon (04º Leo) was the first thing to catch my eye. Varuna brings awareness to the current events activating around us from a higher perspective, or different optic. Leo is the sign of Inner Gratitude and is the place where we learn to recognize the positivity in anything and everything we experience. The changing of the ages is definitely chaotic, with the releasing of the old energies simultaneously merging with the new. It is not unlike the events currently underway in Washington DC, or globally for that matter. When we elevate our awareness to the higher perspective and detach ourselves from the physical, we are provided the opportunity to discern the intertwined energetics and choose accordingly.  The discernment of the energetics allows us to remain calm even though we may be surrounded by chaos.
The Sun (09º Aquarius) forms an exact conjunction with Jupiter (09º Aquarius) and also connects to Saturn (04º Aquarius), Chariklo (0º Aquarius) and Pallas (17º Aquarius) in a huge Aquarian stellium. Jupiter and Saturn represent our social identifiers. The sun shining directly on Jupiter illuminates the potential for a quantum leap in awakening our consciousness. Saturn provides support in creating our unique matrix (boundaries) as we expand. Pallas reminds us to use our intuition to access our inner wisdom as we enter into this dynamic expansion journey. Chariklo, Chiron’s counterpart, brings a stabilizing energy to this powerful collection of energies by embodying an open, warm-hearted, caring and nurturing demeanor, a persona that often shows up exactly when we need it and especially when the journey is taking our consciousness to new and uncharted places. This powerful stellium sits under the Aquarian umbrella, reminding us of our connection to the oneness where we learn to love our Self unconditionally as Source does. When we shine the reflective light of the moon on the stellium we reveal subtle qualities that are not as obvious. With expansive growth there is also potential of good fortune (Jupiter), best achieved through maintaining integrity and discipline (Saturn).
Adding to this potent collection of astrological energies we have Uranus (06ºTaurus) and Mars (10º Taurus) in a steppingstone with the Moon, creating an intersection with the Sun-Moon bridge. Uranus provides the energy to jolt us into recognizing the great awakening event that is playing out before us. Mars is known as a great energizer and activator, or even a divine spark or trigger. Sitting in Taurus we are reminded to tune into our inner guidance and trust it. When I contemplate the significance of this entire dynamic, I see a physical “fire” triangle.

In order for a fire to burn, three things are required: fuel source (Taurus), oxygen source (Aquarius) and a spark (Mars) creating the fire (Leo, Sun and the Moon). The fire element is very transformative, and the expansion (Jupiter) we experience is defined and/or limited by the containment or boundaries (Saturn) we place around it. The most important thing to know is that we are in control and to trust our inner guidance. It is up to us to choose our path. Choosing love moves us in a forward direction and choosing fear keeps us bound to a path we know all too well.
Other players in this month’s Full Moon energetic soup include a Moon-MakeMake (07º Libra) resource, reminding us that the outcome will be in line with universal laws. Orcus (12º Virgo) forms an intimacy providing the understanding that we chose to be here for this very event and timeline. The crescendo to this Leo Full Moon astrological orchestration are the manifestations with Chiron (05º Aries)/Salacia (04º Aries) and Juno (12º Sagittarius)/Astraea (16º Sagittarius). Chiron the wounded healer also represents the hero’s journey. It feels like we are in a nested loop of these experiences as we continue to move forward through the light and shadow (Salacia). Juno reminds us that we are all connected and once we make the connection via the love vibration (Astraea) we access the great creative power of the divine feminine. The great eliminator aspect between Varuna and Quaoar (05º Capricorn) acts as the conductor bringing in new ideas and ways to thinking to oversee the symphony of energies currently at play.  Sitting in Capricorn this subtle aspect will deliver us to a new beginning.
This is a very exciting time and I feel “The best is yet to come”!



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