Cancer New Moon June 28, 2022

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Cancer New Moon


10:51pm EDT

7 Cancer 22

The New Moon in Cancer is a profound reminder: the moment always exists to come home to you.

The Sun and Moon join at 7 Cancer, with the Black Moon Lilith and Ceres the midwife standing by. Where the Black Moon goes, information is uncovered. It’s the point on the Moon’s orbit farthest from Earth. This New Moon in Cancer gives birth to that realization at a whole new level – we are always home. This is a collective homecoming happening on a personal level.

Feel into that space. Inside your soft body. At your core. Go into your womb. Bring all your attention there. And rest. Try letting go of needing to know. Just be receptive and open, even curious.

If this feels like visiting somewhere you’ve never been – welcome! This New Moon is an open invitation to keep visiting until it feels familiar. If your inner space needs a renovation, clearing or blessing, this is the energy to get it done.

It’s never too late to make your inner sanctum into the space you want to return to every minute you are alive.

When you come into this space, connect to the person you are when you’re giving your best and it’s being received. Feel the sensation at your hips and let it drop into the Earth.

We’re being called to expand – Jupiter and Mars in Aries. Jupiter makes a stepping stone to the New Moon. Ninety degrees is the energy of tension. Use this as a chance to grow, to orient to a higher consciousness, which starts with a sense of safety and having enough. Feel yourself at home and surrounded in Love.

It’s safe to expand. Lift your thoughts and take action from there.

Cancer is the Emotional Power hour on the Cosmic Clock. Moving through the portal between mental and emotional bodies, thoughts get connected to feelings. It’s below the surface. It’s where we get the juice to bring things into reality. Here we nourish the thoughts that loop in the background. What’s in your playlist? Do you need to change the record? Now’s a good time.

We have Venus (Heart) and Mercury (Mind) both in Gemini. Venus at 7 Gemini is thirty degrees away from the New Moon. There’s a connection and a chance to go deeper. With Venus and Mercury resonating in harmony, you may be inspired to rewrite your story. Or at least get curious – what’s the old story about being too much or not enough costing you?

The New Moon makes ightbridge with Quaoar in Capricorn. Quaoar is a higher octave of Mercury. New paradigms of thinking are so close. Can you hear that? The voice of your inner guru is calling you forward.

Yes. The potential you feel is real.

Welcome home!


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