Gemini New Moon May 30, 2022

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Gemini New Moon


7:30am EDT

9 Gemini


“Out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi



This Gemini new Moon is a beginning like all New Moons, and it’s the end. The end of eclipse season, which means the wormhole closes. (Insert sigh of relief.)

Mercury moves forward just after, ending its retrograde. Things are ready to roll, but wait! The next day Saturn says, hold up a sec, and starts its retrograde.


So there’s a let’s go! and hold on energetic happening at the same time. Feels like a walking meditation. Taking in each step, being deliberate and being with all the sensations of moving one foot forward with each step.


In traditional astrology, the symbol for Gemini is the twins. It’s polarity and the space beyond. Like the line from the Rumi poem, there’s always an invitation to move between and through, past the land of opposites and into a place more true. Moving into a space where we can hold paradox. There’s great freedom there. We don’t have to be so fixed in our thinking. In Cosmic Consciousness, the symbol for Gemini is a diamond. The Gemini area of our consciousness is Mental Wisdom. It’s multifaceted, multidimensional, and projecting rainbows of light in all directions. There are many ways to see, and the stuff that really matters we can’t see. Not with our eyes.


Sometimes it takes two opposing forces to bring another dimension into view. In our physical dimension it takes both the sun and rain at the same time and place to get a glimpse of the rainbow.


Saturn still holds the stepping stone (90º) between the Moon’s nodes, Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras. Saturn is in Aquarius – what’s the revolution taking hold in you? Who is taking form? Amid the tension, what are the new possibilities? If you tune in, what does your inner guru have to say?


Gemini is a wisdom sign, aka mutable. It’s air and wind. Nothing is still. The breeze picks us up and moves us along. We get to change. We get to transition into the next season. It’s a chance to take the essence forward and release the rest.


Probably easier said than done.


And we’re gonna make it.


See y’all in the field. Sending out much Love!


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