Leo New Moon July 28, 2022

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Leo New Moon


1:55pm EDT

5 Leo 38

It’s time to let your brilliance come through and stand fully in your power. Have you reached the point yet where it just hurts too much not to???


Pain pushes until the vision pulls.


There’s a two minute clip of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith talking to Oprah, and he’s unpacking the statement, which is one of his favorites. What he says about pain pushes until the vision pulls is that our challenges push us into the larger evolutions of ourselves. The potential is always bigger than the problem. Once you name your vision, you start to be pulled by it. And when you can embrace your vision, then everyday you are walking in the direction of your potential.


Being pulled by joy and something larger…that sounds amazing. Who’s in?


Welcome to the New Moon in Leo!


The Sun and Moon together in Leo shine light on our joy, creativity, play and enthusiasm. Leo is a fire sign and it’s the home sign of the Sun. Talk about lighting up our potentials and purpose. Whatever vision is pulling you – it’s time to invite in the fun.


Joining the Sun and Moon in this New Moon/new cycle is Ceres at 2º Leo. That’s the cosmic midwife, and Varuna at 5º Leo, our access to God-level vision. There’s a birth happening in our 5D consciousness. We have all-seeing access, and the view is divine!


Leo is the Emotional Love hour in Cosmic Consciousness. On the Cosmic Clock it holds the center of the emotional body. Love hours represent a stabilizing force at work. The 5D lesson of Leo is gratitude. Ground into an emotional state that is generative. Have an open heart.


The challenges in life activate our latent potential – that’s another truth Dr. Beckwith shares. In the face of breakdowns, we can choose to be curious. What’s the potential being activated? Use that God’s eye view to see what’s happening in moments when limitations take over? What do you need to elevate to a higher perspective?


There’s a grand Love cross in the sky. Ninety degree aspects create a big square with bridges connecting the opposite points. Through the lens of 5D astrology, the Love cross is a round of stepping stones. This is the tension that’s activating our potentials.


The Love cross involves Mercury in Leo; Mars, Uranus and Soul star chakra all in Taurus; Saturn in Aquarius; and the Earth star chakra in Scorpio. The archetypes represent our communications and how we process connecting to our actions and motivation, awakening consciousness and new stories. Our structures and forms are being challenged along with all the old stories we came packing into this lifetime. At this Leo New Moon, it’s all on the table.


You’re a powerful creator. You radiate brilliant light. I can see it from here! 🙂 Thank you.

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

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