Navigating the Worm Hole/5D Calibration Event

A Cosmic Consciousness Special Event


Navigating the Worm Hole/5D Calibration

With Stephanie Azaria and Christine Clemmer


The Eclipse passage we have just entered into promises to change the way we experience life on Earth forever. Stephanie’s Cosmic Consciousness channel helps you to achieve the observer’s perspective for this two month passage, and Christine offers a 5D calibration that grounds you and aligns you with the energies that will so powerfully transmute your life.

Join Stephanie Azaria and Christine Clemmer as they offer up their mastery to assist you journey through this powerful and totally unprecedented birthing process.

This amazing worm hole passage IS the rebirthing of the Divine Feminine within each of us. Stephanie’s channeled astrological wisdom combined with Christine’s brilliant 5D Calibration will prepare you for the twists and turns ahead.


These two masters of Cosmic Consciousness combine forces for a rare offering… If you can’t be on the live call, your registration will get you the 90 minute MP4 movie…

Don’t miss this very special opportunity, SATURDAY JANUARY 27 From 2:00-3:30 ET

Exchange: $60