Nicholas West

Nicholas West





Nicholas West is committed to the spiritual path, to inner growth and transformation and being the best version of himself he can be; he LOVES helping others change and transform their lives for the better.
An ardent spiritual seeker since 1995, Nicholas has had much life experience in the inner world of healing and alignment. A commitment to an exceptional life led him to try many different wellness modalities, such as Reiki and the Tomatis Method (he is certified in Reiki I and II).

At a workshop in Ireland in June of 2007, Nicholas’ path gained an exponential boost when he met his teacher, mentor and friend, Master Teacher Derek O’Neill. He became a practitioner and teacher of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing healing modalities. In April 2008, Nicholas entered into what many would call a negative experience – the most difficult passage of his life, a very deep depression: a “dark night of the soul,” in which he was hospitalized. However, it was truly the greatest gift, because of what it unearthed: strength, profound gratitude and clarity of purpose. Nicholas reached a place that he had only dreamed of reaching. He carries these gifts with him to this day! Nicholas believes that this experience showed him that the light and the dark are one and the same: when an experience such as this can bring such positive results, what is good and what is bad?

Nicholas had his first astrology reading ever with Stephanie Azaria in 2007 and quickly became intrigued by this fascinating field. He has studied Astrology with Stephanie since 2008, when she was in the early beginnings of her work on the Cosmic Astrology system. He was one of her first Cosmic Path of Initiations clients, a discipline that he continues to practice to this day. Nicholas’ scientific mind led him to become a member of the group of 11 who had been helping Stephanie to bring this new system to fruition. He is deeply honored to have been part of that and is excited to continue to help bring this incredible system forward!

Nicholas was trained and certified as a Cosmic Path of Initiations facilitator by Stephanie in August of 2011.