The shifting of emotion and mood today encompasses the 20. Intuition floats through the air today inviting us to catch it and utilize it wisely. With the energy of 9, we can feel the compassion for others. When you are out and about today, what might your intuition guide you to do as you connect with another soul?

JANUARY Numerology

This year is about relationship through the energy of the number 6. All relationships are featured starting with the one we have with ourselves. Depending on your personal year number, the influences will shift and focus on different situations and lessons. Each of us will have an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves: inner and outer. And, whatever we see in our friendships and lovers and families will give us clues as to where we can grow and what we can learn. During a relationship year, our most intimate connections will instruct us on the art and craft of love. We will be reminded of what is necessary in a healthy relationship: love, curiosity, play, loyalty, space, introspection, time alone, authenticity and sincerity. What kinds of relationships would you like to have this year? What quality of love will you share with others?

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