This is a powerful day for intuition! What did you dream? What do you see when you gaze off ‘into space’? Let it all flow in!

MARCH Numerology

March roars in with Love, and not just any love but Love with Wisdom. What does it mean to have wisdom? How do we create or gain or earn wisdom? With the energy of 3,6, and 9 we have a significant opportunity to allow love to lead us into a new phase of this year. 9’s powers are significant in themselves. Any multiple of 9 reduces to the number 9 (18/9, 27/9, 36/9…) 9 is also three 3’s and suggests divine substance and guidance. Our universal year number 6 is all about love: divine, human, romantic, platonic…love. What is your relationship with substantial divine loving wisdom? How will you share?
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