How do you greet your day? How do you greet the first person you see each day? If that person is you, how are you speaking to and with yourself? Are there any changes you’d like to make? Today’s energy is about authentic relating as well as the energy that we create within and around ourselves. Being conscious of how we move through and interact with our environments and relationships is a key to opening to more love. And that’s really what this year has been about…

November Numerology

The stormy seas have not quite subsided, but for this month, you can begin to see a bright light under the water. Water changes the beam, diffuses it, and does not always allow for a straight passage. However, the light exists and this is the main message. No matter how dark the days become, we can nourish our inner light. How might you find your own equilibrium with the shadows? How does the contrast serve you right now?.

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